How To Use PHP On Blogger - Beginners Guide

How To Use PHP On Blogger - Beginners Guide
Now you will learn about How To Use PHP On Blogger as You Know That Blogger Is Free Platform That Lets You Easily Create Personal Blogs and Publish Post On Any Topic Blogger Has Been Around Since 1999, was One Of The Blogging Platform On The Web.It Was Purchased By Google and Integrated Into Google's Suite of  Free Services With Blogger Its Easy For People to Create and Maintain Their Own Blogs.
PHP Is The Biggest Server Side Scripting Language Used These Days and Its Major Benefits Is That It Is Open Source.Blogger Dosen't Support PHP Now Below Is The Minor Tweak To Use PHP On Blogger. With this simple trick you will be able to use PHP on blogger frequently.
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Host PHP coding on Free Hosting websites

First We Need a Free PHP Hosting website account To Host Our PHP Files. Recommended Sources Of  The Free Hosting Websites are Given Below. You can freely use below websites for hosting your PHP work for free.
  4. Or You Can Search On Google

Learn How To Use PHP on Blogger

1. Now Create An Account On One Of  These Free PHP Hosting Sites.
2. Now Upload Your PHP In It.
3. Now Its Type To Put Your PHP Files Into Blogger Blog By Using Iframe Or By This Code.
    <object data="http://YOUR_PHP_LINK.php" height="500" type="text/html" width="600"></object>
4. Replace Red Colour Link With Your PHP Link.
  • NOTE :- Adjust Hight And Width Accordingly. (See bold text -500 and 600).

Final Words

Now see your blog post in PHP, I think its enough for creating your blog posts on in PHP. if any problem persists then feel free to leave a comment. We will publish many other tricks on PHP in Blogger stay tuned.
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