Why Google Bots are Not Crawling/Indexing Your Blog Posts

Getting top spot on Google is not easy, as you know SEO have important role in search queries.

If your blog/site not crawled by search engines then you can't rank higher in search queries:

Don't worry if you have a blog/site and your blog/site not listed on Google then you're on right path lets get solution of this problem from this article.

Why Google Bots are Not Crawling/Indexing Your Blog Post ?
But first step is to know Why Google Bots are Not Crawling/Indexing Your Blog Post ?

If you don't know how Google index your blog posts then you must be aware from this matter this is a main thing to know for your blogging future, if you're newbie at blogging/SEO then must read below for knowing the basics of search engine crawling.

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What Is Indexing/Crawling ?

Google search engine is only for searching content on internet, if your blog post not fit for search then it may be avoided by Google bots.

This is not a problem this is a best solution for content searchers, in hole world all peoples want good things there for on internet Google finds best things for indexing.

Then thy provide it to its users, If you are a blogger then you must be aware from this SEO rule.

Sometimes your blog post not crawled by Google it may be for some reasons listed below,

Weak content

Weak content mean if you give title "What is SEO" to a post, and you don't have much experience about it then you can't make a good post.

Because knowing a thing before talking about is not a good work and also you can't blog on it.

External duplication

Copying others content is not good karma.

So please avoid such things and be a pro blogger.

Internal duplication

Also copying your own content for many articles is not good as you think. So don't copy others work, make your own original and new content.

    How to get indexed faster in Google Search ?

    Google will crawl your blog posts according to its ratings, Ratings like as back links and updating frequency if your blog on start stage then take a long deep breath and be patient, Google bots will quickly crawl your blog posts for indexing if thy comply with Google bots rating system,
      • So make sure you have rich written content on your blog,
      • You don't have copied content on your blog,
      • You have nice back links from top ranking sites(Make Guest Posts and Get Back Links).

      Final Words

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