6 Free Ways To Double Your Blog Traffic In Less Than A Week

http://www.allblogthings.com/2014/03/6-free-ways-to-double-your-blog-traffic.htmlAfter creating and setting up a blog you will need a decent amount of traffic on your blog, because a shop without customers is box only, If you have nice content on your blog but don't have visitors then don't worry I'm also with you for help. In this article I want to share with you some awesome traffic making tips, with all below tips you can easily make a decent amount of traffic on your blogger blog and other blog/sites. After a lot of search I'm successful in creating this article for you so read it carefully and leave feedback in comments, Lets go to the topic read below.


As you all know about search engines, Search engines is well known and biggest search/research sources on internet as Google on top of this list, You can easily add your blog/site into Google by visiting Google's Add URL page, And also you can freely add your blog/site all pages on other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Aol, Delta Search etc, You just have to do is typing your blog/site URL, So submit your blog/site to all top search engines and get free traffic.

2, Submitting your blog to Blog Directories:

Now its another great thing to know as a blogger, Blog directories is another quickly growing business now a days, There many blog directories on web who give you free hands for submitting your blog on it, You can search online for top free blog directories.

3, Participate in forums,groups,etc:

This thing could also work for beginners and masters some of blog articles says this is not well for page rank but this is best for link building and get faster crawling of your pages, If you have not participated in such website and forums then go head and sign up for Google groups, Yahoo Answers, Forums and other related websites.

4, Social Bookmarking:

This also a great news and tip for all kind of webmasters if you an blog about any thing you must have to add social bookmarking widget in it, With social bookmarking widget you can easily get bookmarked your pages on such big social marking websites like del.icio.us, digg, furl, technorati.

5, Submit Articles to Article Directories: 

Submitting articles to article directories is another effective way to build more traffic.By submitting to them,your articles get massive exposure and gain you more traffic.
Some of the popular article directories are go articles.com,ezinearticles.com,article city.com,etc.
There are hundreds of article directories,just Google it.

6, Leaving Comments on other blogs:

 Leaving comments with a link back to your blog is another good thing to do.Leaving comments in the related to your niche blogs is more useful and it also increases your page rank.Always leave good comments and don't Spam(by placing links like'click here' like that).

Bonus Tip

Before leaving comments on blogs make sure you have linked your blog in it. Use below coding for getting backlinks from blog commenting.
<a href="www.allblogthings.com" rel="nofollow">All Blog Things</a>
Change www.allblogthings.com with your blog/site address.
Replace All Blog Things with your blog/site title.
If dofollow link allowed on the blog that you want to comment on, then use dofollow tag instead of nofollow.

Final Words

I think you all got my points for generating more traffic using white hat techniques, if I forgot any tip or you an better one then let us know in comments form below.
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