How To Remove Blogger Navbar - Easy Steps
Blogging on is very easy and useful because on you have all rights of your blog, you can customize it with your own mind, also you can see in third party templates blogger navbar is hidden also on our template navbar is hidden, in this tutorial I will tell you why we remove navbar and how you can easily remove it from your blogs, before removing keep in mind blogger navbar have some good features like B Icon a redirect of, Sign in and sign out buttons, all blogs search engine etc, so lets know why we remove it and how you can.

What is Navbar ? Why To Remove It ?

Features of Blogger Navbar

  1. Navbar have some stunning features like sign in and sing out dialog,
  2. Next blog button for recently updated blogs,
  3. Search engine for all blogger blogs,
  4. You can Flag other blogs,
  5. B icon for quick access to

 Why To Remove Blogger Navbar ?

  1. If you want to be a professional blogger then you have to remove it,
  2. After removing you can add your own navbar are you can leave blank header,
  3. Without navbar your blog looks nice and clean,
  4. Your blog visitors will search your blog not others,
  5. If you have an custom design then Navbar definitely not fit in,

How To Remove Navbar From My Blogger Blog ?

So Friends, below tutorial will teach you how you can remove it read care fully.

1, First of all go to and sign in,
2, Select your desired blog and go to its Layout section,
3, In right side you will see and box with the name of  Navbar so click on Edit as you see in below image,
How To Remove Blogger Navbar - Easy Steps

4, A popup window will appear wait for loading,
5, Now scroll down and click on Off button, and after that click on Save button, as below images shown.

How To Remove Blogger Navbar - Easy Steps

Now visit your blog you can see Navbar is hidden, yup :).

Final Words

So friends this another tutorial for newbies at blogging, Navbar is best for some of us and removing it is best for some of us so now its up to you, remove it or keep it on your blogs, stay connected for more easy methods.
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