How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog - Quick Tips bounce rate of your blog is very important for make visitors stick to your blog. I think you already know about exit rate and you think bounce rate is example of exit rate, believe me or not but bounce rate fully different to exit rate. If you are a webmaster/blogger and use Google Analytics/Alexa then may be you see a box saying Bounce Rate of your site. If you don't know about bounce rate then read this quick guide and learn about what is bounce rate of a website.

What is Bounce Rate ?

Bounce rate will estimated on the basics of your blog visitors behavior. If your new blog visitor visit your blog and navigate to another web page without clicking on your blog then it will be make your blog bounce rate up. So, I think now you have knowledge about Bounce Rate.
Note: Average bounce rate of blogs is 70% to 80%.

How we can Reduce Bounce Rate of our Blog using quick tips?

  1. Ask visitors to leave comments on your blog posts.
  2. Update your old blog posts with new blog post URLs.
  3. Use navigation bar and breadcrumbs.
  4. Use professional style template who give a nice readability.
  5. Customize your 404 page error with latest blog posts and a search engine.
  6. Use related posts widget and make some roundup posts.
  7. Use headings in your blog posts.
  8. Keep blog post words simple as much as you can.
  9. Don't write any story in a blog post.
  10. Write to the exact point.
  11. Optimize blog post images to load quickly.
  12. Reward your readers with a giveaway or any thing alternate you like.

Must do steps on Reducing Bounce Rate of a Blog

  • 1, Don't use popup, pop-under and on-click ads. Because your blog visitors will get annoyed with these ads. So it's best to use banner ads for earning.
  • 2, Make your blog post interesting with beautiful post title and using quotes.
  • 3, Do blog posts related to your blog's name. Because blog visitors like related content to a blog name.
  • 4, Link your new blog posts to older blog posts.
  • 5, Make external links to open in new tab.
  • 6, Use calls to action.

Final Thoughts

I think after reading How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog - Quick Tips you can reduce your blog's bounce rate easily. If you want more tips on reducing bounce rate of any blog then leave comments. Your comments are precious to us.
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