Adversal Review 2014 | Payout Proof and Rates | Guide

Adversal is a CPM ad network have been around since 2003. Adversal is a best and our favorite Adsense alternative. You know? that adversal is a quality pop-under ad provider in the market. Also they have other quality and needy ad units such as Banner ads, Pop-under and Ministitial ads.
Personally! I'm using it on one of my best blogs "How To Mash" and getting good results. Therefore I want to share this great network with All Blog Things readers. After Google adsense this a great CPM ad network with tons of features. Many professional bloggers are using it for generating good income.
Adversal Review 2014 | Payout Proof and Rates | Guide

Benefits of Adversal Publisher Network

There are many benefits of Adversal. As many bloggers says that "many times adversal shows Google adsense ads". That mean you can get higher click through rate. Adversal provide a Geo-targeting feature that ensures their advertisers are paying top dollars for their ads to be displayed to the audience they want, this means more money for adversal publishers.
  • Rates: 100% fill rates. Good and very high CPM rates for most of the countries.
  • Payout: Low minimum payout rates of $20 via PayPal, Bank wire and Check. Payout is on a NET35 basis.
  • Ads: All type of ads are available like Banner, Medium Rectangle, Leader board, Ministitial, Pop-under, Skyscraper and Wide Skyscaper.
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Payment Proof of Adversal

See below image as a payment proof of adversal via PayPal

Requirements for getting a Approved account by Adversal

  1. Traffic: Half your website’s traffic should be from the US. European and North American traffic will get better CPM rates. Your website must receive 50,000 page-views per month.
  2. Language: A website written in English only acceptable by Adversal.
  3. Website: Your website must be fully launched and not in under-construction mode. Your website must be at least two pages and be comprised of unique original content.
  4. Content: Your site must be user friendly and don't have questionable content like broken links, malware and pornographic site's links. Copied and illegal content not allowed.


So! Don't think that Adversal is a scam network we have tested it and got good results. Join Adversal and get more money in your pocket. Please leave comments if you want more information about this ad network.
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  1. I have used Adversal Ads on my blog since one year All the services provided by Adversal are good but the cpm rate for my blog is very low from 0.02 to 0.05. Please have any idea or tips to increase cpm on Adversal ads

    1. Publish some blog posts on Tech and Money investing


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