Making 2015 a Great Blogging Year

Happy NewYear2015. This is our first post for year 2015 and it's about "Making 2015 a Great Blogging Year". As I search on Google today "2015 blogging" and Google show me a news titled as "Make 2015 a Great Blogging Year" and I'm whiled to write on this topic but in another way. Here I want to give you some great blogging tips so you can have your blog ready for 2015.
Making 2015 a Great Blogging Year
If you have created many blogs in 2014, but you are failed to get success, then its time to start a new one. Believe me! With new blog you can get success if you don't do the same mistakes you do on old blogs. There is a thing "RISK" if have the power to take a risk, then 2015 is a best year to start with. Keep in mind all blogs can't give you the same results as others. You have to try different things. Come and read my points.
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Explore New Topics for Blogging in 2015

Well, NewTopicsIn2015 is first thing people want to know about. There is many things happening in 2015 right now. If want to start a blog on news then this time is best for you. Go ahead and start a news blog. I know making a good news blog is not an easy task. But! If you want to have tons of traffic and money then this is a best idea.
  • Just think: What you want to read in 2015 ? and then search > research and create a blog post.
  • Update: Don't give-up. Write more and update your older posts to get them in 2015 calender.
  • Don't just publish: A little kid can publish many blog posts. But only a professional can update it and make post a great reading item.

Audit your Blog for 2015

If you have a blog in 2014: Audit your blog and make a list of great blog posts of the year (2014). Your blog readers want to know about top blog posts of your blog. Also if you give them a perfect list of your all top blog posts then they will give you the feedback. You can easily get your blog's conversation rate higher. You can see many professional bloggers are doing this.
  • This is worth: You can get more visits by doing this.
  • Get easy:  This type of post don't waste your time. You can easily write about it.
  • Feedback: People will give you the feedback about your blog and article, so you can make your blog more readable.

Look around Internet and Get more Hot topics

People want new things in 2015. Don't give them old. Use your mind and search on the internet for more hot and new topics. There are many news sites/blog available you can search on them. Also "Google Trends" is a freshest tool for searching about hot topics around the globe. You can use other techniques for this task.
  • Use #tags: Nowadays people love to tag new and hot topics in #tagging language.
  • Newspapers: Ha! A perfect way of getting information about latest happenings in world.
  • Social media: As you know social media is not dead. We can easily get fresh topics for blog posting from social medias.

Conclusion of 2015 :)

In Blogging era there is no rule. We can do what we think is best to do. But keep in mind your blog is about your mind's thinking so please make them unique and give your readers a reason to visit your blog again-n-again in 2015. Happy Blogging in 2015.
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