How To Backup Blogger Blog - Daily - With Images this tutorial I will teach you How To Backup Your Blogger Blog on Daily basis, because is a Google powered free blogging platform and have authority of deleting your blog even hole blogger account, some times your blog not deleted by blogger team but hacked by someone then you will lose all your efforts on your blog, so make daily backups of your blog before its to late, without any time wasting lines I want to show how you can do it. Just read below steps.

Why Blogger Blog Backup Is Important ?

  1. There are many issues for deleting your blog's automatic system will delete any blog without any reason/report, so if you have an backup file of your blogger blog then you can restore your blog.
  2. A backup file will keep your blog data safe and secure, you can make two backups of your single blog one is template backup and the second one is blog posts and comments data.
  3. Blogger blog backup file is not bigger you can download it in just some kbps (in my case 100 kbps).
  4. You can make a backup anytime as you like but recommended time is when you publish a new post are make some changes in template then backup your hole blog.

How To Backup My Blogger Blog Posts and Comments - Daily ?

1, First of all go to and sign in,
2, Select your blog and go to Settings menu, then click on Other,
3, Now click on Export blog for a backup copy of blog posts, comments and views, see below image for help.
How To Backup Blogger Blog - Daily

4, After clicking on Export blog a box will appear like below image,

How To Backup Blogger Blog - Daily
5, Now click on Download Blog button, your blog posts, comments and views will downloaded on your hard drive (computer).

How To Backup My Blogger Blog Template ?

1, Log in to > select your desired blog,
2, Go to its template section now click on Backup/Restore button as shown in below image.
3, Now a box will like below image click on Download full template,

4, Now save template backup file on your computer's hard drive.
  • Note : These backup files will store your all blog data like Images, Links, Text, Comments, Views and also Full Template so don't create/delete any thing in downloaded files,
  • Files will stored on hard drive you can save these files on your own USB/Card,
  • Do this on daily basis so you are saved and your hard work will not deleted :).

Final Words

So friends this all on How To Backup Blogger Blog - Daily, if you like this article then share it and if you got any problem in creating a full backup of your blogger blog then leave a comment I will give you tip for fixing your problem.
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