Google Adsense Tips, Alternatives and Review

Google Adsense are most discussed and trusted advertising network on internet, publishers can get more earnings and advertisers can get more unique visits and better business growth, here I try to write on Google Adsense tips for approval, Review of Google Adsense (How Adsense Work), and alternatives to adsense for newbies, many new bloggers uses for getting started then anyone want to earn from his/her blog. But getting payed with free blogs is not easy as you think, hey! Don't leave this article is for you man :). If you want to earn from your blog then read below full article and start earning today.

How Google Adsense Work ? Review of Google Adsense

  1. Adsense from Google is well established company for publishers and also for advertisers,
  2. If you have content (site/blog), videos (site) and Games of your own then you can earn with Google Adsense free.
  3. Only you need to submit a application to Adsense approval department by visiting,
  4. Don't think that adsense is free so you can do anything with it, there are many terms to follow before using it.

Tips for Getting fast Approval by Google Adsense

There are many articles published on internet with the title of Tips for Getting fast Approval from Adsense team, but still many new bloggers don't know How to get approved there for I wrote below tips read carefully.
  1. First of all make a new blog and buy a custom TLD e,g .com .net or .org,
  2. Write blog posts on daily basis, all posts must have sufficient content with 500/600 words,
  3. Pic a niche and write frequently,
  4. Make your blog looks professional with widgets and a unique theme/template,
  5. After one month of hard working if you have 30/40 perfect article on a niche then apply for Adsense.

Alternative to Google Adsense

Don't worry if your blog/site not approved by adsense then there are many other alternative ads networks to Google Adsense read below for list of top alternative networks.
  1. Infolinks : After adsense Infolinks is a most trusted and well developed ads network, If you have 5/10 articles on your free blog even on sub domain e,g you can start earning money, This is a links ads network so this is best for your blog.
  2. : This is very nice ads network and trusted like Google Adsense because this is a Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network, But if you have low traffic on your Blog then I recommend use Infolinks,
  3. Chitika : Chitika is another great ads platform for newbies, you can easily get approved even if you have 5/7 articles on your free blog, Chitika will give you many ads styles you can choose anyone, best thing about Chitika has adsense alike ads styles so your blog will looks best.
  4. Qadabra : Qadabra is nice ads network, but has only display ads, payout start form $1,

Final Thoughts

So my dear reader I think you are ready to apply for adsense, if not then use any one alternative and if you have an awesome alternative to Google adsense then tell me in comments also if I forgot any tip/line then tell me in comments form below.

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