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How To Add Background Image In Post - Newbie's Guide

Now you can add image in post as a background, in this short tutorial I will give you simple yet amazing trick for adding a background image in blogger blog post.
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Mar 21, 2014

at: / Edited by: Umer Idrisi

How To Add Background Image In Post - Newbie's Guide
This is a trick about how to add text on images, you can say add a background image in post, adding text on image is very easy only you have to do some simple steps then you can easily add a background image in your blog posts. Select an image with fit width and height I recommend use 125 by 125 size image for warning and short tips posts, If you want a lot text on image then choose as you like. Now see below a live demo and read below for steps on How To Add Background Image In Post.

        This is a demo
    background image
             for you.

How Can I Add a Background Image in My Blog Post ?

1, Go to > sign in,
2, Select your blog and create a new post,
3, Navigate to HTML post editor,
4, Now copy below coding and paste it on your desired area,
<div style="background:url(URL Of Image) no-repeat;">
5, Change Red colored text with image link - Change Blue colored text with your desired post.
6, Publish your post, Congrats you have added a background image in your blog post.

Final Words for Newbies at Blogging

This is short but nice trick you can amaze your blog readers with implementing this trick on your blog posts, if you are newbie as me then must try it once, you will like this. Stay connected for more amazing blogging tips and tricks.

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