How To: Effectively Use Adsense Units To Increase Earnings by 500%
In this article I will give you some tips on "How To Earn More Money Using Adsense on Your Blog". There are many articles written on this topic but here you will find effective earning tips for your blog. As you know adsense is a Google powered advertising network with nice reputation and lots of professional bloggers use it to monetize there blogs as well as big websites like DaliyMotion, WikiHow and etc. Well in Pakistan many new bloggers want to earn more and more money using adsense same like me. I also want to earn money from adsense but this task is not an easy task we have to work hard. We can see many newbie bloggers stop blogging just because of low earnings. And also we can see many bloggers earn tons of money from adsense and other networks. Thy have some effective tips to use and get money. Here I want to reveal the tips and tricks on money making with adsense. I hope! you will start you online business after reading this article.
This article is only for AdSense users, Who want to earn more with simple and effective tips. Many bloggers have many strategies to use adsense as a money maker robot. Don't worry we newbie also have good ideas and nice minds so lets get started with me.
So read below full article carefully and start earning with Google AdSense. The best and easy method to earn money online.

What you need before applying to AdSense

  1. First of all make a website on or
  2. Upload a first class and clean theme/template
  3. Buy a top level domain such as .com, .org, .net......
  4. Pic a niche and start posting - Publish 1/2 articles a day.
  5. After 40 Days apply for adsense.
  6. You will get adsense account after 7 business days.
Got your adsense account ? Lets learn how to generate money with it.

Now: How To use AdSense ads code Effectively ?

Here I want to give you some very effective and useful tips on Positioning the adsense ads.

First of all - If you have a responsive theme/template on your blog then use responsive ads code. Responsive ad units are best for all type of layouts.
Responsive ads units is used to serve ads on your blog with relevant ad sizes. Responsive ad units will automatically show better ad sizes so use it in blog posts are if you have an responsive design then use it in header and footer.
  • How To get responsive ad units code - And use it.
This is very simple task you can easily get responsive ads code from adsense dashboard just see below screen shot - 
Just Go to "My ads" tab and from Ad size option select Responsive ad unit.
Scroll down and click on "Save and Get Code" button then copy given code and paste it on your blog's HTML area.
  1. In Blogger. Go to > Select your approved blog
  2. Go to its layout section > Select Add a Gadget option and from variety of gadget choose HTML/Javascript
  3. Now paste responsive ad unit code and click on Save button.
How To get Responsive adsense ads code - And use it.
Responsive ad unit

Which is Better ads Placement for AdSense to get more Money ?

After approving a blog/site from adsense you have to place ad codes on best areas of your blog/site. Here I will try to give you main and better placement idea to get more benefits of other ad sizes in Google AdSense.
  • These are best placements for all kind of blogs/websites.
  • You can easily add these ad codes.
  • Your users will not annoy with these placements.
  • You can start earning more money.
See below image for better ads placement and add ads codes according to below image.
Which is Better ads Placement for AdSense to get more Money ?
Better ads Placement
For header of your blog/site use 728X90 Image ad code
In blog posts use Responsive ads unit
On sidebar for more earnings use 160X600 text and image ad code.
In the end of blog posts - After blog post add a Link Ad Unit with size of 728X15

Final Touches and Some Thoughts for you

Finally I revealed the hidden strategies on making money with adsense easily as eating launch. I have some other ideas if you like this article then leave comments and force me to write another great article on AdSense earning methods. Don't keep calm just do what please you. Peace.

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