What You Should Do To Your Google Rankings

Tips to increase Google Rankings of a BlogSEO (search engine optimization) is a series of technical applications to a web page, they are worth it for the best possible rankings in a search engine. Nowadays SEO (search engine optimization) is set almost 100% Google, because it has a market share of 95% in Spain. There are two main areas to work on SEO, internal (on-page), actions to be taken in your own web page. The external (off-page), strategies and actions with a focus on getting links (backlinks) from other websites. You have to select on that search engine optimization you do. Google would have to be, because as you know, has almost 100% usage in terms of search engines. But if you read to the end, you see it too complicated, don't dither to look for the backing of a pro in Google compositional, because you know what they say " you gain in time and money ". But we continue, you must read the rules of use that Google offers all webmasters. You must create your page, taking into account all the read rules.
Google inclines toward that over 100 internal links per page is not up to snuff. In turn also recommended not to less than 20. No abuse of external links and if we who are important sites in your industry.

What are the keys to get good rankings in Google?

Google classifies and sorts the millions of blogs & websites according to various algorithms that he considers important. You do not procupes by the hundreds of blogs that talk about your same issue, because many blogs are not of good quality (do not give good INFO, not aimed at a target audience, etc ...) and the vast majority do not use SEO strategies. I'm going to present here!. According to my conversations with several SEO experts from all over the globe, and my own experience, the most important strategies for achieving good ranking SEO are written below.

Content: "Content is king on the Internet." And this is directly related to the key marketing: meeting the needs of customers. You have to give your blog readers content that interests them, to solve their problems. For example, Food blog gives tips on healthy eating and the Pampers website gives advice on caring for babies. Your should also concentrate on giving quality content, in order to help your customers and readers. Quality content will make your potential customers back to your website because they find interesting things. This gives you a chance to win them to sell your products or services when they need it.

Backlinking: Creating high quality backlinks, making a good linking strategy. Google makes much of this point (more than 41% of its criteria for ranking a web page) that each "incoming link" (that leads to your article or page), means more chances of appearing on the top spot in Google search results. "Navigation" or "surfing" the internet are widely used when it comes to the web, because we spent a web page to another through links phrases. In subsequent articles delve on this issue and appropriate to optimize your S.E.O with great linking strategies, but here I already give an initial idea. For example, reviewing the articles in this blog, you'll see how each page there are several links that lead to other pages on my blog, helping to improve the ranking of these pages "destination". This is an example of "internal linking", i.e links or links that allow navigation on the same website/blog. But there are many strategies "external linking", i.e links that go to other websites to your web pages, and are the most compelling. For example:
  • If you make a comment on another blog, giving your URL (web address: http://), you are sending a link from this blog article to your web page.
  • If "testsuite" an article of your blog on Twitter, and especially if its good content, this is "re-tweeted" by other "tweeters", you are sending Twitter links to your web page.

Final Touches

Update your website frequently. The freshness of content and updates on the web is something that Google likes it too, So make sure you can make updates on your blog with daily posting new content.
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