How to Hide Comments/Comment Form in Blogger

How To: Turn Off Comments in Blogger
Turning off or hiding comments is a best trick for those bloggers who want to add third-party commenting system in blogger powered blogs. You can delete comments from your blog with manual deleting option, but doing this will take your too much time. Also after deleting all comments you can't recover them back. Many new bloggers want to add third-party commenting system on her/his blog just like IntenseDebate, Disqus and more, and after successfully adding any third-party commenting system on your blog you need to hide previous comments from your blog. Therefore I want to show you How to Turn Off Comments in Blogger blogs. Also you can say How to Delete Comments in Blogger blogs are How to Hide Comments in Blogger blogs.
Now I want to show you How to Hide Comments in Blogger. If you have installed a third-party commenting system on your blog then this trick will help you in hiding comments and commenting form in blogger. Blogger commenting system is a great system with some awesome features like deleting comments, removing them and more. In any case you want to hide blogger default commenting system from your blog then read below.

Hiding The comments and comment form from Blogger blogs

Step 1. Go to and login
Step 2. Select your desired blog and go to its Template section
Step 3. Click on Edit HTML button and click anywhere in coding box.
Step 4. Press Ctrl + F for finding ]></b:skin> tag.
Step 5. Copy below coding and just above ]></b:skin> paste it.

#comments {
display: none!important;
Step 6. After all above work now click on Save Template button.
  • Note: Your published comments are saved in your blogger account. You can also recover them anytime you want.

How To: Recover hided comments in Blogger ?

In any case you want to recover comments and commenting form on your blog then simply remove above CSS (style sheet) coding, as you add it.

Another easy to Do Method

Just go to your blog's "Settings" option and navigate to "Posts and Comments" than click on Embedded button as you can see in below image. Now click on Hide button and that's it.

Alternative way to hide commenting from blogger

So This was a alternative way to hide commenting system and comments from blogger blogs.

Final Words

This is totally a newbie guide and I hope you like it. After all I am a human therefore if you got a problem then tell us via comments form below. Also give us a review of our commenting system.
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