How To: Add Twitter Feeds Widget in Blogger?

As you all are well aware with the benefits of Twitter in blogging, and also other social medias. With Twitter we can get more subscribers, visitors and real sales for our blogs. All Blog Things is only for bloggers and this time I will help you in adding Twitter feeds plugin into your blogger blogs. This guide will teach you a easy and official method for adding feed widget to your blog. Twitter has many nice plugins for WordPress users and also give HTML coding for there plugins, so we can use them on other blogging platforms such as, where we call them widgets.
How To: Add Twitter Feeds Widget in Blogger? is a useful social platform for both businesses and professionals. Twitter only allows posts, called "tweets," of up to 140 characters or less. Many of Twitter's 300 a thousand thousand profile holders tweet with smartphones as well as on the computer and other devices. If you would like to use Twitter as a way to update your blog readers, then don't waste your time and add a feeds widget in your blog by reading below.

Creating Twitter Feeds Widget

First of all you have to go to the Twitter Widgets Configuration page. Now see below for options of choosing a timeline source for your next Twitter widget.

 Adding Twitter Feeds Widget in Blogger
Wait! This time you can easily customize the Twitter feeds widget. Just see above image and add your details.
  • In first box type your Twitter username
  • Choose option as you like to show on widget
  • Don't change height, default is best
  • You can choose any available theme
  • Also you can change link colors to your favorite
Now if you think the widget is ready then click on "Create widget" and copy coding.

Adding Twitter Feeds Widget in Blogger

  1. Go to >> Select your blog
  2. Go to its layout section and click on "Add a Gadget" button
  3. Choose HTML/JavaScript option and paste copied coding into HTML/JavaScript box and click on "Save" button.

Final Words

That's all. Congrats! You have successfully added a Twitter feeds widget in your blogger blog. Now visit your blog and see live effects. If you have any question regarding Twitter feeds widget then please tell us in comments, we will give you the tips for free.
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