Improve Your Alexa Ranking by Reading the 4 legitimate Ways

Alexa is a web-information company owned by Amazon and have trust of internet users. On Alexa we can easily get information about site's ranking and other facts. Many internet marketers use Alexa before buying ads spaces on any site/blog. If you are a blogger then you must have to have low numbers in your site's Alexa report. Because with higher numbers in Alexa means no money, here I am providing you 4 best and simple ways for decreasing your blog's Alexa ranking.

As you know any person on internet can use Alexa for free, because its simple, a person have to type URL of desired blog and click on a button Alexa will instantly show that person a profile of typed URL. People will love to see your Alexa score before doing any business with you. So make sure you have nice ranking numbers in Alexa profile of your blog.
Improve Your Alexa Ranking by Reading the 4 legitimate Ways
Improve Your Alexa Ranking by Reading the 4 legitimate Ways

Improve Your Alexa Ranking by Reading the 4 legitimate Ways

1. Participate in Guest Posting

If you love writing then try to do guest posts on your blog's niche related blogs. Don't think that only commenting on others blogs is only way of creating backlinks. With guest posting we can easily get more healthy backlinks. There are many high-pagerank blogs to guest posts on.

Alexa have an algorithm system for showing ranking of an site/blog and its backlinks. If you have good and high quality backlinks profile then you can decrease your blog's Alexa ranking. Guest posting is a positive way for getting some crunchy backlinks from authority sites.

2. Generate More Traffic

You know much-traffic on a blog is the main thing for getting success and reputation on the internet. Alexa is a best way for getting traffic information according to ranking numbers, and Alexa loves the traffic measure on your blog. If you have a lot of traffic on your blog then improving your Alexa ranking will become easy.

Recently, a search has shown that the number of blog visits on daily basis will effect Alexa ranking smoothly. Therefore having more high volume of traffic on your blog is better for your Alexa profile.
3. Update Your Blog with Fresh Content

After having good reputation on all over the internet with great traffic stats, you must have to update your blog with new and fresh content. Posting frequently will boost your blog's ranking in search results and after getting good ranking in search results you will surely get best ranking in Alexa. This will also reduce bounce rate of your blog.

Alexa will decrease or increase your ranking position by the updating speed. We recommend you to update your blog on daily basis and post at least one post daily. If you can't then post minimum 3 posts on weekly basis, if you have an news blog then you must have to update your blog daily. In my case if I unable to post daily than I will definitely update my previous posts.

4. Write Uniquely and To the Point

People will love your blog if they see hard-work behind your blog posts. Keep in mind if people loves your blog then they will share your blog posts on social medias and will smartly get more traffic from different platform and Alexa will give you better ranking numbers.

Content is king. Yes content is king and we have to keep it on our blogs. With readable and engaged content on our blogs we can attract more visitors and more visitors means a boost in Alexa ranking improvement.

Conclusion: There are many other black-hat-seo techniques for improving your Alexa ranking easily. But I recommend you the real way for this task. Don't use scripts and other Alexa boosting plugins use our guidelines and stay focused with a secure future of your blog.
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