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What are the Limitations Of

by on Nov 3, 2014 in
Hey! Bloggers. Now I want to give you all information about limitations of Blogger. As you all know, we can easily create blogs on Blogger. Also we can customize created blogs according to our needs. Its very difficult to choose a blogging platform for your dream blog. In my case I love Blogger, because! Blogger is very easy and reliable we can easily edit anything in blogger, and in WP we have to gain some coding knowledge before editing something. Many peoples and many thoughts - so read about limitations of the blogger below.
What are the Limitations Of Blogger

Limitations Of a account

  1. Free hosting:
    The first reason of a blogger success is Hosting. In this race blogger is best and reliable. Blogger gives you free hosting with images and videos uploading. 
  2. Storage limit:
    Storage limit for images is 1GB using your picasa account. You can embed videos from any third-party site like YouTube and Dailymotion. NOTE: If you've upgraded to Google+ than you have a limit of 15GB storage limit.
  3. Members and Blogs:
    You can create upto 100 blogs and for every blog in your blogger account you can create a 100 members team. Tip: Create only 80 or 90 blogs don't think that Google will leave you free. Try have only those blogs which you are working in.
  4. Pages:
    You can create only 20 standalone pages per blog. You can use this service for Contact me, Privacy policy pages.
  5. Blog Description:
    You can add your blog's description with a limit of 500 characters. NOTE: You can't add any type of HTML coding into your blog's description.
  6. Violation:
    If you violate any term & condition of blogger, then immediately blogger will delete your blog or banned your account without any warming.
  7. Labels:
    You can add upto 2000 labels per blog. Keep in mind using right labels we can get higher rankings in Google search engine. We can add 20 labels per post.
  8. Editing:
    That is a feature in blogger I love so much. Yeah! You can edit any thing in blogger like template, pages, widgets even full template.
You can run any advertising program on your blogger blogs. Also blogger will give you some sweet-fruit for getting a approved Adsense account very fast. If you want to read updated limits blogger than visit this page. is also created with and you can use it for free. Stay with us we will do our best for you all. Happy Blogging!
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  1. Assalamu alaikum! Sir, ek baat hai sir jo apne is site pe robots.txt file add ki wi hai please mujhe bi de day mujhe apni blog pe apply karni hai!.mai apke reply ka intezar karunga...

    Thank you!

    1. Hello there,

      Here is the Robots.txt file (which is used by this blog):

      User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /search
      Allow: /


      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Thanks you! sir aap ke reply ke liye...


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