How To Enable Your Blog For Push Notifications In Seconds

The future is here, now you can send notifications to your readers every time you publish a new article even if your reader closed the tab and never visits your blog again.

It is something like smartphone apps, yes as you can see many mobile apps send notifications to you for using them more or they got some rewards for you to use them and get the chance to do more.

We call that notifications "Push Notifications" and we can even control whether an app can send us notifications or not.

Same applies to blogs and websites, for an example:
After signing to Facebook (if your mobile data is enabled) you locked the touch screen of your smartphone, when some sends you a message or friend request you'll get a notification from Facebook even if you don't have installed the FB mobile app in your device.
We call these type of notification "Web Push Notifications".
How To Enable Your Blog For Push Notifications In Seconds
For getting web push notifications you probably have to change settings in some browser to add your favorite sites in web push notification list.

Now the game is changed, one can choose this type of notifications mode without closing or editing the settings of a browser. Now blogs and websites will ask you whether you want notifications from them or not.

As a blogger, I am here to tell the developers and bloggers "How To Enable Their Blogs For Push Notifications In Seconds".

No you don't have to code the JavaScript or other hard work, I will walk you through a very easiest method to add web push notifications feature in your blogs and websites.

Why Do I Use Web Push Notifications?

There are a number of benefits you can have after making your blog a push notifications enabled blog, as people will stay updated with your new articles/blogposts.

Furthermore, I have listed major benefits of having a blog with this futurist feature:
  1. Increase of traffic:

    • Once a human visit your blog, he/she will be asked to get notification from this page. If the visitor accept the invitation, visitor will start getting notifications whenever you post new article.
  2. In-time setup:

    • It takes seconds (maximum 5 minutes) to install the feature and enable your blog for web push notifications. As there are many startups giving you the opportunity to add this feature for free and in seconds.
  3. Best than email newsletters:

    • Its a good and amazing alternative for newsletters, you can have direct traffic on your blog with notifying people to read your next fresh article. As email subscribers convert good these convert awesome.
  4. No need to build mobile app:

    • If you can enable this feature on your blog/site than you don't have to build a costly mobile app. As you can see there are a number of operating systems (OS) like Android, iOS and Windows and you have to create apps for all that platforms. Its not better then add one feature and forget all other headaches?
  5. Instant traffic to your publish:

    • Well, this is what I want to say that is cool and amazing. It may make your blog posts go viral after you hit the publish button. It only takes some seconds and your blog post will be available to all your recent blog visitors (also old visitors).

What you want? Want more? Tell me...

Forget thinking and know how to add this feature in your blog/site easily and get connected with your real audience.
Believe me: It is something great than search engine optimization, as you can get targeted and your own visitors with direct engagement.

On WordPress? Install push notifications plugin now!

If you are a WordPress user than you can install this feature with one plugin which is available for free and another for paid version.

I have found two good plugins which are listed below.
  1. Roost paid
  2. OneSignal free
Now, its all up to you.

These two plugins can do wonders even you use free plugin or paid. They have their own benefits.

What I recommend to you is use OneSignal not for free version of it. It is a good and feature rich plugin for a WP blog.

Comparing to Roost, it also supports Chrome (Desktop & Android), Safari (Mac OS X), and Firefox (Desktop) on both HTTP and HTTPS blogs/sites.

Its completely free and without any limitation, you can even schedule notifications and perform a/b tests.

On or any other platform?

Platform doesn't matters now, you can add push notifications to all type of blogging platforms or CMS.

Now take this guide and get started with sending notifications to your readers. As I am a fan. I will show you how to add this feature in your Blogger blog.

Just follow below steps:
  1. Go to PushCrew (don't worry you can show notifications to almost all readers like on Firefox, Safari and Chrome) and they say you can get it ready in just 5 minutes
  2. Signup for a free account there and get code, copy the code and go to
  3. Select your desired blog on which you want to show notifications for and go to its Template section
  4. Click on edit/HTML button (click anywhere in coding) and paste copied code before the closing tag </head>
  5. Save the template and view your blog.
You will see a box like below:
Right side for desktop view and Left for smartphones
This first "notification box" will appear to all of your first hand visitors for once.

If they allow your blog, then you may start sending notifications for your newly published articles.


This is a first entry for web Push Notifications at our blog.

If you want more information than you can ask in comments, I will help you out from any issue you face while getting it done on your blog.

Looking forward to help you more and tell about new curves coming to blogging era, thanks for the read.
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