Top 3 Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks

Building high quality backlinks is one of the most famous and best methods of search engine optimization.

SEOs from around the globe agrees to have quality backlinks to rank our websites in top for many search queries in search engines, because search engine index and ranking bots loves the websites which are recommended by the authority websites and blogs or web-pages.

Authority sites are those which are hovering over the internet for any of the selected topic, like Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is the best example for authority websites giving the historical data and real crowd sourced information to public and its all for free.
Top 3 Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks

If we can manage to get a backlink from a wikipedia page, we can easily boost our rankings in serps like rocket.

There are many ways for getting/creating back links for your blog, but building quality back links is more important and that's what I want to describe the best and real link building tactics here.

1. Guest Posting

This is the one of the best ways from whole thing in search engine optimization world. All the best experts of SEO techniques loves to do it, because it can give you free things like:
  • Brand mention
  • Back-links
  • Author bio (free self branding)
  • Spread the voice (say your words to large audience)
Its best for the starter and professional bloggers, digital marketers and entrepreneurs of all kind.

We also accept guest posts and we are keeping our reader's suggestion in mind by giving them free hands to publish guest blog posts on AllBlogThings as its a authority blog over niches like Make Money Online, How To, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging and more.

In back years, many bloggers were saying that guest blogging is dead now. But! I believe and I have researched and tested it to get real out put and got the result that its not dead.

We just have to do it rightly.

Like when you are blogging about a niche like Football Games than you should publish guest posts for getting a backlink on relative niche blogs which are in games niche and its best to get backlinks from football niche blogs.

So being relevant is what we should pay time to, rather than thinking that guest blogging is dead.

2. Commenting

Its another way to get free of cost backlinks from any other blog which is in your niche or not.

However, we should do it carefully as Google may hate these links but Alexa loves them and commenting links will be indexed at your Alexa ranking data in some days.

Some people do it and thinks that the only way of high quality link-building is commenting on other's blogs and leaving a naked link in the comment.

Naked link example:

Its bad to leave naked links in comments (when not necessary) as authors will hate them and remove your comments.

So it will be like wasting your time doing nothing for your online business.

Now the question is why still the commenting links are best and high on quality and how we can do it right?

Well, in comments you can have a link and that link can grab you hot ranking boost (as its a link to your website not just mention).

How to do it right?
  1. Open Google and search your topic (for which you have a published article on your blog)
  2. Now read relevant articles and see if there is an option for commenting on that article with a website option (website url box after email and name)
  3. Now put your website's name or your own name in the name field and your blog or site's url in the website url box
  4. Say something about that article or just say "Thanks author, I loved the way you are describing things here" and leave a comment
It will surely work.

Just comment like human and not like bot or a search engine optimization master. 😃

3. Private Blog Networks (PBN)

I don't know much about them, but in a recent experiment I have test few techniques with Private Blog Network (web 2.0) backlinks so that I can say about it.

Many of my blogging friends are saying that PBN links are not good and they can even de-rank your already ranked article.

However, still some of the pro bloggers are using it and many freelancers are successfully selling PBN links to many clients using online micro job websites.

For now all I have to say about PBN links is:
  • Stay away from PBN when you are a newbie
  • If you don't have a mindset to write articles (tons of articles) than stay away
  • If you don't know that what is web2.0 than stay away and also if you don't know the best way of putting links (with anchor tag, without anchor and niche based) than don't even think about it
  • If you have enough money to spend on your blog (mistakes and achievements) than do it
I will post a detailed article on this topic (Private Blog Networks) and guide you have to really create high quality PBN back-links and be safe from Google's algorithm animals.

In conclusion:

There are really hundreds of ways to create back-links and when you are a newbie you have to create them without knowing any best method (it will give you strength of testing).

However you can utilize these top 3 ways to create high quality backlinks and boost up your Google rankings.

I will post more amazing SEO tips articles in coming days, stay active here.