How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Ranking at 1st Page of Google

There are various factors that determines how you can rank on first page of Google search engine and other search engines too.

Before how to rank, there is another topic: Why to rank?

And that's how we can get to rank (if we got the answer to why to rank). The question with "why" is always popups from search engine bots and they want the answer.

If you can give them the right answer to why they should rank your content and pages on the first page of search result pages, than they will defiantly take no time to give you the boost.

As most of the freelancers, marketers and search engine optimization masters says that we can get good rankings with right back-links building, here I am going to tell you the 5 best ways to get high quality backlinks.

First of all, there are some factors that we should note for every website before wasting the time finding how we can get our links on that particular website/blog.
How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Ranking at 1st Page of Google

And those factors are:
  • Domain and Page Authority (DA/PA) - it should be 20+
  • Alexa and Page Rank - doesn't matter
  • Design and Content Quality of the Website/Blog - it should look professional
  • Age and Social fellowship - at-least 1 year old with minimum 1K social followers
  • Email subscribers - minimum of 1,500 subscribers
And these are just few of many factors which we should determine and note down before trying to get links from any website.

So after you got to know these minimum requirements, read how you can get back-links from those website/blogs easily:

1. Guest Posting

Wonderful, the best and the most epic method for creating high quality backlinks for your website/blog is guest posting.

There are also many guest posting services which are working just fine to get it done for you for a flat fee.

However, still you have the rights to find the best blogs and write guest posts to them to get a backlink to your website or blog.

There are two ways you can get guest posting backlinks:
  • free - you can post for free (low quality - maybe expires after some time)
  • paid - they will charge you (guaranteed high quality and never expiring links)
I know that you are thinking why free guest posting is not high quality?

Since Google is kicking out bad blogs with too much guest posts (low quality content) and there are so many new bloggers who just want to get content for their blogs and for that purpose they tend to offer guest posting services for free.

However, there are so many authority blogs providing guest posting to their readers for free and they tend to publish only quality guest articles.

While paid guest blogging services are doing great by providing you 100% verified back-links and there are many blogs which are charging for publishing guest posts to them with back-links in body of the article.

As you know we are one of them.

2. News Mentions

Beyond and Up from the press release option, I want you to be aware of my own way for making news sources and websites to work for your SEO campaign.

I call it News Mentions Way of SEO and here I am explaining it quickly.

The best way is:
  • Open an account with online news portals (entrepreneur, huffpost and more)
  • Start writing news content and when you have 5/7 published articles now write another with back-link to your site
  • Try to talk with a news publisher or online journalist and offer $$ to him/her for mentioning your brand with link on his/her next publishing
There are some other ways in my technique of news mentions that I will share in my next blog post on so be connected here.

You can also predict something and there will be chance for you to get featured in news websites for free.

3. Web 2.0

From many misconceptions about web 2.0 many newbies at blogging and SEO tend to just open any web-page and if there is a comment section than they try to put there a link of their blogs.

However, this is the wrong meaning of web 2.0 and the real way to get web 2.0 backlinks is "creating or finding blogs on with sub-domains on blogging platforms and putting link in the body of the blog post".

Another myth is PBN (personal blog networks) and this is not good. Just avoid this technique.

Read what I recommend/experience:
  • Find blogs in your niche on .wordpress, .blogpost and .tumblr domains
  • If that blogs are updating frequently than contact their owners and ask for help
  • Now after they reply you, tell them that you will write an article and you need one link
They will defiantly provide you the opportunity free of cost.

I know this also falls in guest blogging, but it helps to get best and high quality web 2.0 links. Don't just waste your time on getting links from comments.

4. Link Relevancy

Most of the SEO masters and bloggers just forget this myth when they start to create backlinks and they just keep on creating links without knowing where they should have links and where they should avoid.

So, be relevant while creating backlinks for your blogs and websites as Google loves the relevancy of everything from keyword to pages and from back-link to ranking any page.

My recommendations for relevant link building:
  • If you are targeting any country than stick to that country's most visited blogs/sites
  • Try to find what blogs/sites are performing good in your niche
In simple words: Try to get backlinks from your own group of niche, targeted audience and topic.

In this way you can get more authority and search engine bots will easily know your web-pages and rank them.

5. Indexing of Links

Last but not least.

End to end, nobody gives a damn to this step and without doing this thing there is no benefit for you even you are spending $$$ on getting one link from any high authority blog or site.

Do these simple things to get your backlinks indexed:
  • Open and submit the page where your backlink is live
  • Visit the page where you have created a backlink and visit your page from that link 3/4 times a day for at-least 2 weeks
  • Share that page with your friends and let people visit that page from different areas of your targeted audience
Doing these simple yet most powerful things you will get the backlinks indexed in fast forward way.

If you need any help in ranking your blog posts higher in Google are building high quality backlinks, than please comment below and I will answer you personally. 👍
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