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10 Hottest Celebrities With Many Kids To Show That Pregnancy Can't Ruin Your Body

If you are looking for the real photos of those celebrities who are having really sexiest bodies even giving birth to multiple children than open this article and see them with their perfect and sexy looks...
As every women on the entire world become sick when they think that pregnancy will effect their sexy bodies or not and they can't make sure that they will still look cool after giving the birth to a baby and also many thinks that stretch marks can ruin their body parts which is totally a wrong thinking. As you know that many celebrities are enjoying uploading their pregnancy photos online and you may think that they are not giving birth to more than 1 baby - again its wrong as they have many children and still they looks so hot. I have been looking for such celebrities and found that many celebrities are telling and teaching women of the whole world that pregnancy can't ruin your body.
10 Hottest Celebrities With Many Kids To Show That Pregnancy Can't Ruin Your Body

If you are looking for the real photos of those celebrities who are having really sexiest bodies even giving birth to multiple children than stick back and take a deep breath as I am going to show you the exact names and photos of that celebrities who are enjoying their life and career with beautiful bodies after giving birth to many kids.

1. Kim Kardashian

No doubts, Kim Kardashian is the queen of giving birth to her Children and making them famous already. As she is the one who is officially and privately showing her body when she was caring her baby and going to give birth. As you can see that Kim Kardashian was on edge for sharing her really hottest and spicy photos with baby bump and it was breaking internet when Kim announces that her new baby daughter named Chicago West.
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Kim Kardashian is number one for our list as she deserve to be #1 for showing the reality of a mother who is holding the baby and than giving birth after so many months of taking care of her baby and herself. With other two children Saint West - Son and North West - Daughter Kim is having 3 children and she looks gorgeous and glamours.

2. Kourtney Kardashian

The #2 is again a Kardashian and her name Kourtney Kardashian with 3 children she is on number 2 as she also the oldest mother in Kardashian hottest girls group who are really using the internet as they should use to generate huge fan following and create flaws with their stunning looks and hot photos.
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As she also do some exercises to maintain her body to look not older or changed after giving birth to her 3 kids with taking gluten-free diet and having some eating plans she is able to be a model, actress and be in fashion. You can see above a recent photo of Kourtney Kardashian with her stunning looks and beautiful body.

3. Ivanka Trump

With eating healthy food and more habits like that the daughter of US President (Donald j. Trump) Ivanka Trump is doing business while she also a mother to 3 children and I know that many of you will think that she is not even married as her looks are so beautiful she looks like a young girl.
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However, she awakes up early in the morning at 05:30AM and than meditate herself to get ready for children and also she eats health food and does strength training for getting young looks and being more beautiful when some women think they will ruin their bodies the best example for them is Ivanka Trump with 3 babies ans still she looks like a young girl.

4. Kate Gosselin

Amazingly its Kate Gosselin and I think she is the one who deserves to be #4 on our list of hottest celebrities having many children as Kate got 8 kids and she is the TV star.
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As you know that she was not able to give birth to her babies for some medical reasons, thus her husband and Kate Gosselin decided to undergo artificial insemination and after that they are able to have 8 kids with ease of living a normal life and still be perfect with beautiful body at an older stage of life.

5. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is also a mother to 3 children and she says that she was not checking her wait for almost 12 years and was not aware of how much the weight herself gaining or losing when she was taking care of her children. Kate also advice women to not worry about weight gain and other problems happening to their bodies after a birth, so they will be happy.
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She says that if you don't think too much about the weight problems when it comes to give birth to multiple kids than you will get a body you will really love and get too complicated problems. So be happy and don't give a damn to any thinking of weight gain and body problems after baby birth as you will be super sexy girl with the perfect body.

6. Victoria Beckham

Being a businesswomen Victoria Beckham is also taking good care of her children by getting up early in the morning and doing some gym for 1 hour and when her children wakes up she have to make breakfast for them and get them ready to go to school. After returning from children she always tend to do another hour of exercise for being fit.
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With 4 children Victoria Beckham is on #6 on our ranking and she looks really nice till today which shows that you can be the hottest women in your town even after giving birth to many children as this can't ruin your body.

7. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is on #7 as she is 48 years old lady and still looks too perfect with lovely body as she know how to maintain herself with having 3 children she says that when you want to look perfect after giving birth than there is no secret recipe.
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You just need to exercise and eat healthy food and also stop feeling sorry for yourself to be confident about your looks and get yourself fit in changing life style.

8. Demi Moore

With eating vegan diet and practicing yoga Demi Moore is on high levels of doing much training for being fit and perfect to look as sexiest as she can. She is now 55 years old lady and still looks perfect with giving birth to 3 children she is #8 on our list of top hottest celebrities teaching that we can have perfect body after birth of many children.
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You can see Demi Moore in above image and know that how perfect she is with best looks for a mother to 3 daughters.

9. Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour is at #9 on our list and she is the one who got fame in 90s with one shampoo advertisement. Yes, she got the fame with one ad and become a sensation worldwide, after that she had worked as a Vitoria Secret model and now Stephanie Seymour is still fit and looks beautiful.
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With 3 children Stephanie Seymour is having a perfect shape of body by eating healthy food and claiming that she didn't touched any unhealthy food with doing some exercises like swimming and pilates she is the perfect mom today.

10. Julia Roberts

With a title from People Magazine for the most beautiful women in the word and getting it 5 times Julia Roberts is the one hot mom who is teaching you that loving your family and having many kids can't ruin your body and looks.
Julia Roberts

She still looks perfect and you can see her photo from above. 

If you think that someone is missing from the list of "10 Hottest Celebrities With Many Kids To Show That Pregnancy Can't Ruin Your Body" than please let me know in the comments form below.
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    1. Kate is hot and Ivanka Trump is the dream of my that nights.

    2. Kim is real help for me to feel easy.


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