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Easy Ways to Fix a Slow-Loading Website

by on Jun 9, 2019
If your site is slow then you’ll know how frustrating this can be.

You may feel like nothing you do works and that you are losing customers as a result.

If you want to help yourself here, then there are a few things that you can do.

Enable Caching

Whenever you visit a site, certain elements of it will be stored in a cache. The next time you visit that same site, the page will then load much faster.

If you haven’t turned on caching, then this is certainly something that you need to do. If you are using a CMS then you can install a plugin to help you with that, or you can even try and look into browser caching.

Remove Huge Add-Ons

If your site is running a ton of plugins, then there is a high chance that you will be slowing down the overall speed of your site.

You will also be making it way more susceptible to security risks too. Sure, you might need some plugins to run your site effectively, but there is a high chance that you don’t need all of the ones that you have installed right now. If you want to help yourself here, then consider using a baseline test tool.

When you have done this, go through your site and disable a plugin, before running the test again. This can be time-consuming, but it is one of the best ways for you to find out if one plugin is bringing your site down.
Easy Ways to Fix a Slow-Loading Website

Your PC

Think about it, is your site just slow for you? Or is it slow for everyone? If it’s your PC or MAC that is slow then it is certainly worth checking out this article. That way you can speed up your system and find out if that is having an impact on your overall internet speed.

When trying to speed up your site it’s also worth trying to load it up on your mobile device too. By doing this, you can then find out which elements you need to tweak.

Reduce the Size of your Images

If your site has a ton of images that are not optimized, then this will most certainly impact the overall speed of your site. If you want to stop this then make sure that your images are not bigger than they need to be.

For example, if your blog is 900px wide then this is now big your images need to be. If you are using a CMS then there are plugins that you can use to reduce the overall size of the images.
Easy Ways to Fix a Slow-Loading Website


Sometimes your website coding can get messy, to say the least. When this happens, your site
will take way longer to load.

If you are making a lot of customizations or even a website builder, then there is a chance that there will be line breaks, spaces and even other related elements that just don’t need to be there.

There are apps that you can use to minimize your code.

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