Where to Get .US Backlinks

Where to Get .US Backlinks

A solid backlinking strategy is the SEO backbone that Google always hammers home. Naturally, there are many other ranking factors, but inbound links and high-quality content are the Swiss knives in the SEO world.

And even if you’ve never seen the Google deadlines, you know how crucial inbound links are to build website authority and drive natural traffic. They’re the bread and butter of any SEO strategy and your primary catalyst of brand awareness. You may or may not know, but countless link opportunities are waiting to boost your traffic.

The best thing is that you don’t have to be an X-man to find them. Let us get you on a whirlwind tour of quality backlink sources that will do justice for your website.

Fantastic .us backlinks and where to find them

1. The broken-link fixing aka the 404 Method

Broken-link building allows you to ferret out unmatched link opportunities from their hiding spots. It’s perfect for creating one-way .us inbound links. The technique boils down to three steps.

  • You need to find content that has been deleted, otherwise known as 404 pages. 
  • Craft a similar but better piece of content that can be a 404 alternative. 
  • And the last step is to contact webmasters to report a broken link on their platform and casually recommend your content to replace that link. This method works wonders since you both offer and fetch the value.

You can kick off the broken-link building by looking for niche-specific platforms in Google. There are three types of inquiries you can type in:

  • your keyword + links
  • your keywords + resources
  • keywords inurl: links

However, make sure you target regional websites to get a location-based mention.

2. Get listed on relevant best x in y lists

In case you need a tactic that doesn’t require new content, you’ll appreciate the magic of Top lists. In this particular case, you should be interested in listicles that feature location-based lists, like “Top US web design resources.”  Not only will you get a relevant inbound link, but you’ll also reach a broader audience in terms of product marketing.  

Another tip is to look for already existing top lists that cite your competitors but do not mention your brand (and try to fix this unfortunate situation).

3. Use your network

This may seem to lie on the surface, but most people ignore the network that already exists. Asking your friends, relatives, colleagues, partners, or satisfied consumers to link back to our website is the most hassle-free link building tactic. Besides, every other man and (it seems like) his dog own either a website or a niche-specific blog in the modern digital-powered world.

However, make sure you get featured on relevant, regional websites; otherwise, it won’t make a big difference to your ranking.

4. Use mediocre web pages as your link generator

Have you ever stumbled upon a piece of unsatisfactory 300-word content that is loaded with high-quality links? That’s really hitting below the belt, especially if you have created an in-depth, comprehensive guide featuring the same topic. In reality, the answer is more straightforward than worldly injustice. Website owners probably just don’t know that a superior piece of content exists. Your main goal is to show them your content and convince them to reference your source instead.

The easiest way to find inferior content pieces is to type in a topic in Content Explorer and narrow down the search to find .us pages with a nice number of links.

5. Recycle your content

Content repurposing is another long-standing link building method that will help you dig up location-based backlinks as well.

Brainstorming does not always give birth to authentic, compelling content ideas but is challenging and resource-intensive. Also, it doesn’t future proves that a fresh crisp copy will enthrall your audience.

However, you can still build some links by submitting already rewritten and polished content to popular US blogs and video-sharing sites. All you have to do is to convert them into a different format.

Let’s say that you have an amazing article filled with stats. Why not recycle it into interactive infographics and submit it to Mashable or Daily Infographic? If you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating it anyway, it deserves a wider audience.

6. Aim for mentions on local review sites

This tactic resembles the listicle method in some way. No matter the size, every locality has some review site whose main agenda is to enlighten locals on upcoming events or location-based businesses. Reviews may come in all forms and shapes from ‘Top 10 link building services in Alabama’ to ‘The most popular digital marketing agencies in New York’.

Map-based relevant mentions are what elevate your SERP rankings in an unmatched way. Just make sure your name, address, and phone number are listed the same as on your website and Google listings.

7. Surface your website through local guides

You can increase business visibility and notability by aggregating valuable information in a local guide. Localities of all sizes hold different types of events that bring the crowd together. But the problem is that event details float disarranged on legacy government websites. You can take advantage of this by curating a local guide that features all such details under one roof.  A well-documented local resource draws in links by itself, but businesses can also reference platforms devoted to such events and ask for a link in return for including them in the guide.

8. Or you can just buy them

Don’t worry you’re not alone. Thousands of companies reach out to reputable link building services to fetch natural and quality USA backlinks, instead of frittering away budget dollars on lousy irrelevant websites. These services allow you to obtain regional links that boost your rankings in a specific location.

As a rule, you can pick the country you are targeting from location catalogs. Self-explanatory, inbound links stem from niche-specific location-based web pages with top-quality domains. So if you doubt your link building acumen or need the most cost-effective option, buying inbound links might be your magic SEO potion.

The Final Word

Link building has always been and stays an uphill struggle even for professional SEO specialists, let alone unaware business owners.

Getting hold of US links is even more challenging since the search circle narrows significantly. You can either leverage SEO tactics that have been mentioned above or farm out link-building services to professionals who know the business through the length and breadth.