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Word Counter Tool - Count Words and Correct Writing

Word Count Tool - To Count Words In Seconds Hey!

Buddies this word counter tool is for our loyal reader and bloggers around the globe. In WordPress you can see a word counter below post editor while creating a new blog post. But if you are on you don't have any counter inside your blog post editor. Again! we are bloggers and we can do anything so don't worry counting words is easy now. On the internet you can easily get some tools for counting words just you have to Google it.

Hey! Here is a free tool - Use our best ever and fastest words counter to count blog post words easily. Don't go anywhere just give our counting system a try.

Why To Use Word Counter ?

  • There is a limit for blog post title words in the range of 66 words - Use this tool to count words in blog post title. This is must to do step for Search Engine Optimization
  • If you are a guest blogger and do blog posts for other bloggers and clients then use this tool to count words easily
  • This is super fast word counter tool which counts words in no time
  • Free and auto save option when you accidentally shut off your device or there is a power cut

How To Use Word Count Tool ? In Three Easy Steps

  1. Just copy your text from anywhere and paste it in big box (first box)
  2. Now click on "Start Counting Words"
  3. You will instantly get results in small box next to "Start Counting Words" Button.

Word Counter Tool

Need Help ?

Hope! You like this tool.

If you got any problem related to word count tool or blogging then leave a message on our FB fanpage.

We are ready to help you out.
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