How to Freelance Your Digital Marketing Expertise

Freelancing is the dream.

You get to make your own hours, work from wherever you like and decide who you want to work with.

You’ll never have to commute again, can work without any pants on and decide if a project is really for you.

Now that’s a pretty sweet place to be.

At the same time, it comes with its own drawbacks.
How to Freelance Your Digital Marketing Expertise
There is no guaranteed paycheck, no IT department if your computer breaks down and no sick leave when you do. So how do you pull it off? How do you freelance your digital marketing expertise?

Don’t quit your day job

The first step is not to rush into things. If you’ve still got your job, then don’t just quit immediately. Instead, keep working at it and wait with taking your freelancing full time. You see, freelancing requires a lot more prep work than people realize.

To name but a few examples:
  • You’ve got to have clients
  • You need a financial buffer
  • You have to learn how to sell yourself
  • You have to establish your presence (possibly by working for peanuts)
The best place to do all of this is while you’re still on somebody else’s payroll. Yes, you might be itching to go, but then you’ll have to do all that setting up, learning and experimenting on your own dime.

10 Pros of Easily Chewable and Digestible Content

As a blogger, you know that it is important to put some effort in the design and coding of your blog, but it is content that is crucial to you.

Your target audience will be primarily looking for information on the web, and you should provide it in the best way that you can.
10 Pros of Easily Chewable and Digestible Content
And to be considered as high standard, your content will need to be easily chewable and digestible. Not that people have started eating screens, of course. But you need to provide something that they can deal with as easy as possible.

And here is why it is so crucial to your blog.

How To Clean "Deadweight" Pages for SEO


I came to know about "dead weight pages" and search a lot but didn't get a single article/guide on the topic.

In spite of this situation I got success in cleaning dead-weight (low quality) pages and blog posts from my blog.

Because I want my blog to be a groom for internet ladies (users) and for my readers.

To make it happen I've tested some tactics and now ready to write about how anyone can clean a blog by deleting, removing or editing some deadweight pages and articles.

In fact,

Making high quality, mobile friendly and search engine ready websites is not easy.

There are hundreds of key-points to check and make them flexible.

And it needs hours of hard work to create a brand-able website or blog.

Whatever, if you've already created a blog/website and trying to make that great in quality of articles and pages by taking great steps in search engine optimization.

Then don't forget to read whole guide below and make sure you've access to your blog's control panel.
How To Clean "Deadweight" Pages for SEO
Because after reading this guide you've to delete, edit or clean many pages of your blog/website.

5 Unknown Signs You're Not An Entrepreneur

"Entrepreneurship is something not about the world, but for you and your world" - Umer Prince

Anybody! yes there and where all are the entrepreneurs for now and they think this is the very first title for their self and to get respect.

Stop it please!

Nobody can be a real entrepreneur without doing things like entrepreneurs do.
Beautiful young woman working on laptop showing a hot cleavage of her sexy boobs
Today what we see is every newbie blogger and online worker makes "entrepreneur" the job title and respecting point for his name and fame, to be real and out of falseness please call yourself what you really are not ENTREPRENEUR.

I hate that thing what people are typing on their social profiles and on their about me pages just to get in the list of some entrepreneurs, and believe me they can't even spell this tile or speak out from their lovely mouth.

Here's the checklist of signs to know that who can call him an entrepreneur.

How to Drive Traffic by Creating Expert Roundups

Traffic generation is an essential step to get success in blogging industry as there are millions of blogs which are updated on daily to monthly basis and many of them are enjoying almost 70% of the blogging area traffic on internet.

People love to read blogs about so many things like Make money tips, insurance plans, money saving tips, wardrobe tips, dressing to fashion and many other topics.

Let's assume that you are a food blogger and you are updating your blog 3/5 times a day with reviews of different products and recipe videos, but you are getting nothing in traffic stats or earnings wallet.
How to Drive Traffic by Creating Expert Roundups
Or you are a finance blogger and updating your blog with fresh and original updates but still getting nothing? Then you should try arranging a roundup blog post.


Expert advices on any thing you can imagine of converts like hell fire and people always tend to read professional sayings on all the things which can be blogged.

Here I am giving you the tips and guidelines to do expert roundups for traffic generation and believe me you can do this easily.
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