5 Unknown Signs You're Not A Entrepreneur

"Entrepreneurship is something not about the world, but for you and your world" - Umer Prince

Anybody! yes there and where all are the entrepreneurs for now and they think this is the very first title for their self and to get respect.

Stop it please!

Nobody can be a real entrepreneur without doing things like entrepreneurs do.
Beautiful young woman working on laptop showing a hot cleavage of her sexy boobs
Today what we see is every newbie blogger and online worker makes "entrepreneur" the job title and respecting point for his name and fame, to be real and out of falseness please call yourself what you really are not ENTREPRENEUR.

I hate that thing what people are typing on their social profiles and on their about me pages just to get in the list of some entrepreneurs, and believe me they can't even spell this tile or speak out from their lovely mouth.

Here's the checklist of signs to know that who can call him an entrepreneur.

7 Reasons Why your Blog might Fail

Blogging as changed a lot in the past ten years. We all know blogging is super competitive with the increasing in the number of new bloggers. But the most of the bloggers fail and eventually give up in less than six months.
7 Reasons Why your Blog might Fail
According to one survey – Most bloggers quit their journey in first 90 days without making any money.
About 58 million posts are created every month. That's a hell lot.
So if you are not an authority in your niche chances are that you might not to rank and grow. Let us see some reasons why blogs fail.

How To Make Money with Pokemon GO

Pokémon! Pokemon GO is a new and different game with latest hacks of playing every day, people are finding new-new ways to play Pokemon GO as its a interesting and addictive game of this year.

With this craze you can see there are many new players coming and they want to beat other records in the game, but they can't. Do to so they've to play game and win its tasks and also they've to go to pokestops a real world in game to get free in-game items.
How To Make Money with Pokemon GO
However! Pokémon creators are generating tons of many every single day now, because many players pay them to lead from others and they make money easily.

What if you can start earning money just by playing Pokémon Go?

I know its pretty impressive to you, but trust me!! many folks or you can say Pokémoners or making money playing their favorite game.

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I Hate Your Blog - some reasons on why people say that line to you when you ask them to rate your blog

Are you want me to review your blog and rate 10 out of 10?

I can't, yes I can't rate any blog by 10 as there is nothing like perfectness in this world and no-blog can be a good to rate 10 out of 10 or say it is a 5-star blog.

Recently many of the newbies in my country (Pakistan) asks me to review their blogs and whenever I gave them the 2 stars, they where ready to ask more question like what is the bad in their blogs? how I can rate so low? how they can improve their blogs? and some other.
She is sad because I Hate Her Blog
As one girl asked me why "I Hate Her Blog?" and here's the answer to that girl and all of you (who reads this blog post).

To be on topic and to the topic I've search and research this topic and found some awesome results from many professional bloggers, and here I wanted to share my own views on how we can say that I Hate Your Blog.