How To Clean "Deadweight" Pages for SEO


I came to know about "dead weight pages" and search a lot but didn't get a single article/guide on the topic.

In spite of this situation I got success in cleaning dead-weight (low quality) pages and blog posts from my blog.

Because I want my blog to be a groom for internet ladies (users) and for my readers.

To make it happen I've tested some tactics and now ready to write about how anyone can clean a blog by deleting, removing or editing some deadweight pages and articles.

In fact,

Making high quality, mobile friendly and search engine ready websites is not easy.

There are hundreds of key-points to check and make them flexible.

And it needs hours of hard work to create a brand-able website or blog.

Whatever, if you've already created a blog/website and trying to make that great in quality of articles and pages by taking great steps in search engine optimization.

Then don't forget to read whole guide below and make sure you've access to your blog's control panel.
How To Clean "Deadweight" Pages for SEO
Because after reading this guide you've to delete, edit or clean many pages of your blog/website.

How to Drive Traffic by Creating Expert Roundups

Traffic generation is an essential step to get success in blogging industry as there are millions of blogs which are updated on daily to monthly basis and many of them are enjoying almost 70% of the blogging area traffic on internet.

People love to read blogs about so many things like Make money tips, insurance plans, money saving tips, wardrobe tips, dressing to fashion and many other topics.

Let's assume that you are a food blogger and you are updating your blog 3/5 times a day with reviews of different products and recipe videos, but you are getting nothing in traffic stats or earnings wallet.
How to Drive Traffic by Creating Expert Roundups
Or you are a finance blogger and updating your blog with fresh and original updates but still getting nothing? Then you should try arranging a roundup blog post.


Expert advices on any thing you can imagine of converts like hell fire and people always tend to read professional sayings on all the things which can be blogged.

Here I am giving you the tips and guidelines to do expert roundups for traffic generation and believe me you can do this easily.

8 Online Tools to Boost Your Ranking on Google Search

Showing up at the top of Google Search’s results is all that you and everybody on the digital world want. It ensures more traffic and conversions to any website and blog, as a consequence, like a dream coming true.

But the online competition is getting more and more fierce, as you know. And Google is also constantly improving their algorithm so to ensure that nobody tries to play the game and that only valuable content appears on Search’s first page.
Girl and Boy Working on Laptop Images
If you are facing this situation, you should make the most of any online tool that can help you to boost your ranking on Google Search.

How to Get More Traffic by Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to your blog or business website.
Laptop, Smartphone and Notebook Image
People used to think it was only good for improving SEO by increasing the number backlinks, but there’s much, much more to it—especially if you want to do it right.

What is guest blogging, and why does it matter?

Put simply, it’s creating content for someone else’s blog in the hopes that you’ll create quality backlinks, get more traffic, gain exposure, and build relationships.

Guest blogging matters because it helps you...
  1.     Get more eyes on your content and brand, bring them back to your site for more, and grow your audience
  2.     Increase your credibility and make connections with influencers in your niche
  3.     Build your own site’s authority with backlinks from high-authority domains

How to Write the Best Headlines that Will Increase Traffic on Your Blog

Are you getting some visits per day on your blog and you are already spending hours on creating high quality and original content to increase the traffic, but the trick of having high quality content not performing good for you?

Or you are searching for the real ways to drive huge traffic on your blog without spending hours on searching, researching and creating content which is a time consuming work.
How to Write the Best Headlines that Will Increase Traffic on Your Blog
I know its so hard to get traffic, but there is a thing called Click Through Rate (CTR) which increases or decreases the chances of a web-page to be clicked by search engine users and other internet users too.

To increase the CTR of your blog posts you've to create awesome, best and amazing headlines (blog post titles) to convince the searcher click on your headline and read yours data before others.

There are many bloggers who are asking some questions like:
  • How to increase traffic on my blog?
  • Is blog post title optimization works for getting more traffic?
  • How we can optimize headlines to get higher CTR in serps?
  • Is emotional headlines works to get more readers?
and many others such as why we've to give our time finding or creating a out-standing headline etc.

For an example to that questions- You should scan some newspapers with your own eyes to see what they are doing with news and how they are breaking news into a issue which everybody wants to read for must.

After reading about 3/4 newspapers you'll come to know that they are playing the game of appealing headlines and they are using attractive words to make sure the reader have fun reading the news.

From social media networks to newspapers and advertising (online or offline) there is a thing which attracts the customers and we call it "Headline".
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