Web Development Life Cycle: A Fool Proof Plan for Developers
Umer Prince

Web Development Life Cycle: A Fool Proof Plan for Developers

The Web Development Life Cycle (WDLC) is a great method planned in particular for the development of web applications.

WDLC aims to generate structured procedure for the much unstructured problem of web application development. The WDLC brings into play many components to form an effective tactic.

The Web Development Life Cycle combine many components into a new method in order to reduce the time of development, put structure into an unstructured problem to keep things simple right through every part of development life cycle.

The main objective of WDLC is to develop a method that will add good structure to a vastly unstructured problem to aid in the development and success of web services.

Website development Life Cycle can be divided into diverse steps identical to any other field of software development. The purpose of WDLC is to help out in baking up the developers with tasks that are required to be done at particular phases.

WDLC allows the developer to work and go behind a set of processes and principles to assist to make sure that highest quality is realized.
Web Development Life Cycle: A Fool Proof Plan for Developers
The website development life stages are not all the time chronological but can be reorganized to go with a project.

The WDLC consist of some important phases including Analysis, specification building, design and development, content writing, coding, testing, SEO and social media optimization and maintenance and updating.

Here is some of the vital web development life cycle steps:

Gather Information

One of the very important web development life cycles is gathering information. It is essential for you to gather as much as information required developing a website.

Initially, you should seek to discover and understand the business goals, get to know customer goals, identify and recognize the current market demands, identify the targeted customers, understand the needs of targeted audience, etc.

Gathering information aids you to develop the best tactic for further project management. When you gather information, you should try to collect information regarding:
  •     Future Website Purposes
  •     The Main Goals You Wish To Get
  •     The Target Audience You Want To Attract To Your Site.


An important thing in web development life cycle is planning.

People can gain nothing from their projects if they don’t plan well before starting their project.

Planning includes deciding the project goal, carrying out a possible study amid the client and web development services, taking into account a variety of features like project cost, equipment cost, expediency, etc. planning should include the following things:
  •     Judge how the complete site will look like
  •     What is the function of the Website
  •     Make a decision on what technologies should be implemented
  •     Who will make use of the Website
  •     Who possesses the information on the Web site


Analysis is in fact an important phase in web development life cycle.
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The Value of Building a Strong Relationship with a Freelancer
Umer Prince

The Value of Building a Strong Relationship with a Freelancer

Defined as pragmatic idealists with both brains and sentiment, millennials showcase “a deep desire to make the world a better place, combined with an understanding that doing so requires building new institutions while working inside and outside existing institutions”.

As their first revolutionary effort, the rise of the free agent therefore promises an uber-modern, cosmopolitan and network-based approach to traditional business.

Setting the grounds for the all-encompassing global virtual office, freelancers demand “versatility and flexibility in the workplace”, and thanks to such inclination, we behold the era of business no-madism, in which the working classes are restructured and office habits are redefined.

With new opportunities ascending and more cubicles being knocked down, both employees and employers are learning to adjust.

As a consequence, freelancers are no longer considered as outcasts from the system, but cherished as a fresh force that is already changing the future of business, making it far more innovative, flexible and efficient.
The Value of Building a Strong Relationship with a Freelancer
The following list proposes some of the greatest benefits of hiring and building a strong relationship with a freelancer.

All-Around Availability

The same technological changes that have separated modern into two distinct eras – history before and after the rise of the worldwide network – directly affect the nature of business as well. By connecting the world in one virtual environment that never sleeps, the internet drastically alters customer behavior – today, we expect everything to be at our disposal on a 24/7 basis, and the same applies to our product and service providers. 

By insisting on flexible working hours, freelancers are making it possible for your company to be available at all times.

When empowered with such workers, your company will never stop running – unrestricted by office hours, most freelancers are willing to keep your business open for the public all night long, at least in an online environment, thus allowing you to leverage time zone differences and stay accessible while the completion sleeps.

Reliable and Fast Resource of Solutions 

However unconstrained in their work approach, independent employees are condemned to a calling that is endlessly uncertain and, career-wise, promises little.

With more individuals making a shift to the freelancing community, the market has become saturated with diligent and hardworking experts who offer their services to anyone ready to outsource.

In order to beat the competition, freelancers are becoming better at their jobs with every gig, and are strongly motivated to perform with excellence and speed.

Additionally, the achieved work-life balance gives them plenty of space that full-time employees simply don’t have – all of these factors guarantee that hiring a freelancer means getting a reliable, flawless and fast source of valuable business solutions.

Freedom to Hire On A Need Basis

Instead of making a new infrastructural change each time the need for new team members emerges, you can retain an already perfected work dynamic within your staff by outsourcing to a freelancer.

As a consequence, the workflow established in the office is intact, current employees are freed of new and time-demanding tasks, and investments are minimal.

Putting an external resource person in charge of non-core areas rather than welcoming a new full-time member to the team can secure you a budget for adding an unlimited workforce and employing specialists as needed.

Ultimately, constant staff restructuration caused by unpredictable and always fluctuating business cycles will no longer stand in your way to the top.

No Training Required

As one of the biggest issues of hiring new employees, training frequently demands a lot of the company’s money, time and effort.

Even then, no one can guarantee that the new staff member will fully adapt to the office dynamics; unfortunately, that’s something that only time can tell.

With unintegrated individuals, the productivity of an entire team suffers, which is never the case with outsourcing.
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3 Tips on Optimizing Your Blog for Both Search Engines and Readers
Umer Prince

3 Tips on Optimizing Your Blog for Both Search Engines and Readers

Are you struggling to write SEO optimized content that is more engaging than it is bland?

Content marketing can be a powerful tool for brands to make an impact online.

By using it effectively, you can get in front of your ideal target market, help solve their problems and create a loyal fan base.

But to do that, you first need to master the art of writing content that appeals to people as well as search engines.

After all, it doesn't matter how useful your article is to potential customers if it doesn't rank.
3 Tips on Optimizing Your Blog for Both Search Engines and Readers
Here are four simple tips you can start doing today to optimize your blog for both search engines and readers:

1. Relevant User Journey

Effective SEO is all about relevancy.

When you start producing content that is relevant to search terms being used by your prospects and with links from relevant high authority sites, your content will find itself on the first page of Google.

But one important thing most businesses overlook is a relevant user journey.

If you want to maximize your user results and boost sales, you need to make sure that each interaction with your content brings them closer to the end goal of making a purchase.

Watch this video to learn about the three natural SEO techniques you can do to boost your user journey:

2. Craft a Clickable Headline

All the legwork you have done to optimize your content for search engines will mean nothing if you have an uninspiring headline.


Because only 20 percent of visitors will click to read your article. So even if your content is ranking on the first page with your targeted keyword, that means nothing if people are not clicking through to your website.

Upworthy, a site that generates three million unique visitors per month, understands the science behind crafting the perfect headline. As part of their editorial process, each piece of content needs 25 different headlines.
The reasoning behind this: Once you start getting desperate, you'll start thinking outside of the box and create the gem that will make your content stand out from the crowd.

3. Improve The Readability of Your Content

Readability may not be taken into consideration by search engines directly - but it still affects your ranking.


Search engines take into account how people behave when they land on your page.
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How To Write About Us Page For A Startup Company | Complete Guide
Umer Prince

How To Write About Us Page For A Startup Company | Complete Guide

Every startup company is required to have an about us page on its official website.

Just to show the readers how best they are and where they start the journey by typing a short story on the about us page.

However many startup companies are not that good to make an about us page worth a read, because they are in lack of content writers or copy writers who are required to create a out standing about us page.

Also there are so many things which one should/have to cover in any type of about us page, because the first thing every inspired reader loves to do is to find out the about us page and learn more about the company.

In addition to make your company get success or the company you are hired to write about us page, you should read these simple yet most effective guidelines for sure 👨

As being one of the best sources to deliver guides on different models of earning money online and living as best as we can: Now we are going to reveal here some hidden secrets of how to perfectly write about us page for a startup company.
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As You know I also give freelance services and you can get them by visiting my personal website at www.UmerPrince.com, I am going to share my experience here which I have gained through writing about us page for a startup company.

So, Let's get started:

1. Fill the lack in information

Before starting to create any page, article or news we have to gain some information which is proper and to the point so we can make it a go for creating more lengthy text and paragraphs.

What I suggest you before accepting to create an about us page for a startup company is you should ask them to share the real and basic information with you.

Don't ask this before getting the order, just make sure the order is in your pocket so you will not lose it 💁

  1. Asking for basic and full background info from the company
  2. Ask for real documentations (if required for any legal issue)
  3. Get full information about their history up and downs and what they have done
  4. Know about the owners and lead workers

After getting the order ask for the information and after getting the basic information about such company ask again to get more informative content from them which you can utilize in their contact us page.

Just to make it worth a read I suggest you to fill the gap in information to make that company be happy with your work.

2. Include quick triggers

This might be shocking to you, but I am not joking here.

I want you to be rich and for that purpose I will do my best to include as best guides as I can. That is why I am asking you to include some quick triggers in the pages 💪

By quick triggers in about us pages I mean to say:
  1. Add bullet points to engage readers & tell what they company is giving as a services
  2. Write about what is the unique point of that company which makes the company unique
  3. People try to find real information, write about real incidents too
  4. Write about the success factors and make them (readers) know how they can be a part of the company
As far as you got the options to introduce the startup company on an about us page you can try different techniques for making the company owner happy and about us page readers too.

3. Give examples

As there are so many good and best about us page examples are freely available on many blogs (you can search for best examples of about us page on Google) I have searched and researched for two days to deliver the best guide on how to write about us page for a startup company.

So, here is what type of examples you should add in about us page:
  1. Before any other example, explain what are others offering and what this startup is best at
  2. Create a data chart to show how the startup company is growing its services and quality too
  3. Inspire readers to read the entire about us page of a startup company by adding examples of other services and the services of that company you are writing for in a way to make the reader think "this company is enough good".
  4. Force people to leave others by giving examples of other's bad customer or user reviews and adding cool reviews of your company
There are more things you can add in about us page examples for a startup company, but to make it unique and totally different you should take a different approach.

4. Add engaging photos

Some says "it is not essential or not required".
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5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Make More Money in Less Time
Umer Prince

5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Make More Money in Less Time

They say success lies in experience, and wisdom lies in the mistakes you’ve made in the past.

For new entrepreneurs who are fresh rookies to the world of business and weighing pros and cons, it may be hard to get accustomed to it.

If you don’t already idealize someone in the business world who has seen failures, downfall and eventually success, fear not.

We’re here to tell you all the things that really matter when it comes to earning more in less time, especially for those who are new to this.

The most important thing is to be tech savvy in today’s world: if your business is not at the top of its game on the internet and all over social media (as most of the literate human population feeds off the internet, and now makes purchases off the internet) the inevitability of success loses its strength, and your business is bound to take a hit, considering the saturation in today’s market, and the competitiveness we all witness, no matter what the nature of your business.
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Get the best internet plans for your business to go digital, that won’t pose hindrances in your heavy internet usage required to stay ahead of competition, and make sure your official website, and social media pages are regularly managed and active – which needs 24/7 high speed connectivity with the digital world.

Getting this first essential out of the way, let’s get down to points that are bound to help new entrepreneurs earn more, and witness success sooner than they imagined.

1. Pen down your vision – Make a plan

Having a vision is as good as dreaming of Narnia – well, almost.

Unless you bring it down on paper, and add the discipline it needs to bring your dreams to reality, and to sell it to others, become famous and successful.

To start and run a steady business, you must make a realistic business plan which will have a proper timeline, resource allocation, funds if required and finances needed, the product descriptions and representations, and your business idea, how to make it unique and different from others.

Do this, and ask someone who’s an expert. Great, now you’re one step closer to success

2. Work Smart

Working night and day with do nothing for you if you’re not thinking smart – except maybe tire you out, which is never a good thing.

Think of the positive shortcuts which will help you achieve your purpose faster, and instead of spending hours doing something, just use the latest technological means to do so in less than half that time; given that it achieves the same result for example, using the best internet plans to market and research, as opposed to all other means of doing so.

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