This HootSuite Alternatives List is NOT available on Buzzfeed
Umer Prince

This HootSuite Alternatives List is NOT available on Buzzfeed

When it comes to managing, social media profiles the task can seem almost overwhelming at times.

To that end, tools like HootSuite have been made available as resources for people to be able to more easily take care of building their social media communities.

HootSuite Company was founded in 2008 and is in Vancouver, Canada.

The CEO, Ryan Holmes, launched HootSuite to help user manage social media accounts like G+, Twitter & Facebook plus more.
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While Hootsuite is the perfect solution for many, there are others like me in the market who have never quite been able to integrate into the platform, though I have tried.

Which brings us to asking if there are good alternatives for what HootSuite offers?

Fortunately, the answer is yes and we are about to explore each.

10 Alternatives to HootSuite

It should be noted that the following suggestions are not listed in any order of preference but rather offered so that you can review each further to determine the best way of taking care of your social media marketing initiatives.
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8 Quick Tips To Improve Writing & PRODUCTIVITY
Umer Prince

8 Quick Tips To Improve Writing & PRODUCTIVITY

Writing is an exciting activity that requires the use of your creative initiative and concentration ability.

Writing is a lot fun thing to do but, your invested time and energy can end up wasted if at the end your writing is unproductive.

Sometimes, people input their best effort and writing skill into practice, but at the end, it doesn’t come back home with good result, productivity.
  • What could be the cause?
  • Are there some important things left out?
Of course, writing requires some elements that make them unique.
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Your un-productivity is about to take a shift into productivity, with these eight identified elements and tips of a productive writing.

Tip #1: Create a Writing Schedule

Let us start from here.

Writing involves a series of steps which should be taken one at a time; it starts from deciding what to write, making outlines and then writing.

We are always eager to start writing and end it at a go.
That won’t make the best writing!
Writing has to do with concentrating your inner attention and allowing the brain to select between the best available ideas, while your pen bleeds red.

An attempt to write a long write-up without a schedule as when to write and what to write, gives your writing a repulsive shape.
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10 Things to Know Before Sending Guest Post Pitch
Umer Prince

10 Things to Know Before Sending Guest Post Pitch

As a number of writers quickly grows, guest blogging is getting more competitive too.

To boost your success chances, it usually starts with writing a guest post pitch.

It helps you establish a contact with a website owner and show your attitude towards writing.

Since you are expecting an approval, you need to show why you are a good fit for their blog.
10 Things to Know Before Sending Guest Post Pitch
There are a few things you need to know before you get down to writing your guest post pitch.

1. Read the guidelines

The majority of websites have strict rules about what type of content they are looking for.
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5 Crucial Tips to Write Best Quality Review Article
Umer Prince

5 Crucial Tips to Write Best Quality Review Article

Hey! I just come with a new and hot topic for pro bloggers :)

You know creating a good review article is not easy.

After all you have to give all the information about a product to your reader.

If you want to publish a best review-article on your blog, then you must have to add all the information which is needed by a person who will read your article.

Because! no one will read your article without a perfect reason.

Keep in mind: With a catchy headline many peoples will open your blog post, but without sufficient content you can't get unique readers.

Read our tips for writing a best and high quality review-article.
5 Crucial Tips to Write Best Quality Review Article
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Event Based Niche Blogging • Complete Guide
Umer Prince

Event Based Niche Blogging • Complete Guide

Hope! You like my "Complete Guide to Event Blogging".

Nowadays every professional blogger is starting a new blog about many events, because events will give you a boost for earning money online.

Event organizers also wants to blog about their events but they can't, because they are unaware of blogging.

In that time professional bloggers are likely to hired by some great event organizers, and also they (event organizers) pay more than advertisers of your blog ads spaces.

Maybe! you are a new blogger and hired by someone to do event blogging?

Then you have to learn first and also you don't have time to go to any academy for learning event blogging or you have to start your own event niche blog.

Therefore I decided to make aa Exclusive, quick and complete guide on Event Blogging for you all newbies at blogging.
Complete Guide to Event Based Blogging
There are tons of Events in this world, we can choose any one to fit our thoughts and needs.

Let's learn more and start your new event based niche blog for getting quick and easy money in your pockets for some hard work :)

What is Event Based Blogging

This is a simple math used by many young and professional bloggers.

This is all about focusing on a niche and upcoming event to blog freely.

There are many events to blog on like for us (Muslims) Eid-ul-adha is a very big event and also for Indians Dandia and other events are precious, while for USA peoples there are plenty of events to blog on.
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