How to Make $1000 in Your First Week of Blogging
Umer Prince

How to Make $1000 in Your First Week of Blogging

Blogging and earning a living in doing so is something that every content creator dreams of, and searching for jobs that make 10k a month terms is something lazy persons do to waste their time.

There is a number of misconceptions about blogging, the worst of them being that blogging is unsustainable and leads to quitting altogether.

However, if you have ever had a dissertation written for you, you know exactly how supply and demand work on the internet.

If you create content that people like, they will come back over and over again and ask for more.

So how can you use this logic to make $1,000 in your first week of blogging, and even more in the near future?
How to Make 1K in Your First Week of Blogging
So read how to make money blogging in first week:

1.    Build a blog

While it may seem obvious, you need to build your blog before attempting to monetize it. Creating a blog is a straightforward affair, with many services such as WordPress and Tumblr offering free blogging domains using their official hosting platforms completely for free.

And while you will have to pay for a proper domain if you wish to make the most of the blog monetization, this is a good start for someone inexperienced.

The point of creating a blog in your image is to channel your content creation desires towards your audience.

Do you want to create a general information blog or a strict niche site with curated content?

These are essential first steps in making sure that you don’t falter and need help from a professional service as soon as you begin.

2.    Set content goals

Every successful blogger will tell you that routine is everything. The way you treat your content will resonate with your audience in more ways than you can imagine.

This means that strict scheduling and content branding should be done as soon as you start seeing a rise in your subscription numbers.

Set achievable goals for your blog depending on the type of content you create and how long it takes you to create it.

Take your audience and professional writing into consideration – it’s best to get partners early on if you need help with writing or designing your content.

Once your goals are set, you will have concrete milestones to chase after instead of creating random content and hoping for the best.

3.    Engage your audience

The best way to quickly grow your subscription base and earn a positive word of mouth is by engaging your audience.

Talking to your visitors via comments, live Q&A or AMA and generally listening to their feedback and suggestions will make you grow in their eyes in no time.

This will help you gain a large number of visitors once your blog goes online and becomes a trending topic, especially if you are blogging about a certain niche.

Even if you are blogging about pitching the best thesis proposal, you can still get a large audience by simply being human and acting like a friendly professional.

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How to Write a Content Strategy That Will Boost Your Audience Engagement
Umer Prince

How to Write a Content Strategy That Will Boost Your Audience Engagement

Every website owner looks for the most efficient way to strengthen their content.

However, generating the buzz you want is not as easy as you may think.

In order to boost your audience engagement, you need to know what to publish and when to publish it.
How to Write a Content Strategy That Will Boost Your Audience Engagement
This is often overwhelming and confusing, which is why we decided to land you a hand and pinpoint the best ways to write your content strategy.

1. Know Your Social Media Metrics

What are your metrics?

Once you know what to measure, you will know how to measure it. For example, if your goal is to generate traffic, you are targeting visitors from websites where you have run a campaign. If you want to generate some interaction, you are measuring the commentary on your social media platforms.

Whichever of the four social media goals you are aiming for, your goal is the one that should dictate your metrics.

2. Concentrate on Your Number of Postings

If you do not post often, you cannot build a successful content strategy. Your social networks must show a reliable and frequent presence for an audience to be interested in your profiles and what you have to offer.

Of course, not everyone has the time or skills to post 5 to 10 times every day and handle various platforms at the same time. And while auto-posting is widely available, the most effective content strategy is one that is platform-specific.

We have a solution for you. Look into some quality writing services reviews and pick out the best company to help you out with your content. Whenever you get stuck, there is an affordable solution available. You should never allow time limitations ruin your successful content strategy.

3. Pay Attention to Timing

Knowing when to post is equally as important as knowing what to post, perhaps even more. Determine the time when your target audience is online, and try to post your content during this time.

To make sure that your audience has seen your posts, re-post them after some while has passed. However, limit the re-posting to two or three times. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm the audience with the same posts over and over again.

4. Engage in Interactions

Social media engagement includes interacting with your audience.
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How to Optimize Content to Skyrocket Your Authority on Google and Achieve a Featured Snippet
Umer Prince

How to Optimize Content to Skyrocket Your Authority on Google and Achieve a Featured Snippet

Acquiring a featured snippet on Google can drastically boost traffic to your website, since your site will rank higher than others for certain search terms.

A featured snippet increases the amount of screen real estate your listing has, giving it advantage against competitors.

However, obtaining a Google featured snippet is not easy and the chances of getting one are low, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

On the other hand, with the right guidance and advice receiving a featured snippet is achievable.
How to Optimize Content to Skyrocket Your Authority on Google and Achieve a Featured Snippet
Read this article to tilt the odds into your hands and obtain a Google featured snippet, which will make your competitors envy you.

What is a Google Featured Snippet?

First off you must know exactly what a Google featured snippet is, basically the content in a snippet is a summary of what you have on your website. The whole point of this is the reader should be able to answer their question without pressing the link to the website.

Furthermore, if the user would like to know some additional information they can click on the featured snippet and be guided to the source.

In fact it is estimated that 19% of all queries have a snippet attached.

Also, have in mind that snippet is a dynamic feature, meaning it will change as time goes on. You can lose the snippet you acquired just as fast as you obtained it, or a rival competitor can do a better job than you and steal it away.

Common Features Snippets

Not all snippets are like each other, some may be in a list form and others use tables. Take a look at these examples to get a better understanding:

Paragraph: the most common snippet is in the paragraph format and you can see this version of the snippet almost everywhere. What makes this snippet interesting is that it may contain a few keywords that are bolded, which makes it easier for the reader to identify the important points are.

Lists: the list format involves having a numbered system. This option could list a bunch of solutions to a problem a user is having. However, this method is used more often than not to provide a step by step guide to solve a problem.

In addition, list snippets are popular, because they provide quick and understandable information to a problem.

Below is the list snippet we received for one of the blog posts on's website which is a writing service.
Google features snippet example
Table: another option to use is the table snippet, which is great for showing information in an easy to understand manner.
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How IRCTC's Website Earning 28 Crores to Indian Government (28,35,59,63.98 Rupees Per Year)
Umer Prince

How IRCTC's Website Earning 28 Crores to Indian Government (28,35,59,63.98 Rupees Per Year)

First of all: IRCTC is not a private website nor a website of an individual in India.

IRCTC's website is a working for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited for giving the solution of next generation eTicketing.

Remember that you are here to find out how the heck "IRCTC's Website Earning 28 Crores to Indian Government" and what they are doing to get these digits in revenue per year.

Many people and maybe you (ofcourse) thinking about that this news is a fake one, but no there is no fakeness in this news and we have a proof to show you.
How IRCTC's Website Earning 28 Crores to Indian Government (28,35,59,63.98 Rupees Per Year)
However as a service to bloggers we are not able to provide any legal document but here are some details we got from a website. Well, that is true and here is the proof:
Earnings Proof of IRCTC website
Above is a proof of IRCTC's website's earnings of 28 crores, 35 lakhs, 59 thousand and 633 Rupees/-.

How IRCTC's Website Earning 28 Crores

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How Do I Find Readers and Get Traffic for My Blog in 2018?
Umer Prince

How Do I Find Readers and Get Traffic for My Blog in 2018?

Hey! Dear ABT readers.

On this page we will talk about how one can grow his/her blog's traffic in 2018?

I am back with an question asked many times to many pro bloggers and Websters by newbies at blogging.

Also I got this question in my Facebook inbox and Twitter too.

So! today I have decided to give the answer in public.

Here's the things and tips to follow for gaining traffic and readers to your blog.

Read carefully and follow my ways effectively.
How Do I Find Readers and Get Traffic for My Blog?
This is not just a copy paste article. It is my hard-work and your luck.

How Do I Find Readers and Get Traffic for My Blog?

I am giving you the always green tips on generating blog traffic on the go.

If you are fresh and want real tips than read below in any other case you can leave this article. No? Want to read? Start now.

1. Seize The Ideas

Doing/Trying new methods is good, but if you use proved and already adopted techniques then you can easily bring the results in no time.

You can also spy on  your competitors to know how they are getting too much traffic cakes. But here is the question "how we can spy on our competitors?"

Solved here. You can read how to spy on competitor and know their techniques. SpyFU is a greatest online tool for exploring the hidden facts about any website/blog.

Make use of this tool and search about top keywords of your competitor and then follow that keywords to create blog posts better than your competitor.

Use your own skills: Yes! By looking at past you can find a guru in you.

Just go back and search about how your old blog posts where getting traffic. What you had done to that articles.

By doing this you will found some methods, follow that methods and re-follow until you got success.

2. Live Like Living

Love making good relations online?

Like to be on all destinations online? It is a good sign, with this you can easily approach the goodies for your blog. To pursue traffic on blog posts.

For this step you have to create accounts on all major social and community platforms (including some micro-blogging services). And here's the list of that networks:
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Reddit
  6. WhatsApp groups
  7. Forums & Communities
  8. Ello
The guest posting is also a good thing in making relations with fellow bloggers to get more exposure.

If you can than try to guest post on your fellow bloggers.
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Hootsuite Competitors: 8 Alternatives to Consider in 2018
Umer Prince

Hootsuite Competitors: 8 Alternatives to Consider in 2018

You know?

Hootsuite is an industry leader at social media marketing software and social media dashboards era.

With an ease of all-in-one tool Hootsuite has the ability to give its users one platform for generating leads by using a totally different social media management tool on websites/blogs.

You know?

Only in six years the Vancouver-based social media company reached ten million users base as its greatest milestone of the business.
Hootsuite Competitors: 8 Alternatives to Consider in 2018
As many professionals are using this tool for doing well on their social media profiles.

As it is also a good tool, but what about you?

Are you agreed with others? Don't run behind others, find your own way and checkout other great tools too.

What we can do with these great social media tools?

  1. We can connect out social media profiles/pages like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others at one place
  2. After connecting we can schedule posts, reply to messages, see information about brand mentions and manage all of that accounts at one place
  3. We can choose any account option from free to Small business, Medium business and Large business to Enterprise or team as well for an unlimited access plan
Yes! You got me right. We can do wonders on our social media pages with below listed Hootsuite competitors and alternatives.

As I have researched and gained this information from around the internet. It is a 100% genuine and without referral links post. Trust me this is a unique and correct list for alternative and top competitors of Hootsuite app.

1. Send Social Media

 # 1 Social Media Management Dashboard

Account Pricing Plans: $39 to $199 for a full-month

Send Social Media is a good Hootsuite competitor to manage your social media profiles, SMS and Email account too. It is a great fit for these technologies and brings the results with brand monitoring to grow your business more.

With the option to schedule updates, engagement with your followers and sending bulk messages also at groups, it provides ability to do all this at once on 30+ social media network.

With great Short-Messaging-Service features, it becomes a useful tool send and receive SMS from around the world, as you can schedule the SMSs too. It is also a great fit for your email marketing needs. You can use its email templates for a good approach on email marketing campaigns.

Send Social Media Characteristics:

  • One can use all his social media profiles/pages with email marketing and SMS at one online too
  • Full-in-depth monitoring and analytics information from other social media networks like City Search etc

2. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck free and awesome

Account Pricing Plans: FREE

Are you a Twitter lover? Then Tweetdeck is your lover too. As it is a 100% free of cost  social media service providing you the great and useful tools for your Twitter needs.

You can use many Twitter accounts as it provides the option to use unlimited Twitter accounts. You can make it your own with its features like organizing activities, searches and lists.

Refining your researches is now easy with Tweet-deck filters and you can find what you want by using hashtags, topics and events categories.

Tweetdeck Characteristics:

  • Totally free and we can combine it with Buffer
  • Unlimited use of Twitter accounts
  • We can download the tool as a software
  • It comes with settings for pop-up and audio notifications

3. Buffer

 Buffer: A smarter way to share on social media

Account Pricing Plans: $0 to $250 for a full-month

The California's startup Buffer got fame in very short time. After some years of launch date the company/tool got two million active users and more than 2,500 where the famous brands and agencies like Fortune and Business Insider.

With a dedicated and working team around  multiple countries and also in many continents. You can ask any question and take advantage from even your last penny. The worldwide service is great to talk like a social media tycoon.

Buffer Characteristics:

  • You can schedule posts even on Pinterest account
  • They provide RSS feed integration on any paid plan
  • You can create a team on any paid plan

4. Sprinklr

Sprinklr: Social Experience Management

Account Pricing Plans: Custom plans pricing scheme

Sprinklr is a New York City based company providing social media experience management services.

This is a first social enterprise-public-company of NYC. As you can see many trusted and big brands such as Godaddy, Inter, Samsung 1K+ others are using this tool. You can request a demo and they have custom offers too.

Sprinklr Characteristics:

  • Targeting international customers? This tool provides multilingual services
  • Ability to work on Facebook apps, quizzes, web-apps and social ads tool with also polls option
  • You can monitor all your social channels from the time you start posting with in-depth analysis In-depth analysis

5. SocialOomph

 SocialOomph: Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity

Account Pricing Plans: $0 to $35 for a full-month

It stats its operations from Twitter-based solutions in 2009 and than increase the tool by adding other networks such as Plurk, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

Want to grow your social media productivity? The Canada's company SocialOopmh is a for now.
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