19 Killer Tips To Optimize Your Website For Search Engines
Umer Prince

19 Killer Tips To Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

Whiling to rank your blog at the highest spot in Google and other search engine result pages?

Looking for the effective methods and tips which you can easily apply and get it done?

We have all the answers to your all questions here in this article, so come and read it for your own success.
19 Killer Tips To Optimize Your Website For Search Engines
Ranking in the search engine is the most important thing for a webmaster and following are the 19 tips on how we can optimize our site.

Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking the best tip to optimize your site.

Just help your visitors to bookmark your article that will assist you in creating useful links regarding the search engines. You can utilize online tools available for this purpose.

DO not use tags everywhere:

Do not use tags with every keyword just use them for some keywords on each page.

Use them only once or twice.

Deep Linking:

If you have a lot of links that directly points towards your site and its pages than it is very helpful in optimizing the site.

When a search engine finds out that, a lot of websites are giving reference to links of your web pages, then it will automatically prefer you and give importance to your valuable content and show you above all other contents due to the uniqueness of contents on your site.


The article plays a major role in getting links and optimizing your site.
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101 Ways To Earn Money Online at Home
Umer Prince

101 Ways To Earn Money Online at Home

Have no money?

wondering how to make extra money with some easy ways?

or you are at home and finding ways on internet for earning money quickly and easily.

Here I have put together 101 ways for earning money at home with less work and efforts online.

It's totally researched article article and bringing you only working methods/tips for making money from home.

By following below ways you can start earning extra and fruity money in some days.

If you can hustle you can work and if you can work you can earn.
I am going to make some opportunities for you, so you can start your work from today.

Let's start!
Please note: There are tons of ways for making money at home, and some of them are listed below. Its up to you, choose one and start working on it with passion and hustle. I bet you will start earning handsome income in some days.

P1. Make money online at home with famous methods

The part one of this article is dedicated to online world's famous methods to earn money.

If you have a an internet connection and a computer then read below methods and start making money online at home.

1. Start a niche blog earn with ads

Niche blogging is:
Start a blog on your interest and signup for Google adsense >> generate more traffic and earn money with Adsense ads.

2. Earn money with YouTube

Go to YouTube.com add your own videos and share them on your social media profiles (funny videos do more) integrate your YT channel with Adsense and by showing ads on your videos you can earn money YouTubing.

3. Be a freelance writer online

Write articles for any topic buyer ask you and get paid by writing on any topic you like.

You can join a network like Fiverr.com for selling your writings.

4. Write articles for other websites

You can write articles directly for some websites or blogs to get some money.

Writing for webmasters is different, writing for websites and blogs directly can lead you to earn more money. Find some jobs here.

5. Create websites for clients

By creating some websites/blogs for other people you can earn money online. Ask them what they want and buy domain name with hosting charge fees for creating their dream websites.

Arrange some billboards at your official blog or social media cover-image areas, so people will ask you create their websites.

6. Sell domains online

You can register domains and then sell online using social media handles or your blog. Always buy top level and awesome domains, so you can sell them easily.

You can wait for right time "don't sell quickly have patience".

7. Do a translation job

You can speak more than one language? then probably you can write in that language. Try to translate documents and get paid for this job.

Believe me it can pay you.  

Don't translate docs with online tools, do it yourself.

8. Create some themes/templates

If you can, then create some WordPress themes or Blogger templates and sell them online using any marketplace or your official blog. This job works great.

9. Create some podcasts

Well you can sell podcasts on iTunes.

I recommend you to upload audio+video podcasts on your personal blog and talk about what you know. Make money from ads.

10. Write a E-book

Write a eBook on any topic you can write frequently and bring the book in Amazon store.

Set price and share the link on your social media profiles and personal blog (if you have one).

11. Create infographics

Creating infographics is easy now. There are many tools available for free on internet to create next viral infographic of your choice.

Choose a topic and find information on Google. Add that information in graphs and arrange them to create quality infographic.

12. Create logos and icons

The startup needs this instant and may pay you too much.

Launch this service on your personal blog or create a gig on Fiverr.com download free PSDs and edit to create next level of new logos and icons.

13. Start consulting online

Be a professional in one field and and start consulting new people in that business.

You can charge $$ on hourly basis. You can also set Skype session for $$ and you only have to give advises.
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10 Content Writing Mistakes Every Blogger Should Avoid
Umer Prince

10 Content Writing Mistakes Every Blogger Should Avoid

Content writer? or a freelance writer? maybe a blogger who have to write frequently on a daily basis at his blog?

Even you are a student or blogger, you have to write many copies for getting good marks or good traffic from search engines and reputation for your personality in readers mind.

If you are hustling, struggling and doing hard-work for creating out-standing content for your blog and publish articles after a lot of work - what happens? no-one read that?


It happens to many pro and newbie bloggers (many times to me) and I decided to not to give-up and got success.
Yeah! I got the way how we can write awesome blog posts in no time and how we can get our article get-noticed by readers, without struggling and working hard but smart.

Wait, wait!!

I know you are willing to know about real mistakes of writing content for your next blog post, as you avoid that mistakes you'll be a professional writer.

10 Writing mistakes in a nutshell:

  1. You think that you have to write daily
  2. You choose to write on a topic without researching
  3. You believe that only lengthy posts works
  4. You starts thinking that your idea for your next article sucks
  5. You write out-standing titles not out-standing content
  6. You started thinking that you're the only master at your blog
  7. You think that you can inspire readers by your jokes
  8. You have many excuses on not to write
  9. You started to believe that you are only a writer at your blog
  10. You forget to write final words in the end of articles
I know very well,

Its not enough, let's be with me and scroll down to read all above headings in details to know how you can avoid performing these mistakes.

As no-one can stop his mistakes while writing quickly.

Therefore I am here to tell you the truth behind success of other pro bloggers you may know doing very well in blogging industry.

Let's read more details and guidance by scrolling below.
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How to Freelance Your Digital Marketing Expertise
Umer Prince

How to Freelance Your Digital Marketing Expertise

Freelancing is the dream.

You get to make your own hours, work from wherever you like and decide who you want to work with.

You’ll never have to commute again, can work without any pants on and decide if a project is really for you.

Now that’s a pretty sweet place to be.

At the same time, it comes with its own drawbacks.
How to Freelance Your Digital Marketing Expertise
There is no guaranteed paycheck, no IT department if your computer breaks down and no sick leave when you do. So how do you pull it off? How do you freelance your digital marketing expertise?

Don’t quit your day job

The first step is not to rush into things. If you’ve still got your job, then don’t just quit immediately. Instead, keep working at it and wait with taking your freelancing full time. You see, freelancing requires a lot more prep work than people realize.

To name but a few examples:
  • You’ve got to have clients
  • You need a financial buffer
  • You have to learn how to sell yourself
  • You have to establish your presence (possibly by working for peanuts)
The best place to do all of this is while you’re still on somebody else’s payroll. Yes, you might be itching to go, but then you’ll have to do all that setting up, learning and experimenting on your own dime.
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Top 9 Reasons to Use WordPress
Umer Prince

Top 9 Reasons to Use WordPress

No one likes being accused of hopping onto a bandwagon, but if you notice that there is something everyone’s doing, it might be that they do it for a reason.

There is an interesting piece of statistic, which claims that 27 percent of all Internet content is managed with WordPress (WP), which is more than any other CMS (content management system) out there.

Now, numbers don’t lie and such an astounding figure simply can’t just accidentally occur.
Top 9 Reasons to Use WordPress
With this in mind and without further ado, here are top nine reasons why WP is so popular and why you should consider using it.

1. Open Source

First things first, a lot of small businesses and individual users operate on a tight budget. This means that a chance to save every penny possible is always a good idea. Seeing how this program is open source, it will not cost you a dime.
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