What to do with the old articles in your blog?

What to do with the old articles in your blog?

Whether you are a professional, experienced blogger or a newbie in the area of writing articles on the Internet, the question of what should you do with your old articles will always be up-to-date.

This issue is crucial because the old articles are not only those that have been posted a year ago but also the one you posted last week.

This is a total waste of time, hard work and of the information you've shared. The content of your marketing plan must still bring the traffic.

Appreciate the hours spent on this issue as your time is precious!

For example, today your blog became more popular and gained more readers than a year ago.

It means that now you have the possibility to bring old pages back to life and to share them with your expanded auditory.
What to do with the old articles in your blog?
After several experiments with old publications that were made by some of the huge marketing blogs, we have the following interesting results:
  • The organic traffic of your blog will grow to 10% in case if you take away the date of the publication.
  • You can grow the organic traffic for 66% on the average during next month only by updating the date of the post.
  • When you actualize and promote your old posts as the new posts, the monthly rate of organic traffic of your blog may grow to 106%
Do you see the difference?

Knowledge of different useful tips may help you to promote your previous content in the future.

Using social networks

The first simple method that comes to mind is to re-post your old articles to social networks. It is always germane as the social networks are constantly changing and developing.

It is also very suitable to add appealing comment depending on a theme: depending on a theme, you may connect it with some events in your today life or memories.

Make it personal, add some emotional colors to it, be active in comments and the result won’t be slow in coming – you’ll receive more traffic to your website.

Maybe you created your website in times when we didn't use Twitter and Facebook as a powerful tool of promotion. Now you can take an advantage from using them to get new traffic to your pages.

Of course, it is useful only if the information in the article remains actual.

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Common Mistakes That Can Potentially Ruin Your Email Marketing Campaign

Common Mistakes That Can Potentially Ruin Your Email Marketing Campaign

Although email marketing is a potent mode of digital marketing, people still make mistakes that can damage campaigns and fail email marketing strategies.

The following article shows the most common mistakes that people make in their email marketing and what you can do to rectify them.

Email marketing campaign is a way in which you can communicate with your existing and potential customers alike and tell them about your new products or in case your business is new to them, then make your product known.

You can use emails that are time-based because if you sent it at a time when most people are not going to check it, then you lose the chance to get the kind of response that you desire.
Common Mistakes That Can Potentially Ruin Your Email Marketing Campaign

So it is important to have a plan and use an automated system to send timely and regular emails to increase the prospect of your future business.

1. Incorrect Decisions regarding A/B Testing

Although A/B tests are popular, inaccurate testing can lead to errors and hurt your campaign. The following errors like:
  • Small sample size: You need to select an optimum number of opened emails to carry out your test on so that it is significant for statistical relevance. Select a sample size that is practical, see the average rates for opened emails and choose a sample based on that. Do not select too high or too low. Double check the number by conducting new tests.
  • Some variables: Normalize the environment for the testing and reduce external variables as much as you can. It might be tempting to use more variables as you might feel it will help optimize your results but too many variables can complicate findings and mislead you into believing inaccurate results.

2. Hygiene of your Email List

You have to maintain your email list as much as you can, clean and update your database always. Emails are added to your database through the process of opt-in, single or double opt-in.

Most people choose the single opt-in as it ensures faster subscription, but it risks getting incorrect email addresses, more emails will be thus bounced back, and actual engagement with readers will be less. Hence you need to clean your database regularly and maintain a healthy list.

You can use campaigns to manage soft bounces to erase email addresses which have continuously soft bounced; hard bounces will be fixed by your automation system for marketing.

Thus you can ensure that your emails are being delivered to actual email addresses and hence, have more emails opened. You should erase role accounts with addresses like support@, help@, etc. You should try to re-engage with email accounts that haven't responded or opened your emails for a few months to know if they are still interested, allow them to unsubscribe if they aren't.

3. Vague Subject Lines

Keep your subject lines short, simple and clear as they will ensure you get more clicks. Do not use click baits. Try to be clear over smart when it comes to the subject line. AWeber communications show clear subject lines generate over 500% more clicks than clever ones.
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How To Generate 302,703 Unique Blog Visitors Per Month

How To Generate 302,703 Unique Blog Visitors Per Month


You have created a website/blog and now you are thinking that you will start earning money through a free blog?

Even if you have made some investments like spending money on registering a top level domain (.com or .net) and of-course on hosting.

Some also pays for installing WordPress and designing the blog with a paid theme which is will be a cost of minimum "$50".

Yeah, minimum $50 and after this investment nobody is sure with the idea of making some money out of the blog as they don't know how to drive traffic.

As far as you don't have any traffic on your blog you are not going to earn a single penny with ad sales, affiliate networks or whatever you uses to monetize the blog.

Surprisingly, without high traffic on blog nobody can earn money using any of the platform.

Every single person makes his/her blog and thinks that now the days of making money out of the internet are coming to its way but ended up working hard and getting nothing in return.

It all happens because of less traffic, but wait! Here I am going to share with you top and greatest ways to get huge traffic on your blog which I have been using for my blogs and getting money+traffic and enjoying it.
How To Generate 302,703 Unique Blog Visitors Per Month
The term "302,703 Unique Blog Visitors" is not fake and I am getting these views on one of my niche blog. That is why I am going to show you the blueprints of what I was doing to hit these numbers.

Let's find it out:

1. Create Out Standing Content (complete the blog)

First and foremost thing in getting tons of traffic on your blog whether it is a new one or years old, you have to complete it up and publish some quality articles having great content.

Following your blog's topic, you should write at-least 20 articles (base article) we also call them pillar articles with having sufficient content in them and publish one by one in 10 to 15 days.

After you are done with publishing 20+ articles don't dare to share with your friends and others on social media or anywhere else.

Just think about what people will do with your blog when they are visiting it and there is no content but only ads and some garbage type of text here and there?

Keywords can do wonders:
Keywords Comparison of Top Websites in the World
Keywords chart via: GinzaMetrics.com

You should bring some quality and create some content which is interesting in niche of your blog and for which people search on internet or it should be new idea (topic) which is helpful for the readers.

I know to create out standing content you have to write on most searched topic or create some new, and this is a hard to do thing.

For that purpose you can follow below simple steps:
  1. Go to Google.com
  2. For example type "how to drive", "what is fidget spinner" and lines which comes in your mind
  3. This will be a starting stage so following your blog's niche find related articles
For example of your blog's niche is "Forex Trading" than you can search for the topics like "top 10 forex trading platforms" and "how to trade in forex".

There are tools for keywords and topic research and I had published some articles on this topic too which you can read here and here.

2. Use Social Media Networks

Wait for 10 more days and submit the blog to Google webmaster tools (Console) and submit the sitemap too.

Don't forget other search engines like Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Bing to submit your blog there.

Its all done, now the game to start getting initial traffic on your blog which should be real users/readers (humans) we have to use the social media networks.

A couple of websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can do wonders for getting social media signals and traffic to your blog.
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How to Earn with YouTube - Beginner’s Guide

How to Earn with YouTube - Beginner’s Guide

I know getting thousands of views on your YouTube Videos is Hard!

Because you are not the only one who is teaching someone how to cook, travel, do magic or whatever you are uploading.

You may already know that having the more Subscribers means that you can attract the more views easily at your newest uploaded videos.

So, it clearly means when you are starting with zero Subscribers then there are very fewer chances to get the thousands of views in no time.

But you can still manage to attract the decent amount of views and Subscribers with a strategy, that’s what I am going to cover in this post step by step.
Here’s How to Earn with YouTube (Beginner’s Guide)
Without any further reading let’s get to our steps:

1. Select an Interesting and Deep Topic:

This is the first and most important step when you are ready to start your channel.

Most of the people do this mistake to select the mix content niche for their videos, In other words, they want to upload the video on every topic which is a very bad idea.

Here’s why:

If you are uploading the multi-topics content then you might get the thousands of views but nobody is going to Subscribe to your channel because people only subscribe to the topic focused channels.

You might also be noticed that when you finished watching a video on a specific topic and other videos of that channel are not on the same topic you are not going to do subscribe to that channel.

On the other side, if you watched a video related to “Motivation” and that channel is totally focused on this topic then your chances of subscribing to that channel are high…

It’s also very easy to manage the new content ideas when you are stuck with one topic and after some time you are going to get the authority on that topic.

So, it’s the first step and when you are selecting the niche for your channel make sure that the topic is interesting and deep because you are going to make the videos on that topic for a long time.

I suggest you select the topic which interests you more so you will never get bored while recording videos about that specific topic.

Now you have the better idea how to select your channel niche, let’s head to our second step…

2. Make and Upload the Original Content:

When it comes to earning through YouTube most of the people try to copy the complete videos of other channels or make the copyrighted content like matches, news, shows which are recorded from the TV and the list goes on.

Believe me, the policies of YouTube are now very strict and still, if someone is making money with these kinds of videos then they are going to be caught very soon.

Make it clear that if you want’s to earn in a legit way and also wants to make it a long term business with a lot of subscribers then you have to upload the original content.

But what original content I am talking about?

The very simple definition of our original and authority content is that you are recording your own videos with best Vlogging Camera instead of copying from other channels and sources, like your personal guides to the people…

Most of the people think that making the original content with their voice/face will never attract thousands of views because of those big and authority channels…

But it’s actually not.

You just have to add so much authority in your videos with unique style and getting personal no matter what you are teaching or discussing.

In this way, you can make the original content according to Youtube policies and don’t hesitate to say your viewers for the subscription in a unique way, which is most of the Vloggers are doing.

3. Make the Catchy Title and Description:

According to many studies, it is clear that 90% of the people just read your content titles online no whether it’s a blog post or a video.

So if you don’t know how to craft catchy headlines then you are not going to make a big impact online.

Let me give you an example:

Suppose you are searching for best way of making nuggets on Youtube and there are 2 results titled
  1. Making nuggets: Complete Method
  2. Here’s how to make tasty Nuggets in 30 minutes
If you are like the most of the people you will select the second one due to its title that’s how this helps in getting more views from the search and from related videos bar as well.

So, when you are going to craft the title for your video next time make sure that it's catchy enough that everyone wants to click on it.

I normally write 8-10 titles for every content and then just select one of them which is more appealing.

The best thing about catchy titles is if you are attracting the viewers with your title and then delivering the content which is promised in the headline then you are going to get some amazing response.

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Technological Innovations That Changed The World

Technological Innovations That Changed The World

Technology has always played a crucial role in maintaining mankind’s grip on the world as the most superior species.

The rapid advancement has led to solutions in the field of medicine, transportation, science and most of all lifestyle.

The human way of living has drastically changed since the introduction of personal computers. Life has become more and more mainstream and fast and has changed the values and expectations of a society.

In this article we will discuss some of the technologies that have played a vital role in changing the dynamics of human living, and are responsible for many of the new trends now present in the world today.
Technological Innovations That Changed The World
Let’s discuss some of the technological innovations which have played a part in enhancing our daily lives,


The size of computers massively decreased in the 1980’s with the introduction of personal computers for household use and entertainment. The personal computer has evolved from a basic single screen to a multi-tasking powerhouse.

The human lifestyle has evolved around the growth of this important innovation. This ease of access to these computational devices has made researching long and tiresome topics easier for both student and the researcher.

Digital media

We have seen our music and entertainment content being shifted from large discs to tiny USB and the cloud. This has made it easier for people to store and share high size video content through different mediums such as, Floppy, CD, USB and SD Cards etc.

The evolution of digital media itself has played a vital role in streamlining the business and education environment globally. Now it is possible to store and preserve audio and video content without having to worry about loss in quality or size.

The size of the content stored itself has multiplied more than a 1000 times as compared to old storages; allow more content to be stored in smaller devices.

The Internet

One of the biggest contributors of change in the world is the introduction of the internet. Not only has research work been made openly available, but now the world has become more connected with each other thanks to the introduction of social networking.
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How To Increase Facebook Likes from 0 to 5K - Secret Explained

How To Increase Facebook Likes from 0 to 5K - Secret Explained

The main purpose for professional bloggers and marketer to use Facebook (social network) is they want their pages to have much more likes and let people find them with a Facebook page having a lot of likes so every person who visits the page will like it.

Following the rule that:  Money makes Money!

We can say that when we have got sufficient likes on Facebook page about 4 to 5k we can than assume that people will like our pages without further hard work.

However people nowadays more likely to ignore liking Facebook pages and they hate when they see something irrelevant to their interests.

This is where the logic should be applied to have a better strategy for getting Facebook likes and making your page standout from 0 to 5K likes in some time or weeks.

To explain the secret I am using for many of my clients and my niche websites, here I am going to reveal it on this page by answering your question: How to increase Facebook likes from 0 to 5K in some time or weeks and some can do it in days.
How To Increase Facebook Likes from 0 to 5K - Secret Explained
So without any other interruption in telling you the secret read the top 3 ways to increase Facebook page likes fast:

1. Follow A Basic Strategy (good)

First of all from top 3 ways to increase Facebook page likes here I am going to tell you about the basic but really effective method which can lead you to get more and more likes in some days of the work and without any investment of your money.

Just follow below steps:
  1. Go to Facebook https://facebook.com/pages/create/
  2. And type page name and follow the instruction provide by Facebook
  3. Upload a profile picture for the page
  4. Add description and if required create a username
Publish the page and after that upload a Facebook cover photo.

I know these are the basic steps in creating a Facebook page and you are here to increase the likes.


Let me show you some realistic and basic ways to increase Facebook page likes which will not fake likes and anything else.

To increase likes make sure you are talking about a real issue or trendy topic or you have a great website which is visited by a number of people like 1K to 2K visits/pageviews a day.
  • First of all put a Facebook like box on sidebar of your website/blog
  • Invite your Facebook friends to like your page and ask your parents to like it too (it helps)
  • Create a new blog post/article and mention your Facebook page there 
Well having a website with 2K pageviews can get your page to gain likes, but what about when you don't have a website?

If you don't have a website than you can follow below steps.

2. Create Fake Profiles (bad)

  • Almost every person having a real profile on Facebook have created a Fake profile too.
This is true and I got this statement for you by reading out many articles and asking my friends to tell me about their fake profiles and all of them said they've some fake profiles too.

Whatever still this is a bad method to gain more Facebook page likes and also many of the Facebook users are not aware of how they can get likes on their real pages at Facebook by creating a fake profile as profiles are made for adding friends and they are limited to 5K names only.


How to get Real people to like your Facbook page by creating a Fake profile?
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