5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Make More Money in Less Time
Umer Prince

5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Make More Money in Less Time

They say success lies in experience, and wisdom lies in the mistakes you’ve made in the past.

For new entrepreneurs who are fresh rookies to the world of business and weighing pros and cons, it may be hard to get accustomed to it.

If you don’t already idealize someone in the business world who has seen failures, downfall and eventually success, fear not.

We’re here to tell you all the things that really matter when it comes to earning more in less time, especially for those who are new to this.

The most important thing is to be tech savvy in today’s world: if your business is not at the top of its game on the internet and all over social media (as most of the literate human population feeds off the internet, and now makes purchases off the internet) the inevitability of success loses its strength, and your business is bound to take a hit, considering the saturation in today’s market, and the competitiveness we all witness, no matter what the nature of your business.
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Get the best internet plans for your business to go digital, that won’t pose hindrances in your heavy internet usage required to stay ahead of competition, and make sure your official website, and social media pages are regularly managed and active – which needs 24/7 high speed connectivity with the digital world.

Getting this first essential out of the way, let’s get down to points that are bound to help new entrepreneurs earn more, and witness success sooner than they imagined.

1. Pen down your vision – Make a plan

Having a vision is as good as dreaming of Narnia – well, almost.

Unless you bring it down on paper, and add the discipline it needs to bring your dreams to reality, and to sell it to others, become famous and successful.

To start and run a steady business, you must make a realistic business plan which will have a proper timeline, resource allocation, funds if required and finances needed, the product descriptions and representations, and your business idea, how to make it unique and different from others.

Do this, and ask someone who’s an expert. Great, now you’re one step closer to success

2. Work Smart

Working night and day with do nothing for you if you’re not thinking smart – except maybe tire you out, which is never a good thing.

Think of the positive shortcuts which will help you achieve your purpose faster, and instead of spending hours doing something, just use the latest technological means to do so in less than half that time; given that it achieves the same result for example, using the best internet plans to market and research, as opposed to all other means of doing so.

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The ABC's Of Blogging - 26 Weird Tips To Inspire You!
Umer Prince

The ABC's Of Blogging - 26 Weird Tips To Inspire You!

Again: I am giving you an exclusive blog post to read.

It is on the basics of blogging and categorized using ABC's method.

You know before reading a English book you have to read ABC and mind it first.

This is what we have to learn before starting a blog.
Learn The ABC's Of Blogging - 26 Weird Tips To Inspire You!
Are you ready to learn ABC's of blogging?

Love to start blogging from scratch?.

Then! Here is a table of A to Z tips to do blogging easily and professionally.

💡Tip: Bookmark this blog post for reading it again ;)

A for: A+ Grade

A+ grade is important now. In blogging industry we have to compete with many professionals. Quality is what makes your blog A+ Grade.

If your blog have gigantic quality, than you can easily got this point. Create about us and privacy pages too.

B for: Best In All Ways

Best can work best for you. People want best content on internet.

If you can provide them best, than you will get best in return. Make sure you have fresh and quality content on your blog. Design your blog professionally with responsive looks.

C for: Colossal Words

Colossal words makes good impression on readers. Always write like professional and business bloggers. Don't use article spinners for this work. Learn English language and then try to add colossal words in your blog posts.

D for: Do Dare

Do dare with your readers for creating unique content.

Ask them questions at end of your blog posts. Tell them that you will write on their suggested topics. Do reply to all comments on your blog and try to talk like a human :)

E for: Exclusively Exploit

Exclusively exploit new things in your industry.

Publish news articles on latest happenings in your industry. People will share them and you will get good traffic too.

F for: Free Gifts

Fascinate your blog with freemium content.

People love free tools and other things. Make sure you are not giving garbage for free. Buy products and create giveaways for them. It will increase your subscribing list too.

G for: Grow with Guarantee

Giving guarantee for an tip or product to your readers makes sense. Try to give guarantee on your advices and product reviews.

NOTE: Don't give guarantee on all items. If you are 100% sure then make a statement other vice not needed.

H for: Helpful Articles

Helpful articles can give a boost to your traffic.

You can gain trust of your readers and they will subscribe to your RSS.

Write How-To articles and make guides on your industry related issues. For example: If you are a health blogger than you can make tutorials on fitness and yoga.

I for: Improvement in Blogging

Important improvements can be good fact for your success in blogging world.

Try to add more functionality in your blog. Add latest and fruitful plugins, create a eye-catchy header, use sidebar of your blog for advertising and best posts links. If you have a search box on your blog then it's great.

J for: Just Post It!

Jerk and jolt the with web with searching and researching.

Before writing about any topic make sure you have enough information about that. If you don't then try to search on web using different tools. Use list.ly and reddit for viral content.

K for: Kock-out New Content

Knock the door of news websites and get new topics to blog on.

You have to kock-out fresh content on your blog. People love to read about new things. You can write on startups and other viral content. Try to publish a news first then others.

L for: Luxury lines

Lines and luxury?. It means try to add some great to read lines in your blog posts.

For example: A car insurance company will give you a brand new car on your crash. This line is really a luxury line for new car buyers. Hope you got my point.

M for: Mainstream Articles

Magic on your readers with mainstream articles.

Mainstream articles don't need to update. As this article you are reading doesn't need to get an update.

Add a top posts widget in sidebar of your blog. So! People can easily navigate to your mainstream articles. You can add a slider with your great article's link in it.

N for: Noting The Issues

Note issues with new startups and post on your blog.

Give notice to your readers about something new or weird ready to happen on your blog. Write at-least one line starting with NOTE word.

O for: Outstanding Offers

Offer something great as a gift to your readers.

If you have a outstanding thing to giveaway then it will increase your authority in people's minds. If you can't give something really, try to consult newbies for free. This will work 100%.

P for: Power Your Perspective

Professionally give tips on any topic you can write on.

For example: If you are a business blogger then try to stand out as a business person not as a artist.

Q for: Quality Matters

Quickness and quality content will lead you to the best in your niche.

Publish only quality blog posts not bullshits. You know why Google is the #1 in search engine world?. Probably yes! It has those qualities which are needed to have in a search engine.

R for: Rewarding!

Reward your loyal readers. Add a page and write about your rewards.

Start a game with your readers. Tell them, if a reader leaves precious comments for a month.

(more then others in quantity). Then he/she will get a XXX. If he/she submit a guest post that goes viral. He/She will get permanent backlink from your blog etc.

S for: Simplistic Skills

Start making tutorials on simplistic and worthy skills.

Write about how people can do less and earn more online.

Simple guides are easy to write for you and best for your readers. You just have to audit/review about that skills before posting them to your blog.

T for: The Terrific Ways

Teach your readers about terrific ways of doing something.

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Ways to Find Epic Blog Writers for Your Site
Lori Wade

Ways to Find Epic Blog Writers for Your Site

Any blog requires a lot of time and effort spent on it to become popular.

However, when a blog becomes popular, this doesn’t mean that you need to work less on it: on the contrary, that’s when a real job begins.

You need to meet the expectations of your audience, offering them interesting and unique content.

You also need to keep in touch with your readers both in the comments to your posts and on social media.

Moreover, at the same time you need to write good emails and provide your email subscribers with some kind of an exclusive content.

And don’t forget about guest posts: if you want the readers to keep coming to your blog, you have to write a lot of them.
Ways to Find Epic Blog Writers for Your Site
All these tasks require a lot of time, and even if your blog turns into your main source of income, the amount of work can still be overwhelming. That is why some bloggers decide to turn to blog writers for help.

A good writer can handle part of your tasks (or even all of them if you want), creating high-quality content of different kinds. They have both leader’s skills and talent and can make your blog even more popular. However, just as with many other professionals, a good blog writer is hard to find (especially if you don’t have any experience with it). That’s why I’m here to help you, offering 5 best ways to find the most epic writers for your blog.

1. Invite guest bloggers

If your blog is already quite popular, you can offer guest post option for other bloggers. Such option benefits both sides: guest bloggers get an opportunity to promote their own blogs and to attract new readers, while you receive interesting well-written content. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop writing your own posts, of course, but your readers will have something else to read your updates.

The important thing here is to write correct guest post guidelines: otherwise, you might find yourself in a situation when you have to spend hours reading and re-reading others’ posts, making edits, and so on. Be sure that you mention everything that is important to you: the number and size of images (if they are allowed), whether you allow backlinks or not, what kind of content you accept, etc. This will simplify your work greatly. However, do not forget that you’ll still have to spend some time approving guest posts and answering emails from bloggers who have some questions and offers.

Ways to Find Epic Blog Writers for Your Site

2. Find freelance blog writers.

If you have a certain list of requirements and a certain budget, you can try looking for blog writers on various freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. You can even hire a few writers if you want the content to be more varied. What’s even more important is that you should be able to specify the budget along with the requirements when you post a job offer. This can quicken and simplify the whole hiring process greatly as only the writers who agree to what you can offer will reply to your job offer.

3. Look for a blog writer among your readers.

It’s good to hire someone who not only has leader’s skills and a talent but also admires what you do. This way it would be easier for a writer to adapt to your writing style. Moreover, when a person likes what you do and understands your niche, they can come up with new topics for a blog easier as well as suggest new bright ideas too.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to choose the first writer who agrees to create content for you. Make a contest or assign them a test task: this will help you to assess their skills and abilities better. Don’t rush with your choice: after all, this person will be working for you for a while.

4. Think about inviting the niche experts.

While this sounds challenging, it’s actually quite possible: you only have to be persuasive enough. If you manage to persuade a niche expert, you’ll receive high-quality content and will be able to build a useful connection too. However, it’s important not to sound too pushy.

That’s why think well before you make your offer. Try to come up with some arguments about why they should write for your blog, how it would benefit them, and so on. Remember that you are more interested in their services than they are in yours and so try to do your best!

Ways to Find Epic Blog Writers for Your Site

5. Look for writers on social media.

If you already have well-promoted social media accounts, you can use them to find a perfect blog writer who works in your niche or is interested in it. Post a detailed job offer (which has to be just as detailed as the one for freelance website) and encourage your audience to share it. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to quickly find a writer who likes your blog and can create interesting content for you.
Don’t forget about LinkedIn too: it’s probably the best and the biggest social media for professionals of a different kind. There you can find not only people looking for a job but also the ones who are currently working but are open for proposals. That’s why it’s more convenient than Facebook or Twitter, where a writer’s reply could be seen by others.

And don’t forget: if you want to find the best writer, you have to make the best offer. Make your proposal clear and detailed, prepare a test task beforehand and be ready to spend some time on interviewing your potential candidates, looking through their portfolios, and checking their test articles. Maybe it won’t be easy but it’s a good thing: the more offers you receive, the higher are your chances to find a perfect writer for your blog.

I hope that these tips will help and I wish you good luck with finding the right candidate!
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Top Paying Referral Programs for Bloggers in 2017
Umer Prince

Top Paying Referral Programs for Bloggers in 2017

Hey! Welcome to 2017

Are you a blogger and willing to make money through affiliate marketing and selling products to your audience with custom offers or selected products?

Have faith? and start using some great to use affiliate networks so you can make this job easier in no time.

As you know I am a blogger too and blogging for years, now I found that earning money from doing affiliate marketing is still a best way.
Top Paying Referral Programs for Bloggers in 2017
That's why I am here to provide you a list of best and high paying affiliate networks, so you can start earning money through your blog.

Don't know what is affiliate marketing is? read here:
In affiliate marketing you have to choose a perfect product in your niche and register to its refer and earn program. In which you can start selling other's products and get your commissions.

Now read about top 10 highest paying affiliate networks and start earning money without investments and other things you pay for.

7 best Affiliate/Referral networks for Bloggers

Here's the list of 10 awesome and great affiliate networks for bloggers and online marketers.

Whatever! You can earn money by using some of these programs even without a blog, still we can say these platforms are the best platforms for bloggers.

Because they have all the possibility and tools which can be a need for bloggers to make money online. If you are a blogger you should bookmark this article for later read.

Now skip to the main content (below) and read what I have researched for you.
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SEO is Nothing - It's Just a Starting point for Newbies
Umer Prince

SEO is Nothing - It's Just a Starting point for Newbies

Boom Boom SEO!

This is the line you (maybe your SEO boy) say after getting a high spot at serps. I don't.

Because I have the case studies on this matter.

I got many of mine blog posts on first page of Google Search just by content quality.

You know why I don't say Boom Boom SEO? Probably no!
SEO is Nothing - It's Just a Starting point for a Newbie blogger

I am not saying that SEO is dead or other crap words.

I said SEO is just a starting point for a newbie blogger. Don't take it very serious.

Wait and read this article, I will describe it to you.

SEO is basically nothing to cry about. If you do things professionally, you don't need to pay any SEO company. Let's learn how!
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