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{ viewAllText: "View all", dateFormat: "{m} {d}, {y}", months: { jan: "January", feb: "February", mar: "March", apr: "April", may: "May", jun: "June", jul: "July", aug: "August", sep: "September", oct: "October", nov: "November", dec: "December" } }

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How to choose the right offshore web development company

Choosing the right offshore web development company can be a critical decision for your business, impacting your project's success, bud...

Telemedicine Business Models: Exploring Three Different Approaches

Entrepreneurs can profit from their investment in telemedicine through a variety of business models. Every model is different in terms of fe...

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Serhiy Tokarev: Participation, Mentorship, and Engagement in the First STEM Ecosystem in Ukraine

Science and technology have become more available for young girls due to the education project STEM is FEM. Since its launch more than 500 g...

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