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Hey there, I am Umer Idrisi founder/owner of this (All Blog Things) blog.

As you know well, blogging is becoming an internet war and nowadays there is very tough competition in the blogosphere as everybody is now becoming a blogger and updating people with lots of information (fake or real).

We are here to distinguish between what's important and what's not.

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Our aim is to update our readers what much need information including facts, highly researched content and modern approach to guide and educated the readers without letting them get bored.

Started as a blog, we become a tech magazine focusing on business and more than what happens in the life. We are all rounders now.

I am also a blogger (entrepreneur and professional digital marketer) and love to write on blogging topics. Therefore I started this blog back in "Date: 2014-02-02" and got very good results.

Our Aspiration: With help of our readers, our aspiration is to be the best information resource & an online magazine for Startups, Tech Savvies, Small Businesses, and Entrepreneurs of every industry around the globe. We are publishing content to help everyone out there start a business or spend the day well. Stay with us!

Information: With a large audience of over 60,000+ monthly impressions we are focusing largely on all topics related to Tech, Business, Marketing, Education, Lifestyle, AI, Blockchain, B2B, Blogging Tips, SEO, Tools, Domains, Web Hosting, Social Media, Content Marketing, and much more like Health, Travel, and Food.

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Address: Headquarters in 44 Vernon St, Wrexham, LL11 2LN, UK

However, we were busy with some other projects, and now again we are on edge to hit the peaks of the rankings at Google and hit the gas pedal for huge traffic and growing every day.

We are experiencing the change and are able to say that we are now becoming the #1 source of information for so many bloggers and digital marketers worldwide.

Interested to read more about our team a members? check this Our Team page!

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