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Hello dear client!

If you feel to contact us for help and business queries then please ask us via the options available right below, we are available for answering your questions 24/7/365 so there's no chance that we will not reply to you.

We also welcome our clients and small business owners with big players to send us their proposals for advertising and sponsored articles with paid quick mentions of links (backlinks) and their customized offers are also entertained here. It's like we want more and more clients not just more and more money.

We are flexible to accept new offers and add a new type of sponsorship way into digital marketing. You can ask any type of questions and we will answer you ASAP.

We accept every type of sponsorship offers like:
  • Product Reviews
  • Promotional Blog Post
  • Promotional Video or Infographic
  • Linking opportunities
  • Product mentions in Different blog posts
With custom offers like a link in the footer or the main menu and publishing reviews without the sponsored post tag. So it means you can ask us for any type of sponsorship, we welcome you in every way.
We are now Google News Approved.
Please Note: "don't try to trick us" and keep in mind that "sponsored article and sponsored product review are two different things" and be great by sending us your offers, rather than asking for the price.

*We are accepting permanent contextual ads.

You can contact us using our official email address (for a quick response):
We are on board to answer your queries every hour of every day and we reply to each and every email sent to the above email address.

Note: Our main office is in Islamabad, Pakistan and another office is in London UK.

- feel free to send us your query
 - we charge a fee for every sponsored article
 - don't spam
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