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The Chief Editor (Umer Idrisi) and our team of authors are always ready to provide our readers with great and helpful content. We work with users' minds and provide high-quality, compelling, engaging, informative, and pure content so that our readers stay informed and do better with their businesses and lives.

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If you are interested in working with us to publish quality content and let our readers understand more, get more help, and get better insights than what we are already publishing, you can contribute and become a sponsor to make us do better for tech and business in the community.

We are here to publish paid blog posts on Business and Technology with other topics like Lifestyle, Health, Blogging, Making Money, SEO, Content writing, Digital Marketing, How to's, Home Decor/Improvement, Gaming, Fashion, Career, Apps, Education, eCommerce, Finance, Law and Order, Insurance/Loans, Social Media, and guide newbies in many ways from a-to-z and also entertain them with top lists and social media updates and now some relative News Updates too as we are not Google News approved so we can also accept sponsored content and other advertising offers like paid product reviews and advertising deals from many niches and industries.

What do we offer?

Simply the sponsorship in four different ways on our premium website (a magazine for entrepreneurs):

  • Banner Ads
  • Press Release (PR) and promotional content/story
  • Case Studies, Statistics, and Reports
  • Branded Content and Promotions
  • Product Review (written by you or our team)
  • Infographics

As we promise, we'll publish your branded and paid submissions on the homepage of our magazine/website, get it indexed instantly in Google, and it will be live as a permanent post (no expiry dates).

  • Any other way of sponsorship you like, you can tell us 

Plus video/interactive display banner ads and we also welcome your customized offers too and open to blogger outreach and influencer marketing offers. If you are looking for high domain authority and want to grow your website's authority in a natural way, you can work with us.

NOTE: We may or may not tag paid content clearly and mention that we are getting paid for it, so if you want to write to help our readers solve a problem, kindly contact us first.

The traffic is mostly from the USA/UK and this is what we can offer to you for highly converting magnet-type digital marketing.

With our featured magazine topics option, we have a focus on technology, business, fitness, health, work at home, education, home improvement, and affiliate & referral marketing with trendy traffic of how to, business, tech news, general blog post topics, and lifestyle-related search queries so the blog posts with audience demand (on tech news, biz tips, marketing, tech guides, travel, and affiliate and referral articles our traffic comes from top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and more).

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Current Statistics:

Check a list of 16 standard stats to verify and evaluate the quality and authority of our website:
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  • High DA 60+ blog (domain authority)
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  • Social media followers: 14K+ (this is including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit)

  • Google Page Rank 4 Blog
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By getting your articles published on our platform, you can get targeted traffic to your website and verified leads, you can develop social proof, and also develop brand name recognition that will help you create your own voice and brand authority.

Already worked with 3,000+ international clients and brands with a high return rate.

How to Contact Us?

To send your proposal or custom offer please contact us via our email address:

NOTE: Please tell us about your offer, and don't waste time asking for the price (we can discuss it but saying your offer is the perfect way to make relations).

Our turnaround time TAT is on the same day (24 hours). So you can get your articles published instantly.

We have worked with so many international companies by working online for them and their customers. We also have tested many advertising tactics so that we can easily increase your ranking, branding, and client list with the power of our real readers.

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Besides being listed as a top blog by various professional bloggers, from GetBlogged (the biggest community of brands and bloggers) we received our award too:

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As we are receiving huge web traffic and it comes mostly from the USA (United States of America), UK, and many other countries we can ensure the leads to your blog, website, or business. We are best at sponsored content placements.

We are receiving custom offers, contact us at our email address.

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*we can't guarantee you that you'll get leads or not
*we are not responsible for any backlash you may receive after working with us
*we are not into any backlink selling service, we need you to provide us with quality content that our readers demand and we work according to Google's guidelines