How To Increase Facebook Likes from 0 to 5K - Secret Explained

How To Increase Facebook Likes from 0 to 5K - Secret Explained

The main purpose for professional bloggers and marketer to use Facebook (social network) is they want their pages to have much more likes and let people find them with a Facebook page having a lot of likes so every person who visits the page will like it.

Following the rule that:  Money makes Money!

We can say that when we have got sufficient likes on Facebook page about 4 to 5k we can than assume that people will like our pages without further hard work.

However people nowadays more likely to ignore liking Facebook pages and they hate when they see something irrelevant to their interests.

This is where the logic should be applied to have a better strategy for getting Facebook likes and making your page standout from 0 to 5K likes in some time or weeks.

To explain the secret I am using for many of my clients and my niche websites, here I am going to reveal it on this page by answering your question: How to increase Facebook likes from 0 to 5K in some time or weeks and some can do it in days.
How To Increase Facebook Likes from 0 to 5K - Secret Explained
So without any other interruption in telling you the secret read the top 3 ways to increase Facebook page likes fast:

1. Follow A Basic Strategy (good)

First of all from top 3 ways to increase Facebook page likes here I am going to tell you about the basic but really effective method which can lead you to get more and more likes in some days of the work and without any investment of your money.

Just follow below steps:
  1. Go to Facebook
  2. And type page name and follow the instruction provide by Facebook
  3. Upload a profile picture for the page
  4. Add description and if required create a username
Publish the page and after that upload a Facebook cover photo.

I know these are the basic steps in creating a Facebook page and you are here to increase the likes.


Let me show you some realistic and basic ways to increase Facebook page likes which will not fake likes and anything else.

To increase likes make sure you are talking about a real issue or trendy topic or you have a great website which is visited by a number of people like 1K to 2K visits/pageviews a day.
  • First of all put a Facebook like box on sidebar of your website/blog
  • Invite your Facebook friends to like your page and ask your parents to like it too (it helps)
  • Create a new blog post/article and mention your Facebook page there 
Well having a website with 2K pageviews can get your page to gain likes, but what about when you don't have a website?

If you don't have a website than you can follow below steps.

2. Create Fake Profiles (bad)

  • Almost every person having a real profile on Facebook have created a Fake profile too.
This is true and I got this statement for you by reading out many articles and asking my friends to tell me about their fake profiles and all of them said they've some fake profiles too.

Whatever still this is a bad method to gain more Facebook page likes and also many of the Facebook users are not aware of how they can get likes on their real pages at Facebook by creating a fake profile as profiles are made for adding friends and they are limited to 5K names only.


How to get Real people to like your Facbook page by creating a Fake profile?
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Why Blogging Is Important for Your Marketing Strategy

Why Blogging Is Important for Your Marketing Strategy

Blogging is undoubtedly one of the essential components digital marketing.

Almost 90 percent of today’s B2B companies use blogging as a part of their B2B marketing strategy.

It is a tactic that drives more traffic to your website and helps you increase your visibility across media platforms.

Naturally, to achieve positive results you need to create valuable and relevant content that will capture your reader’s attention and give them actionable tips how to solve common everyday business issues.

Although it may take you some time to do the research and create a powerful piece of content that will trigger social media shares, it will be rewarding.

Blogging will help you create your tone of voice and offer you the opportunity to be seen as the expert in your own industry.
Why Blogging Is Important for Your Marketing Strategy
Here are a few reasons why every ambitious marketer should incorporate blogging into their marketing plans.

It drives traffic to your website

Instead of relying on traditional ways people can find you such as typing your name in the browser or paying for traffic by placing tons of ads, create your own blog.

Blogging will not only allow you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website, but it will help you get discovered by social media and expose your business to a new audience.

People like reading a good productivity blog and research interesting topics that will help them upscale their business and once they discover such piece of content they are likely to share it not only because it’s interesting but also because of it useful.

Finally, blogging keeps your social media presence going. Instead of asking you media manager to create new content for social media, your blog content will do the work.

It helps establish authority

You will know that your blog post is successful if it helps your target customer clear things up and finds solutions to the problem that are bothering them.

This is a particularly useful tool for salespeople and service professionals. When creating your content, think about how it could help an average customer. If they trust what you have to say, they will much more easily enter the sales process.

Also, they will regard you as a helpful resource to their prospect.

If you continue producing your content consistently, you will easily manage to establish an authority which will, in turn, make the sales process go much more swiftly.

They are influential

Why Blogging Is Important for Your Marketing Strategy
According to a study by Marketing Think, up to 81% of decision-makers use blogs to discover more information about the product they want to buy and then make the final decision.

Besides creating vibrant and engaging content, you need to consider the importance of “Call to action”.

This navigates the reader and tells him to subscribe to the blog and receive a more regular volume of content, share it with his colleagues, and, most importantly, do more research about the product or service. Blogs are influential because people trust their guidance.

Once you become a trusted source of information, you will be able to influence your consumer’s buying decisions.

To keep and manage your content in an organised and efficient way, you should consider investing in a project management tool.

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How To Choose A Right WordPress Theme For Your Business

How To Choose A Right WordPress Theme For Your Business

Whether you are creating a website on WordPress for the first time, or are looking to redesign your existing website, one of the first aspects that you need to look at is your WordPress theme.

Your WordPress theme is the face of your business. It will determine how your website is going to look, and how usable is it for the customers.

Currently, there are well over 15,000 WordPress themes available in the online market for free and commercial use. This means that there are a lot of options one has to choose from.

Add to that, a majority of these themes comes with a lot of customization. This means that the themes enable you to tailor the website according to your industry standards or consumer expectations.

The plethora of options and customizations available has made it difficult for a business owner to choose the right WordPress theme for their business.

Many times, businesses chose a WordPress theme, and when they have used it for some years, and it is time to upgrade the website, it all comes crashing down like a house of cards.

Then, they have to get a coder to fix the problem because they did not pay enough attention while selecting the right theme.
How To Choose A Right WordPress Theme For Your Business
It sure looks like an intimidating task getting the permutations and combinations right while choosing WordPress theme for your business, but it is achievable if you conduct the selection process solicitously.

Here I take you through the steps that will help you choose the right WordPress theme for your business:

1. Be clear about what you want from your website 

While selecting the theme, you must know exactly what you want from your website. Some people like to opt for casual and catchy themes that are heavy on graphics. These themes may be visually appealing but are more often than not heavy and slow.

Google hates slow websites and never gives it a good rank in the search engine. Whereas, if you opt for a lighter, low on graphic website, it will be simple but won’t be as visually appealing.

These are just some of the few scenarios. So, if you want to avoid running in circles, you must first realize how you want your website to be.

In most cases, choosing a simple website theme is the best option. Sure, your website has to be visually appealing, but not at the cost of its usability and simplicity.

There is a possibility that you may not realize what is it that you want from your website. In that case, you should check your competitor’s website and its features.

Note down the things that you like and do not like in your competitor’s website. Now look for a theme that has the positive features and solutions for the things that aren’t good about your competitor’s website.

2. The theme supports all the WP Plugins

WordPress themes are nothing without the WordPress Plugins (choosing them also is another story).

These plugins empower your website and make it more responsive and usable.

This is why, while selecting the theme for your website you must ensure that it supports all the famous WordPress Plugins.

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How to Make $1000 in Your First Week of Blogging

How to Make $1000 in Your First Week of Blogging

Blogging and earning a living in doing so is something that every content creator dreams of, and searching for jobs that make 10k a month terms is something lazy persons do to waste their time.

There is a number of misconceptions about blogging, the worst of them being that blogging is unsustainable and leads to quitting altogether.

However, if you have ever had a dissertation written for you, you know exactly how supply and demand work on the internet.

If you create content that people like, they will come back over and over again and ask for more.

So how can you use this logic to make $1,000 in your first week of blogging, and even more in the near future?
How to Make 1K in Your First Week of Blogging
So read how to make money blogging in first week:

1.    Build a blog

While it may seem obvious, you need to build your blog before attempting to monetize it. Creating a blog is a straightforward affair, with many services such as WordPress and Tumblr offering free blogging domains using their official hosting platforms completely for free.

And while you will have to pay for a proper domain if you wish to make the most of the blog monetization, this is a good start for someone inexperienced.

The point of creating a blog in your image is to channel your content creation desires towards your audience.

Do you want to create a general information blog or a strict niche site with curated content?

These are essential first steps in making sure that you don’t falter and need help from a professional service as soon as you begin.

2.    Set content goals

Every successful blogger will tell you that routine is everything. The way you treat your content will resonate with your audience in more ways than you can imagine.

This means that strict scheduling and content branding should be done as soon as you start seeing a rise in your subscription numbers.

Set achievable goals for your blog depending on the type of content you create and how long it takes you to create it.

Take your audience and professional writing into consideration – it’s best to get partners early on if you need help with writing or designing your content.

Once your goals are set, you will have concrete milestones to chase after instead of creating random content and hoping for the best.

3.    Engage your audience

The best way to quickly grow your subscription base and earn a positive word of mouth is by engaging your audience.

Talking to your visitors via comments, live Q&A or AMA and generally listening to their feedback and suggestions will make you grow in their eyes in no time.

This will help you gain a large number of visitors once your blog goes online and becomes a trending topic, especially if you are blogging about a certain niche.

Even if you are blogging about pitching the best thesis proposal, you can still get a large audience by simply being human and acting like a friendly professional.

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Get Paid to Refer | Huge List of Legit Sites by Niche for 2018

Get Paid to Refer | Huge List of Legit Sites by Niche for 2018

Its simple, high paying referral programs do better than those paying some cents per referral.

Everybody doing online marketing is in search of best referral programs to make money online quickly and enjoy his life with that income stream.

But searching for one high paying paid to refer program from huge list of referrals programs is like back-pain and it cost your time, effort and a lot in testing all those platforms to know whether they are legitimate or not.

If you don't know how to make money with referral programs, then don't worry either as I've arranged this article for you only.

And That's why I am here to provide you the list of all good and awesome referral programs that pays daily to weekly to monthly and reward their users with great gifts.
  • You can earn more then $100 a day!
Get Paid to Refer | Huge List of Legit Sites by Topics and Types
I have categorized this list to make sure that your targeted type of referral program gets found easily by your own eyes.

Note that all of the listed programs and websites are legit and they don't scam their affiliates, so its nothing like to worry about.

This list contains:
  • No referral links, just pure links to main sources
  • No scam sites listed
  • Reviewed and trusted services, platforms and networks
  • No up front payment needed sites
  • You can do the work part time or even choose your routine type of sites
  • Easily understandable system and legit sites
Just choose your best site and start earning money.

Category #1:  Affiliate Programs to get paid

If you were looking for refer and earn sites, than you should try these amazing websites which are paying to their affiliates in big digits.

Affiliate programs works best then all other programs and offers, they have a simple formula for their user to refer and earn money.

The big portion for pro and newbie bloggers are working on this and getting tons of money on monthly basis, many of them have started thousands and thousands of blogs just for their favorite affiliate program and that blogs are dedicated to guide their readers how they can use affiliated products and what they get or not.

For an example:
Pat Flynn is a famous guy just because of his success with affiliate marketing and he earns from affiliate programs what you all can use and earn same as he is earning.
No more garbage of discussion have an eye on legitimate programs and make money with referrals.

1. Amazon Affiliates

Affiliate marketing was started from this program and leads to force others start their programs.

This is free of cost program by world's largest marketplace having millions of items with different categories and the best thing is you can sale from your blog/site and get commission up to 10% (for some it depends on the sales you give them).

No pain - get paid for your referrals, its easy and useful with just a link you can start earning. No matters what link visitor is buying you can still get your commission that's why they call their program "Amazon Associates".

How it works: Join > Advertise > Earn money

2. iTunes Affiliate Program by Apple

Entertainment world is rich!

Having your account at iTunes affiliate program means you can earn big bucks just by referring your favorite music, TV shows or movies.

You can also get paid for referral signup!! Even you can suggest books to your blog readers by joining the Apple's program.

With one account you can sale and get commissions for Apple Music, iTunes, App Store, & iBooks too.

How it works: Apply > Get accepted > Use their tools > Earn money

3. Fitbit Affiliates

Make fitness your business (earn money from referrals).

If you are running a fitness or health related blog then this is the only affiliate program you should rely on.
  • Fitbit is the industry leader, accounting for 72% of the connected health and fitness market and their devices are consistently the #1 selling connected devices on Amazon. - Source: NPD, U.S.
They offers a flat 12% commission on all their products and gives you the support to increase your earnings.

You get most relevant and creative assets as soon as they were available and the best thing is this program is free to use.

How it works: Apply > Get accepted > Use their tools > Earn money

4. Affiliate Program by Walmart

No doubt Walmart is a big brand and they've standards in marketing, selling and giving commissions to their affiliates.

You can have a look at their services as they are providing Chrome extension for their affiliate program members and they also have WordPress plugin to ease the process.

And this is cool, if you are a web-developer you can take advantage of their API for affiliate program. From Creative banners and Ads to SDK they provide everything to make sure you easily advertise them in front of your audience.

How it works: Apply > Wait for approval > Generate ads > Earn money

5. Target Affiliates

This is in (may not) the list of some highest paying referral programs available online.

However they pay only 5% commission on every product you sell (8% on some products), but it makes sense when you sell an item worth thousands or hundreds of dollars.

They have a variety of products which you can start selling through their affiliates program.

How it works: Apply > Get accepted > Refer > Earn money

Category #2: Survey sites to get paid

May you have heard about getting paid for doing surveys, but have you hear about getting for referring paid-to-survey websites to your friends?

Probably you do not and you know what? You can earn up to $25 doing this.

So here's the list of paid-to-survey platforms where you can grab your unique affiliate link and start earning money by referring your friends to earn doing surveys so its a win-win situation.

6. Paid View Point - Refer a Friend program

A good pill for pain holders to take advantage by earning money, referring others to earn money and whenever someone do the work for himself you'll earn money.

The best thing is you can make $1 just for completing your signup process and when you refer others you can earn up to $25 per referral, also you can payout your earnings through PayPal.

I have tested this and it works.

How it works: Signup > Take mini polls > Earn cents - Refer others > Earn money

7. Survey Savvy referring earnings

Its a famous and legit survey platform from this list of online referral programs that pay and gives best rates and now US people can earn an extra $5 per month for installing SavvyConnect on your device.

This program is also tested by me and it works, we can earn bucks just by referring others and surfing website.

Having their app installed on your device for an year you can earn up to $180.

How it works: Signup > Surf web > Refer > Earn money

8. Legerweb referral program

If you are in Canada or USA then this new platform is best for you (as they work only in USA+Canada). Leagerweb is one of them who pay to their users in a satisfied way.

Beautiful rates per survey, you can grab $1 per completed survey and whenever you refer another person and he/she do one survey you'll get $1 again.

Just make your profile complete it and start doing surveys or refer others to make money on their hard work.

How it works: Signup > Take surveys / Refer > Earn money

Category #3: Banks and Financial companies

Now that's cool!

We can earn money using our banks and credit or debit card companies.

What we have to is just refer others to that service we are using right now and its easy then other platforms and networks.

It don't cost a penny to others and they also don't have to work hard for you or themselves.

Read about different financial companies to know how you can cash-back your taxes.

9. Fidelity refer others and earn huge rewards

With Fidelity you can easily get referrals to earn cash! Cause it is a best pay per referral program.

As they do reward your referrals with up to $2,500 bonus when he/she deposit and fund that account.

It means your referral will be happy to receive that huge bonus just for opening an account and funding for himself.

You can get your family members ready to receive free cash and by doing this you can also make up to $100 in credits.

How it works: Send referrals using a form > Tell them that will get up to $2,500 bonus when they will fund their account > Earn money (you'll receive a $100 Visa Card Gift)

10. Share Discover program

Discover is a credit-card company and they've good reputation.

Now they are offering to their new and old members an offer which can be a win-win thing to both the referral and the sharer.

Its same as other card companies! Whatever they pay less ($50 per referral), but they are good and have amazing brand recognition you can easily get more referrals.

How it works: Sign-in > Refer > Earn money

11. American Express Refer a Friend, Reward Yourself

Same as other credit card services American Express is here to provide you the bonuses for referring your friends and family to use their services.

They don't want t discuss more about the program for those who don't have an account there.

So! If you want to learn more you have to open an account first.

How it works: Sign-in > Refer > Earn money

12. Smartypig referring friends program

 SmartyPig is an online piggy-bank and it works just great.

Many people use it on daily basis to make sure their dream projects take breath someday or they use it for saving some bucks.
  • You can earn $10 referring others to Smartypig for hundred referrals.
Now we can use it to make money! Yeah, just by referring our friends and family we can earn money on SmartyPig.

How it works: Sign-up > Refer > Earn money

Category #4: Smartphone Apps

Approx all the mobile users have a smartphone to use for apps, games and movies or whatever they want to do with their fingers.

Probably 70% of the smartphone holders don't know that what a smartphone can really do, and here's the game of making money on smartphones comes in play mode.

Some times in a day you may have think what is the benefit of a smartphone? is watching HD videos or playing games are benefits? NO.

The benefit is: You can earn money using your smartphone just by referring great things to other smartphone users.

13. Ibotta invite friends, get cash program

Ibotta is a good and free application to get cash-back on daily use products you buy online.

You can payout your cash-back earnings in your PayPal account and the best thing is you can make your friends more happy by referring them to this great app and telling them that they'll get $10 if they signup from your link.

You will get $5 per referral.

How it works: Install app > Refer > Earn money

14. Lyft - Refer passenger or driver and get cash

Lyft is a good competitor of Uber taxi service and doing great in business by expanding day by day.

They have launched many reward programs for their drivers and passengers to use Lyft as travling services and earn money just for sharing about them.

You can get $10 per referred (new) passenger and you can make up to $500 when you give Lyft a new driver.

The best thing is you can tell that driver that he can earn the same as you are earning + they have a lot of offers, promotions and reward schemes for you.

How it works: Use the app > Recommend Lyft to others > Earn money

15. GiftHulk refer and get paid

This is another great service which offer you to earn money by wacthing TV, taking surveys, installing apps and referring others.

You can earn up to 600 hulk points per referral and after that you can convert them in cash.

It is in apps category because you can use on smartphones and earn money just for trying new apps and referring other users.

How it works: Install app > Refer > Earn money

Category #5: PTC and related websites

Paid to click or pay per click websites often results in scam for countries like Pakistan and India many times in USA too.
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Interview with Lorraine Reguly - Rape Survivor, Teacher turned Freelancer | Inspirational Story

Interview with Lorraine Reguly - Rape Survivor, Teacher turned Freelancer | Inspirational Story

Here comes the exclusive All Blog Things Interview with Lorraine Reguly (one of the hard working and successful women's on Earth and internet world).

She is an inspiration for many girls (women) to look around them and stay happy that they are blessed with many things they are thinking not good.

In addition to make this a wonderful interview, we have asked some personal questions to Lorraine Reguly who was raped and survived and got a kid with the title of single mom.

Also she was in suicidal thoughts and recovered, with a twist of the story she is was a teacher turned blogger (freelancer) and now working online with success.

If you want real inspiration to work online or be happy with some odd past times in your life than here is the full interview with Lorraine Reguly.
Interview with Lorraine Reguly - Rape Survivor, Teacher turned Freelancer | Inspirational Story
NOTE: No part of this publication can be published anywhere without permission, so avoid copy+pasting. Thanks

Q1: Tell our readers a little bit about your past.

  • I was raped at the age of 14.
  • I tried to kill myself at age 15.
  • I quit high school four times. I had an abortion at age 16.
  • I got pregnant at age 17.
  • I became a single mom at age 18.
I went back to high school, at a special school for adults, so I could give my son a better life. I also got involved with prostitution. I graduated when I was 22.

I then went to university for 5 years. I earned two degrees – A Bachelor of Arts and A Bachelor of Education, when I was 27.

I moved away and taught high school for three-and-a-half years. I quit when I was 31, and moved back to my hometown in 2003.

I returned to prostitution. It paid more money than teaching did! I also started doing drugs again. My son found out and disowned me for three years. I hit rock bottom during that time, and ended up smoking crack cocaine for ten months.

Then I nearly died of a burst appendix and realized that I didn’t want to die. I wanted to live!
I quit everything, reconnected with my son, bought a laptop in 2013, and started blogging.

That was when my life truly changed for the better!

I opened my business in 2014. That was the year my first book was published. My second book was published in 2017.

It’s called From Nope to Hope: How I Overcame My Suicidal Thoughts (and How You Can Too).

Q2: To inspire females, can you please talk about your rape and how you survived?

I survived in all the wrong ways BECAUSE I DIDN’T TELL ANYBODY. I never got help. I turned to drugs and drinking to cope. I became promiscuous. I even tried killing myself.

When I was 20, I finally told someone. I also got counseling. I used The Courage to Heal Books (textbook and workbook) with my counselor to come to terms with what happened to me.
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