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Umer Idrisi - An Entrepreneur


Hi to All Blog Things readers!

Who is Muhammad Umer Idrisi? Meet him

Muhammad Umer Idrisi

I am:

     "Experienced Blogger with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. Skilled in Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Branding, Offline Marketing, and Blogging ideas with Content Marketing. Strong media and communication professional with a lot of experience focused in internet marketing. "

How I started blogging?

This is a question which is booming in your mind. I love to answer your questions. So! I will describe it as lovely as I can :) 
  1. Back in 2011. I discovered that we can search videos on internet and found YouTube (A Thought of UN-maturement days.
  2. After YouTube, I accidentally open a web-page "Google" and got headache for knowing "How to watch new videos from this page. Also! I was wiling to know that their is way for me to make a site like Google.
  3. Than a friend of me taught me that Google is a search engine. We can search anything in Google. You know?. My first query was "How To Make A Webpage for Free".
  4. I got many websites like wix and simplesite than WordPress. I created more than 45 blogs without publishing a single blog post. All that blogs started with my name.
  5. Than. We can say again. Accidentally I discovered Google Blogger. Using domain. Than, I ask a friend to make me a Gmail id so I can signup for blogger account. 
  6. My first blog on Blogger is and it is live :) ;) 
  7. After that I started working on and from there I have started so many successful websites
Ha! After many up and downs. I Learned a lot and also MyBloggerTricks help me in learning basics of blogging. I send a friend request to Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai and he was accepted. I send him some messages but he was not interested to reply me.

In that time I exceeded the limit of 100 blogs on Blogger account. (Because "I was not publishing blog posts" instead I was busy in creating new blogs.)

Some of them deleted and some are mopping on internet (I don't know meanings of mopping) 😎.

I love Adsense and I have a past with it. I was got an approved account by tricking adsense. After some days it was disabled. I think 3 or 4 accounts were lost from my pocket.

I was getting $2 per click (don't know how).

After this: I got a thrust of making my own blog where I can share my experiences. You know what? I even can't register a domain for my blog.

I got to know somebody on Facebook can buy a domain for me. I contacted him and he was a cute little boy. He asked me for the domain's name. My friend (Bilal Akbar) suggested me AllBlogThings and the cute boy (Abdul Samad Essani) registered it for me from Godaddy.

After pointing that domain to this blog (with the help of some online articles). I started blogging on it professionally.

Read what Milestones I have achieved in this time:

  • Listed in the list of Top 10 Popular Bloggers in Pakistan
  • Become a Certified Digital Marketer
  • Accepted from all authority ads-networks
  • Got money (through adsense) and also got $6 per click
  • Able to create Widgets and XML templates
  • Getting Hired for freelance work
There are many others, I will update you soon.

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