How To Increase Traffic With Reddit

Don't know how to drive huge traffic to your blog with Reddit ? don't worry we are here to give you great tips for getting tons of visits to your blog easily as you think. As you know Reddit is a front page of the internet. With Reddit many bloggers have generating tons of visits to there blogs for free. You can also do it.
  • Users Review: Users of Reddit say that the power of Reddit is so great, that it is capable of giving 1500 hits in a day’s time only with a single link-post.
According to users Reddit is best traffic engine. If we use it as it should be used then we can generate huge traffic on our blogs even if we have no-content on blogs. Yes that's true we can drive traffic to our empty blogs just using perfect source (Reddit).

What is Reddit ?

Reddit is a Link-Karma network founded in 2005 where you can share your thoughts and favorite links with the front page of internet users.
Users of Reddit will give you a up-vote or a down-vote. Up-vote mean more traffic and more earnings for a blogger, and down-vote means no earning no traffic so make sure to get more up-votes.
  • If you want to get more up-votes then give other Reddit users a up-vote and they all will do it on your posts. So you can easily generate more visits on your blog.
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How To Use Reddit for Getting Huge Traffic to blogs.

As I mentioned above Reddit is a Link-Karma network. We can easily generate tons of visits to our blogs by using it. But what about using it effectively ? and getting real visits to our blogs ?. Here I will tell how we can get real visits by using Reddit.
  1. Just go ahead and signup on
  2. After successful signup, sing in to Reddit and navigate to "Submit a new link" button.
  3. Add a blog post URL in the URL box and click on Suggest Title button.
  4. Reddit will automatically set a basic title to your link-post you can edit it.(add a viral keyword)
  5. Now click on "Submit" button.
  6. Set category to "NEW" as your post is new on Reddit. After getting some up-votes you can set it to "HOT"
  7. Don't leave it now its time to do something for getting more up-votes. Share you Reddit post URL on social medias and answer the comments on your Reddit post.
Now its up to you how you use Reddit and drive traffic to your blog posts. Reddit is a very simple yer wonderful network. Many of my friends are using it for there event based blogs and getting tons of visits for free.

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NOTE: There are many things on internet to blog on. But I would suggest you to open Reddit and see first post then blog about and Publish another link-post on that post. Change some keywords by reading comments of other Reddit users on first link-post. (also note: Don't copy anything from Reddit).
  • The best Time to use Reddit: According to a info-graphic about “Social Timings” by Kiss-Metrics the best time to submit your link on most social-networks is before 5-PM EST. This is also the time when most peoples are actively browsing Reddit.

Final Words

So! I think this article was helped you a little in getting huge traffic using Reddit. As a blogger I can say this article deserves a Reddit share so go ahead and share us on Reddit and other social media platforms also give us feedback using our comments form below.
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