How To Earn Money on Facebook - Quick Guide

Making money online is easy now.

We all can earn passive income online even using Facebook. Yes! After reading so many articles now you wants a perfect method for earning money from Facebook and this article will fulfill your needs. I have read WikiHow article and other top blogs for this method and find some perfect/effective methods to earn lots of money using only Facebook (without any cost).

Yup! You can earn money from Facebook without any investment. There are many businesses out there for Facebook marketing you only have to create a best platform for such businesses.
Earn Money on Facebook
If you want to earn money promoting cars and bikes then you will get money from bike and cars manufacturer and selling companies.

Because! you can give them tons of visitors to their websites and markets and they will pay you for doing so. Now read below and get more effective tips to earn from Facebook freely.

How To Earn Money Using Facebook Profiles

Many consider that using a FB profile we can't earn money. But wait! Now you can do it. You can earn money using Facebook profiles. Read below tips.
  1. Make a Facebook profile and name it as you like.
  2. Send friend requests to UK and USA FB users.
  3. Don't send more than 8/10 request in starting then reduce it to 2/3.
  4. For more friends join Facebook groups and like verified pages.
  5. After making 3k or 4k friends now that is time to monetize your profile using sponsored links.
  • You can also go to for getting more orders and money also.

How To Earn Money Using Facebook Pages

Hmm! This is a most used and effective trick for earning money from Facebook. This not a easy game as we think, getting more and more likes on a single page is not an easy task. Also we have to get lots of page reached and post likes. Read below tips for getting this job done.
  1. Create a fun only page and make 9/10 content creators.
  2. Ask them to post 2/3 post on daily basis including a link to any relevant web-page.
  3. Posting images with a watermark of your FB page URL is so good.
  4. Post about funny things and miracles type things.
  5. Join Facebook groups and ask members to like your page, also give them a reason.
  6. After getting fair likes numbers Invite your friends and family to like your page.
  7. Message your all FB friends and ask them share your Facebook page.
  8. Also join Add-me-fast like websites for getting fake but attractive likes.
  9. Now after all above tasks if you have more then 10k likes then upload a pic to cover space of your Facebook page and tell your FB page users that you are now open for advertising and also search for advertisers.
  • You can search for FB advertisers on FB groups.
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Final Words

I hope above quick and little article was helped you. If I'm Right then please drop your comments using comments form below and also like us on Facebook.