How To Secure Your Google Account

Secure Your Google AccountKeeping Secure Your Google Account - The Effective Tips: Yeah! here I want to give you some great tips to secure your Google accounts easily in no time. Securing Google account is must to do step for bloggers, players, strangers and also for all those who using Google account for other services like Gmail, Google+, Appspot, Google drive and more. So! the question is "How I Can Make My Google Accounts More Secure ?" and the answer is written below. Yes! now you can easily to it for your safety go ahead and read below for all the tips and tricks on "Keeping Secure Your Google Account - Tips".

Why To Secure My Google Account ?

There are many reasons behind securing your Google accounts. As you know a Google account is not only a Google account. It is a Gmail handle, your Google+ door, world, and more. So you have to secure it before hacking.
  • Your account will be safe from hackers.
  • Hackers can't easily hack your Google account.
  • You can safely surf the web.
  • Your personal data and files are safe in Google drive.
  • You can safely connect with the world using Gmail, Google+ and

How To Secure a Google Account ?

1. Secure Your Password: First of all you have to secure your passwords. Changing passwords often is a best practice for getting a secured account.
  • Create unique passwords for your all accounts that use combinations of  numbers, words, symbols, and both upper-case and lower-case letters.
  • Don't create easily guessed passwords such as Admin, Password, 12345.
  • Avoid using the same password at multiple websites.
2. Don't Forget To Sing out: If you are a student or have a job in a company, then you must use your Google account in other computers and devices. Signout is a best rule for making your account secured. So don't forget to Sing out from all other even your own devices.

3. Google Chrome: Use Google chrome for browsing internet. Because this is a Google powered browser and has many great security features. As Google saying for Chrome " Browse The Web Without Saving Certain Information" and this is best for securing your accounts.

4. Gmail: Check Gmail daily and delete all spam mails and keep tracking that your emails are not getting forwarded unless you want it to be.
  • See at the bottom of your Gmail inbox and you’ll find a "Last Account Activity" indicator. It’ll tell you when your account was last accessed. click the "Details" link to see more information.
5. Two-Step Authentication: This is a powerful service by Google it self. You can use two-step-authentication system to really secure your Google accounts.
  • Go to "accounts", edit 2-step authentication, click on proceed anyway, add your phone number now add special code as Google sent to you earlier and confirm it. For more visit this link

Final Words

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