How To Do SEO on WordPress - Ultimate Guide

Here you will learn how to do effective SEO on WordPress blogs.

Many of us wants higher ranking in all search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But if we have a WordPress powered blog then this task is not so easy. We have to work hard on it to get higher search results in all major search engines.

How To Do SEO on WordPress - Ultimate Guide

If you really wants good amount of traffic to your WP blogs then you have to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Because! without SEO you can't rank your blog posts higher.

There are many blog posts out there saying "WordPress is terrible for SEO". But here you will learn and read that why they all bloggers say that kinda words. Here you will learn All-About-SEO for WordPress. NOTE: I want to reveal many secrets so get ready for a "Ultimate WP SEO Guide".

WordPress SEO Dos and Don'ts

Don't: Please don't do below things.
  1. "Stuff" your website with irrelevant, broad categories, labels/tags, or trendy expressions. 
  2. Start duplicate sites.
  3. Compose on account of web indexes. 
  4. Buy or trade good for nothing "backlinks." 
  5. Become tied up with SEO trends. 
  6. Stress excessively over SEO at the cost of composing/writing great content!
Do: Do below steps and keep calm.
  1. Customarily distribute unique content. 
  2. Utilize a couple of exact categories and tags. 
  3. Compose/Write for human ears not for just Google bots.
  4. Assemble your activity in shrewd, natural ways. 
  5. Pick basic, significant post slugs. 
  6. Create a descriptive tagline.
  7. Incorporate keywords specifically.

4 Must To Do Steps for WP SEO

1. Optimizing How Your Posts Look in the SERPs

This is essential step to take while creating an new blog post. Because! optimizing titles and descriptions of all blog posts is must. Without optimized posts you can't rank your posts. Also with a dhish bhish description and lazy title you can't get higher click-through rate.
  • You can use some of great plugins for WordPress SEO. These plugins will automatically handle search results looks. So use below tools on WP blogs.
    Add-Meta-Tags plugin for WP and SEO plugin by Yoast
2. Optimize Your WP site For Google+ Authorship

This is another success key. We heard a news that Google wants to remove this feature from search results, but don't worry just do it once. Because! with this you can rank your Google+ profile and also you can get trust of search engine bots. You can even boost your rankings and click-through rate by 150% just using Google+.
3. Add Alt-Attributes On Images

Using anchor text and alt-attributes you can give images a name and also some voice. Search engine bots can't see a image, they want to read tags (alt tags) on images. So for getting traffic to your blog from images add Alt tags to all images in your blog posts.
You can use SEO Friendly Images Plugin for this.

4. Provide a XML sitemap of Your WP Blogs

This is very important and easiest way to SEO. There are many free plugins out there for XML sitemaps. You can use any best plugin. But we are here to provide you a great service related to all blogging things. So read below for great plugins.
  • With in excess of ten million downloads and a normal rating of 4.7 out of 5, you can rest guaranteed that this free plugin accomplishes the occupation.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast is a great SEO plugin for WP users. Even Yoast is used by Mashable, TheNextWeb and SearchEngineLand. So why you don't use it ?. Its also a free plugin.

This article by Yoast team will help you alot in WP SEO. Yoast SEO plugins is really a powerful plugin just give it a try and see the magic.

Customizing Tags/Titles in WordPress for Better SEO

1. Use SEO plugin by Yoast and set Titles as you see below.
  • Home Title: Targeted Keywords | website Name (Put your targeted keywords first, and if your website name contains the keyword, that’s even better).
  • Page Title: %page_title% | %blog_title%
  • Post Title: %post_title%
2. Tags/Categories are best tools for getting your WP site categorized easily.
  • Use only 3 or 4 tags per post.
  • Show them in footer area of your WP blog.
3. H1-H6 Tags are the main thing for getting high click-through rate.
  • H1-H6 tags are wrangled in the SEO group, yet as a rule individuals concur that H1 Tags convey some weight.
  • Use H1 tag for keywords, avoid using H1 tag constantly throughout your posts afterwards "use H2 instead".
4. Meta Tags is another great to set your blog to the high level. Use it for a short description of your blog posts.
  • Meta Tags will show a short description of your blog posts in search engines.
  • Write 50 to 90 words for a Meta Tag of an blog post.

Advanced and Bonus tips for SEO on WP

These are some advanced and bonus tips in a quick to help you easily up the SEO game for your WordPress website.

1. Website Speed

That's calling a life blood for sites on the internet. If you have a speedy website then your site will easily get indexed by search engine bots. You can see your site will get higher rankings.
 Yoast is best - speed up WP and WP CDN

2. Website structure for high rankings

In this field I will tell what is best structure of site for better rankings.
  • Pages are Better: If you have a great idea in your mind you wants to publish it on your blog. Also if you can write 1200 to 1500 words in a article then make a page for that article. Because! Its WP and pages are best for effective SEO results, and also posts are looking nice if they have 500 to 700 words.
  • Update your Blog: Update you blog with new and great content. But! wait what about old blog posts ?. Think and update your old blog posts with new and fresh content. Search engine bots love fresh and updated content.
  • Related Posts: Add a related posts widget below all posts and at sidebar of your blog. So people will easily browse there favorite post. Use Microkid's related posts plugin.

3. Google Webmaster Tools/Site Analytics

Use them for getting real time information of your site. You can track visiting of your site by Analytics and you can get information about linking from Webmaster Tools.
  • Go into Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Go to “Your site on the web” button, then press the “Search queries” button.
  • Click on “Download this table” button.
  • Open the CSV file you get in Excel.
  • Now replace all the instances of “<10″ in the Clicks column with 9.
  • Select the entire first row and click the "filter" button, usually the icon is a funnel.
  • For the average position column, choose “greater than 5″, sort Ascending.
  • Then for the “Clicks” column, sort Descending.
Both are basic to comprehension who is linking to you, where traffic is originating from, and other key information that you can use to conform and refine your on-page SEO and SEO copy-writing techniques.

4. On-page/On-site and Off-page/Off-site SEO

The bots on and off are required for effective SEO. I have published a blog post on off-page and on-page SEO read here.
  • Off-page SEO: Make more high page rank backlinks from authority websites.Use social media networks like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Also buy some ad spaces (this will not boost your SEO but will give you some loyal readers).
  • On-page SEO: Add more relevant keywords in post titles, URLs and post body. Link older post to the new ones. Add meta tags. Write a good description.

5. Comments Optimization

The comments are precious thing while we talk about blogging. We have to give reply's to users inquires. We can get higher conversation rate if we reply to users comments, also if we ans a comment then user will engaged and become loyal.
Comments are one of the most important aspects of blogs. As Wikipedia states:
  • Turn off commenting on pages.
  • Reply to all comments, even if someone says "Your post is not good".
  • Use a easy commenting system.

6. Site Indexing

Now you can manually tell search engine bots for indexing and no-indexing of your pages.
  • No-Index Your Archive Pages, Categories, Pagination and Tag Pages
  • No-follow some pages and No-follow "read more" links. guide.

Conclusion/Final words

There are many articles written on "How To Do SEO on WordPress" topic. But I hope you like my article. Because! this was created by reading all the effective tips and articles on the internet for WordPress SEO. If we forget something then leave comment we will add it. Share this article with your social fellows.