Google Adsene In URDU/HINDI, PDF free Download - 2017

After getting many requests on this topic I am here to teach you all about Google Adsense by giving a PDF book for free.

As you all know nowadays earning money online is not easy as many newbies think.

But! Google Adsense made it easy with its best and perfect features. At this time creating an Adsense account in Pakistan and India is though enough.
  • Therefore I decided to share a all in one PDF book with you all.
Yes! With this free e-book (PDF book) you can learn all about Google Adsense and its features.
Learn Google Adsene In URDU - Download PDF Book free
Many peoples are doing well in industry of blogging and making money online also we can do it by using Google Adsense on our blogs.

But the question is How to make a blog and how to earn money from blog?, we have an perfect and meaningful answer for you all.

Don't worry about your skills and knowledge just read out PDF book once, I guarantee you that you will definitely start making money shortly.

Why To Read This Adsense PDF Guide?

  1. First of all this is a free of cost book and you can easily read it because this in URDU/HINDI language
  2. This is a basic and perfect guide for learning Google Adsense in Urdu
  3. If you are a newbie at blogging era or want to really earn money on internet then read this book
  4. This is a all-in-one solution for making money online with Adsense for free
  5. If you want to be a successful blogger in future and a premium Adsense publisher then you must have to read this PDF book.

Download Google Adsene PDF Book In URDU

Keep in mind that you don't have permission to re share this PDF guide to your blog readers.

If you want to do it then you have to give us full credits with a backlink.

I have added some watermarks in this PDF book so you can't impress your blog readers by giving this book and telling them that this is provided by you alone.
  • You are free to share this book with anyone
  • While sharing please give us proper credits
  • This book is specially designed for Hindi and Urdu people (who can read Urdu/Hindi)
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  1. Downloading link is not work.Plz check

    1. Sorry bro! Now its working fine.

    2. pta nahi kaha pe fine working kr raha ha

    3. Dear!

      Check again, it is working fine at my side.

      Regards, Admin

  2. Yes Your Downloading link is now work and complete download. Your Urdu Blog is very nice.

  3. Awesome Potable document file. I love it.
    nice work keep it up. its help my blog.

  4. google adsense are available in hindi ?

    1. Yes!

      Google adsense is available for Urdu/Hindi blogs :)

  5. السلام علیکم عمر بھائی میں نے آپ کا یہ پیج پڑھا مجھے بہت پسند آیا کچھ باتیں سمجھ میں آگئی مجھے بلاگ بنانے میں آ پ کی مدد درکار ہے بہت سے بلاگر سےرابطہ کیا مگر تسلی بخش جواب نہیں ملتا کیا آپ میری مدد کرینگے ۔

    1. خشامديد! آپ مجھ سے براہ راست میرے فیسبک کے صفحہ پہ رابتہ کر سکتی ہیں

      یہ لنک اوپن کریں :


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