Top 101 Ideas to Choose a Perfect Blog Post Title

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Here I have a first-class list of Top 101 Ideas to Choose a Perfect Blog Post Title. If you want your blog posts to go viral then this list is only for you

Top 101 Ideas to Choose a Perfect Blog Post Title

As you all know in the search engine industry you have to do a lot with keywords and if your blog post title is having a good range of keywords then your all blog posts will rank better in search engines. But the question is how to choose and create a keyword optimized blog post title that is not just crafted for the search engines but users.

Don't worry I have answered your question you can do it easily after reading all of this article. There are many articles written on Top 101 Ideas to Choose a Perfect Blog Post Title but I hope you like my ideas for future Search Engine Optimization and focusing on your readers to boost your EAT.

Yes! Think about the future if you like to have a much better rank in the future then read this whole article carefully you will be surprised. Now without any boring lines going to the main topic read below for more.

NOTE: In this article, we are focusing on user intent rather than search engines and bots to help you create fresh content that users will love and that's the key to easily getting organic traffic too.

Top 101 Ideas to Choose a Perfect Blog Post Title

The below list will keep you busy for a whole year to create awesome content for your blog readers. If you want to write frequently for your blog readers then read these guru-level tips.

How To "keyword"

Use How To for any tutorial you provide.

How To is a perfect keyword for any type of tutorial. You can use it frequently in your blog posts and titles. Read below examples of this keyword.
  1. How To create a free website
  2. How To make money from a free website
  3. How To do (something) in minutes
  4. How To get (something) in seconds
  5. How To pic the perfect (your post)
  6. How To know to (do something)
  7. How To do (something) in simple steps
  8. How To (keyword) - Ultimate Guide
  9. How To (your post title) - in year
  10. How To protect (keyword)

Top 10 and Top 20 "keywords"

In the whole world, all internet users love this type of article

As I say the whole world and all types of users love to read Top 10 and Top 20 type articles. So why not use it for your next blog post? below are some examples for you.
  1. Top 10 best (your post) you've ever seen
  2. Top 10 best plugins for (Blogger/WordPress etc)
  3. Top 20 celebrities of (Lollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood etc)
  4. Top 20 richest woman's/mans in the world
  5. Top 10 laws of (keyword)
  6. Top 20 ways to earn more from (internet etc)
  7. Top 20 best strategies for (your desired blog post title)
  8. Top 10 great examples of (keyword)
  9. Top 20 quick tips to do (keyword)
  10. Top 20 useful tools for (your provided things)
  11. Top 10 signs of (keyword)
  12. Top 10 mistakes to avoid (keyword)
  13. Top 20 things to do before (keyword)
  14. Top 20 learning methods for (keyword)
  15. Top 10 tricks for (keyword)

Tell your readers about sticky situations to avoid it

Revealing something is an exciting way to spark a viral moment in your content titles:
  1. Beware (keyword) you need to know more
  2. 30 biggest lies about (anything)
  3. Top 20 sings your (keyword) will fail
  4. Are you spending too much time on (social media etc)
  5. Top 5 shocking truths about (anything)
  6. Can you really trust (any person, product, etc)
  7. Are you wasting too much time on (computer etc)
  8. Top 5 things to do after (keyword)
  9. Wait this will (keyword) your (keyword)
  10. Caution do it at your own risk

"Questions," ask something

This will help you in boosting your blog's conversation rate. Use it to get some suggestions and answers of your queries from your readers. Read below examples of great questions.
  1. Do you like our new (design/keyword)?
  2. Tell us what you think about our (product/something else)?
  3. Give us some suggestions for our (keyword)?
  4. Do you like us? why?
  5. Do you want some more articles on (your desired post keyword)?
  6. Leave comments if you want more (keyword)
  7. What topic do you want to be discussed on our blog?
  8. Is it time for a (giveaway etc)?
  9. Is (SEO, guest posts, etc) dead?
  10. Is (anything) much more difficult than you thought?

Give your readers (future) news with a solid reason

  1. My top 50 predictions for (anything you know)
  2. The changes will happen to (keyword)
  3. You have to do (keyword) before its too late
  4. 10 best and innovative ways to do (anything)
  5. A cheat sheet for (to do something)
  6. Best Tricks for (keyword)
  7. Top plugins for future search engine optimization
  8. Help full tricks for (to do anything)
  9. The ultimate guide on (keyword)
  10. Beginner's guide to (anything)

Top Blog Post Title Ideas for Bloggers

Now I want to discuss some ideas with bloggers. Read below for a huge list of blog post title ideas.
  1. Write something interesting about you
  2. Write down a list of the top 20 best articles of the year
  3. Give something for free (launch a giveaway on your blog)
  4. Say something amazing to your readers
  5. Make a post on the top ten bloggers in (your country/world)
  6. Make an article on how to do (something) quickly
  7. Do keyword research and select top ranking keywords for the blog post title
  8. Write an exclusive article and give something free on special occasions
  9. Make a list of top domain registrars and hosting companies in your country
  10. Add keyword optimized headings to your blog posts
  11. Write a blog post on your favorite things
  12. Write about Do's and Don't of (keyword)
  13. The pros and cons of (keyword)
  14. Write about websites you like most
  15. Give awesome ideas to your readers about (anything you know more)

Some random and high quality blog post ideas for you all

These are some randomly selected and best blog post ideas for you:
  1. Rant about something you don't like
  2. Link your older posts in newer ones
  3. Ask some professionals to write guest posts for your blog
  4. Make a list of some interesting posts on your blog
  5. Publish an article in audio/video format
  6. Personally invite some experts to leave useful comments on your blog
  7. Make a handwritten article and publish it by taking a snapshot
  8. Make a huge list about (anything)
  9. Create a 404 error page - This will help you
  10. Buy/Make a professional type blog design - Users need a good design for reading any post
  11. Launch a free PDF format e-book on your top blog posts
  12. In all posts use one quote people will love your posts
  13. Write a blog posts series for engaging your blog readers
  14. Show your readers how to do (something) extremely fast
  15. Don't post for a week and make others think about what happened to you (risky)
  16. Thank loyal readers for following you etc
  17. Ask for general feedback on your work
  18. Give tips to newbies on How To secure their blogs
  19. Share some of your favorite food recipes for the holidays
  20. Write frequently in your own everyday language and writing style
  21. Give some tips on iPhone applications (or anything you like most)
  22. Write a longer about us/about me article
  23. Create an article on your bad/cheap habits (risky)
  24. Write about your favorite place, thing, app etc
  25. Blog about your latest event experiences
  26. Start a poll on (anything viral)
  27. Review books, films, products, etc

Last not Least

  • Write an amazing and Huge Article on Your Life Story
  • Write an article on Top 101 Blog Post Title Ideas in your Niche
In addition to these blog post title ideas and suggestions, I suggest you dig deeper and search for any of the above ideas using different keywords from your niche to find more unique ideas and topics.

Final Words

I think after reading this list of top 101 ideas to choose a perfect blog post title you will be busy for a whole year covering all the above titles.

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