How To Schedule a Post On Blogger

Yes! You can schedule blog posts on blogger, if you want your blog posts automatically published on a specific time and date as you like then schedule your blog posts with schedule option in blogger post editor, this is very helpful for newbies as me :). All professional and new bloggers can use this tool for free, so without any boring lines going to teach you how to schedule blog posts on blogger. Note in starting days this feature was broken but now working fine.

How To Schedule a Post On Blogger ?

After you done creating a blog post and want to schedule it, then read below simple steps.

1, After post is done, see right hand side - as below image click on Schedule,

2, Now check on Set date and time, now you will see a calender - as below image shown,

3, In first box as you see on above image select date and time as want to schedule your posts,
4, If you don't like typing date and time then use calender option to select ant date also time,
5, Click on Done button > now click publish your post as you daily publish, your post will saved as scheduled post in all posts area, don't worry you post will automatically published as you determined the date and time in settings.

Final Words on How To Schedule a Post On Blogger

Now I think scheduling a blog post in blogger is easy, if you want more help for setting a time to publish post automatically then leave comments.