How To Remove Post Atom in Blogger

Remove Subscribe to: Post (Atom) in Blogger is a very easy to use blogging platform most of newbies start there blogging from and as you already know blogger gives you free hands on customization of any blog on, you can keep or remove anything from your blog, here I will tell you how you can easily remove "Subscribe to: Post (Atom)" from your blog, don't worry there are lots of alternative methods for getting subscribers you can use our widgets for subscription box read Subscribe via Email Widget for Blogger and WordPress now if dislike Post (Atom) link on your blog and you want to remove it quickly then read below simple steps guide.

What Is "Subscribe to: Post (Atom)" - Why To Remove It ?

What is "Subscribe to: Post (Atom)" ?

  1. This is a link for your blogs readers,
  2. After clicking on this link blog visitor will redirect to your blog feeds,
  3. This link is appear below every post and also on home page,

Why To Remove Post Atom in Blogger ?

  1. As I tell you already this link appear on home page and below all posts so this will sound like cheap design,
  2. After removing this link your blog looks clean,
  3. Don't worry about email subscription you can still get more subscribers with our email subscription widgets,
  4. There are so many tricks for removing this link but here I will show you an very simple and quick response trick,

How To Remove Subscribe to: Post (Atom) ?

1, First of log in to
2, Select your desired blog,
3, Go to its Template section, click on Edit HTML button,
4, Now click on any area in HTML box and press Ctrl+F,
5, An Search bar will appear now search for this code ]]></b:skin>
6, Just before/above ]]></b:skin> paste below code,
.feed-links { display:none !important; }
7, Now click on Save Template and you are all done, Post (Atom) removed from your blog.

Final Words

So friends I think you like this little yet amazing trick, this is for our newbies reader and bloggers, hope you all like this article.