How To Increase Google Page Rank - Basic Tutorial

This article is all about How To Increase Google Page Rank. I think after reading all below

Basic guide on How To Increase Google Page Rank you will easily boost your blog's page rank in Google search results.
How To Increase Google Page Rank - Basic Tutorial
Maybe you all are already know what is Google page rank or how to increase Google page rank. But in some cases many of new bloggers don't know a little about Google page rank. Therefor I decide to make a post on Increasing Google page rank.
No this is not like increase Google page rank in seconds or minutes you have to do simple and original things for getting real and higher page rank.

Now read below for simple and real tips on How To Increase Google Page Rank.

How Google Page Rank Works ? Tips and Details

  1. Crawling and Indexing : This is first thing for getting top spot in search results. In Google search engine first of all Bots/Robots will crawl your pages/posts to indexing.
    • Read below tips on Crawling and Indexing
    Tip1 : Make good and search engine friendly heading in blog posts
    Tip2 : Do keyword research and use it in titles of blog posts
    Tip3 : Submit sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Algorithms :This tool is stand for finding the best answers for user searches on Google search engine. e,g if you search "What is Google Page Rank ?" then Google will give you top 10 articles for that search but if you don't like top 10 searched links then you can navigate to other pages. For top 10 search results Google use Algorithms approximately 300 times in a year.
    • Read some tips and helping lines below
    Tip1 : Make sure your blog posts have enough text
    Tip2 : Make sure your blog post titles are correct according to dictionary
    Tip3 : Make sure your bog posts are relevant to your blog title
  3. Fighting Spam : This another kind of Algorithm by Google. This is best for webmasters and bad for spammers on Internet. If you want pro in webmasters Field then do not spam if you do you will be punished by Google spam team.
    • Read below tips to avoid spamming in your blog
    Tip1 : Don't use unnatural links in your blog (Selling links and Participating in link schemes)
    Tip2 : Don't use black hat SEO techniques (Hidden text and Keyword stuffing)
    Tip3 : Don't use many redirects in your blog

Some Random Tips on How To Increase Google Page Rank

  1. Use more keywords in your posts (don't use one word again and again) make keyword phrase by using more related keywords to one keyword.
  2. Don't use "Click Here, Click Now, By Clicking Here and related type of words) E,g if you want to tell your visitor about your previous post on a topic like What Is Blogging then don't use click here, Use Read More about Blogging and on Blogging add your post link.
  3. Social Networking is another great way to increase your blog's Google Page Rank. But all social networks don't work well on Google page rank except Google+.
  4. Well Theme/Template of any blog/site is must for search engine bots and humans. Don't design your blog ugly use design your blog simple as you can.

Some Must Do Steps on PageRank are Given Below (With Links)

  1. Write stunning and perfect blog posts
  2. Use a search engine optimized template for blogger blops
  3. Give your posts a good and seo friendly title
  4. Use social media as well as you can

Final Words

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Stay connected I will soon publish a Ultimate Guide on How To Increase Google Page Rank.