Effective On-page and Off-page SEO Tips for Newbies

Here you get most Effective On-page and Off-page SEO Tips for Newbies.

At blogging arena if you don't do search engine optimization then you will miss a lot fruits of blogging.

Because without SEO (search engine optimization) you don't get organic traffic and if you a blog don't has organic traffic then its only a crape blog (you can't make more money with a no-organic-traffic blog).

Mostly! Newbies wants to do SEO and thy all think that SEO is just a back-linking game nothing else.

But wait! There are many other tasks to do for effective and meaningful SEO.

Newbies can do it very easily but keep in mind, this is not a game this is hard to do task.
Effective On-page and Off-page SEO Tips for Newbies
Many newbie bloggers try to do SEO and 80% will definitely fail.

Therefore I have decided to create this tut for you all, and I hope you all will like it as my previous posts.

Thanks and read below.

What is On-page SEO ?

On-page SEO  is stand for in post search engine optimization.

We can say on-page SEO is adding keywords to blog posts and adding most searched text with longtail keywords in pages of a blog.
  • Defined: Refers to web site implementation strategies to optimize position/rank of a website in search results of particular words or phases 

How To Do Effective On-page SEO ?

Content is King: Yes! Content is king if it has quality to be king.

I mean if your blog posts deserve to be ranked higher then nobody can stop it.

A blog post SEOable content is based on Text, Images, Title and URL.

Here I want to give you some tips for all type of on-page SEO, please read below.
  1. Text in Blog Posts: This is a main topic in On-page SEO. We can say without wording you can't make good SEO. Because we can use keywords, bold words, headings, links and more only on text base article.
  2. Images in Blog Posts: A image can say 100 of words alone. Therefore we use relative images in our blog posts. Bots don't read images but thy can read image ALT texts so add Alt text to all images in your blog posts. This will help you in driving traffic from images.google.com and other image search engines.
  3. Title of Blog Posts: This is another main thing for On-page SEO. You have to be techie while choosing a title for a blog post. You can use Google keyword planner and Twitter trends for choosing a viral and most searched title for your blog post (make sure your blog post is related to your blog title).
  4. URL of Blog Post: After blog post title and body text now its time to choose a great URL. If you choose a basic URL then your blog post will rank higher, My mean by basic URL is "title and URL must be same".
  5. Others: Use custom robots as Default. Add search description. Use labels and categories system.

What is Off-page SEO ?

Many newbies even some old bloggers think that Off-page SEO is only stand for backlinking a webpage to rank it higher.

But keep in mind only with high page-rank backlinks you can't rank a blog.

I see many blogs has 200+ high pagerank backlinks and they all failed to rank its posts on Google.

In the other hands!

We can see many blogs doesn't has many high pagerank backlinks but they are ranked higher in search results.

Now read below for knowing "How To Do Effective Off-page SEO".
  • Web definitions: Off-page SEO is what can be done off the pages of a website/blog to maximize its performance/rank in the search engines for target keywords related to the on-page content and keywords in off-page direct-links.

How To Do Effective Off-page SEO

  1. Forum Posting: This is well known way to do Off-page SEO. Many newbies can easily do it. Also we all can do it for free. Only you have to search on Google "Do-follow forums and there links" then signup on any high PR and do-follow forum that allow you to have a link in your signature so you can easily get a link to your website/blog.
  2. Classifieds Submission: This is another great and easy to do step for Off-page SEO. Just join free classified websites like Kugli, Myspace, Vivastreet, Craigslist and iMadespace. Now advertise your business/website for free.
  3. Video Promotions: With free video hosting/sharing websites you can get tons of visitors easily. Just make a video about your product or make a video review of your blog/website and upload it on free video sharing websites. Most used and famous video sharing websites are YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Tune.pk and more.
  4. Search Engine Submission (SEM): With full SEM you can get more organic traffic to your blog/website. You just have to do is submit your site Title and URL to search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Excite, Alltheweb, Lycos, Alexa and more. You can submit your site freely on all these search engines.
  5. Social Bookmarking: Here you can go crazy. We all can easily do this task. But wait! This is easy as ABC, but as you can see on Facebook and Twitter many peoples do spamming and therefore Facebook recently rolled out a algorithm so a status update with a link don't get more views. I have a solution for this matter. Instead using Facebook and Twitter use other major social media networks just like Digg, Propeller, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc. Tip: Follow other profiles and share others content and make reputation then share your own content.

Final Words

So! this is our hard-work on On-page and Off-page SEO strategies for young and newbie bloggers.

Hope you all like it.

It was a perfect and effective article for future SEO if you have read it carefully.

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