How To Create a Free PHP Forum With free Hosting+Domain

free forum with free domainHere I want to teach you "How To Create a Free Forum With free Hosting+Domain". Creating a forum is now easy with free tools. But you need a webhosting account for doing it. As you now hostgator gives a one click forums installation method for paid hosting. Also you have to register your own TLD i,e .com, .org or .net. But! what about registering a free forum with full controls and free domain name ?. Yeah here I have found a solution for you all. Now we can make free forums with free domain names.
If we talk about forums then we also talk about PHPbb this is a what you called CMS for forums. This script allow you to have all functionality on your forum. But another question is how we can upload this script and how we can download it for free. There are many free PHPbb scripts available online (with virus and hacking components). Therefore I have searched for free and safe forum creating platform and I found a best website. Now read below and see how you can create your very first free forum with free domain.

Features You Will Get With Your Free Forum

  1. No need to purchase any server.
  2. Auto PHPbb newer version installation.
  3. Free Hosting+Domain.
  4. Unlimited posts, members, forums and bandwidth.
  5. Auto spam detecting system.
  6. Search engine optimized forums.
Our DEMO Forum on ProPHPbb

How To Create a Free Forum/Board

1. Just go to
2. Click on big green button saying "Creat Forum!".
3. Check "I have also read and agree to the terms of service." and click on "Continue".
4. Now give "Registration Details", such as selecting domain, forum description, email and solving a simple math question. Then click on "Continue".
5. Now its time to setup admin's profile. Give all details and note them on a notebook or in computer. Enter username of your choice and make a password then solve the captcha and click on "Continue".
6. Congratulations! Forum is created go to your email inbox and check email from ProPHPbb and verify it.
7. After verifying email an new page appear saying "Account Activation" click on "click here" link.
8. Now forum is available online. You can customize it using your admin account.
9. Scroll down after visiting your forum and click on "Administration Control Panel" then type user name and password as you give while creating admin profile.
10. Customize your forums, give new touch with new styles, set permissions and more.

Final Words

If you want more details for ProPHPbb forum platform then leave comments. We will give you tips for making your forum more beautiful. Peace.