How to Make Money Selling Photos Online with Shutterstock

How to Make Money Selling Photos Online with ShutterstockYou are a photographer or like to take images of amazing things in world. Also if you are a professional photo editor at photoshop or you can draw perfect and priceless images then selling your work is a great way to make money online selling photos. There are many agencies on internet for selling photos online for free. After searching and reading many reviews about many agencies in this field I had founded a good agency and its "Shutterstock". Yes! Shutterstock is leading agency in selling and buying photos, video clips and illustrations/vector arts. Let's read more and know "How to Make Money Selling Photos Online with Shutterstock".

What you will learn in this article ?

  1. Copyrights: A photo you want to sell on "Shutterstock" is must be yours not copied.
  2. Choosing agency: Choose a web agency for selling images online.
  3. Registration: After choosing a best agency, its time to register with it.
  4. Requirements: Many agencies has many requirements read all below.
  5. Rejected ?: If your photo might rejected by your first agency then what to do ? read below.
  6. Accepted ?: If your work/image accepted by an agency then sit back ?
  7. Promote: Let's promote your photo. Don't know HOW ? then read below.

1. Copyrights of an photo

Make sure, any photo you want to sell is yours or you have permission to sell it. Many newbies at this business thinks selling photos is fun and they can sell any photo, but selling photos online is not that easy as you think, you have to do some hard work for it. There are many HD cameras in markets near to you just buy a HD camera and start capturing natural images and upload them on online photo selling platforms.

2. Choosing a agency for selling photos online

This is a basic step for selling images online. There are many agencies on the internet, you can sell your photos freely. But! we recommend you to use "Shutterstock". This website has many buyers online, you can get many features as well. This website will accept many formats of images, even you can upload a 1 minute video for selling.
  • You can choose:,,, Getty Images and Corbis.

3. Registration on Shutterstock

After selecting an agency you have to register on its website with a email and password. Shutterstock need your identity so scan your ID card and upload it to Shutterstock verifying page. (Shutterstock will ask you at first upload of any content)
  • Go to and register first > confirm email > click on "Image" and at first box add your ID card's scanned copy > in second box add your photo.

4. Requirements of an Shutterstock

Before uploading any image, understand their requirements. Here we are talking about Shutterstock so we discuss about requirements of Shutterstock.
  • Your image will have resolution of 4megapixels only JPEG images.

5. Rejected from Shutterstock ?

Many times Shutterstock will reject many images. Don't worry world is not end there. You have many other options such as registering on any other (alternative) agency to Shutterstock.
  • You can register on, and choose any one and try to upload your photos. Hope! your photos will accepted.

6. Photo is accepted what to do now ?

Yeah! your photo is accepted :). Now don't sit back real work is started now. Make more photos and start uploading them. Your photos will be sold quickly, don't stop uploading new and fresh photos.
  • Be happy if your photos accepted. But don't be foolish. Don't stop uploading new and fresh images.

7. Promoting photos for more sells

There are millions of photos for sell online. If you want to sell your photos online then promote them on social medias link-karma websites such as dzone, reddit, facebook, twitter, google+ and many others.
  • Promoting your photos for selling them is a great way to making money online. Start with social media and if you can then try to buy ads spaces on relative websites.

What kind of Images sell best?

As you know there are many kind of images. You have to choose your favorite style. Let's what type of photos are selling best and quickly.
  • Portrait Photos: Portrait photos are sell well. Many peoples are selling their portrait photos and making good income. You can capture some portraits of public then upload them to stock agencies.
  • More kinds of photos: Tabletop Photography, Landscapes, Travel, Fine Art Photography, Illustration (Vectors) and 3D Rendered Images.

Final Words

So! That was a epic article on "How to Make Money Selling Photos Online with Shutterstock". Hope you like it. I will do my best for you all. Just share this article with your friends and families on social medias, also if you want more help then drop a comment below.