10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

I am here with 10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name for your online world. A domain name must be your favorite and amazing with perfection of choosing.

Keep in mind that the domain name of your website is a tool which can give your business a kick start or kick stop.

First of all, question is "How To Choose a Right domain name ?" and I have a best answer for you all.

Just read below and get your worries out from your mind.

10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

Read below guidelines for choosing a right and perfect domain name for your next website. As you now All Blog Things is live for bloggers only.

So, we want to give tips for choosing domain name to bloggers. Read as a blogger not as a founder :) 

Make Your Domain name Easy to Type:

Just think first and than choose. Just spouse! You want to open a website about "Lovely Birds" and you want to register a domain name for your site. If you register a domain name just like Lovly Birds, Luvly Birds or Lovely-Birds then your clients/visitors will forget the URL of your site. Make sure to register a domain same as your site name like "for lovely birds choose lovelybirds.com. If your desired domain not available then go for other TLD's.

Keep Your Domain name Short:

Just as above tip this is a key to success of your website. Keep in mind that unique and short domains are most popular on internet. A best example is Facebook, just think that what you type in your web browser to open your Facebook account?. I think 70% peoples access their accounts using FB.com a short domain name for Facebook.com. Shortest is best than longest :)

Use Keywords in Your Domain name:

Keyword can easily describe your business. You can easily find many keywords related to your business.You can Google it for easy finding use Google keyword tool. This is a must to do step read the example: Just think, if you running a business about "web hosting" and you want to register a website about web hosting then you can't easily register a domain name like webhosting.com, hosting.com or hoster.com, you have to go for other keywords such as mywebhosting.com, youcanhost.com etc. Keyword in your domain will give you more visits from search engines.

Target Your Local Clients Area:

Yes! Now you can target the area of your local clients for more and easy leads. If you are running a business about local services then choose a domain name using your area and your company name. E,g if your company's name is Foot Wears and the city you want to target is New York then buy a domain name just like FootwearsNYC.com or NYCfootwears.

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens for Domain names:

Avoid using numbers in your domain names. Because! no-one want to visit a website with ugly URL. Many peoples think that the website having numbers and hyphens in URL is fake or scam. So! avoiding this method will safe you from a risk of losing unique visits.

Choose a Memorable Domain name:

As you know there are millions of domain names registered already on the internet. Therefore finding a perfect and memorable domain name maybe become hard work for you. But! Take a deep breath and think again if you have a cool, short and memorable domain then you can get tons of visits. And more visits means more sales and money.

Before registration Research it:

This another key-point for choosing a right domain for your website. Many times you will get success in registering a good and amazing domain name, but! what about if your registered domain is copyrighted, trademarked or being used by another website or company?. So make sure that your domain is not a trademarked domain and stay blessed.

Choose an Famous Domain name Extension:

Extensions are suffixes. You can register any available domain name extension as you like. There are plenty of new extensions and many new coming day by day. The best extension would be best for your business module, so try to register a perfect extension for your domain name. Get information about some TLD's.

  •     .com: the #1 choice for every website and basically for commercial websites
  •     .co: an abbreviation for commerce, company, and community
  •     .info: informational websites
  •     .net: technical, Internet infrastructure websites
  •     .org: non-profits and non-commercial organizations
  •     .biz: business or commercial use, like e-commerce websites
  •     .me: weblogs, resumes or personal websites

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Build your Brand and Protect your Domain name:

The another success key for domain registration is: register various domain name extensions, as well as misspelled versions of your domains. This will protect you from your competitors and haters.

Just think, If you have a website using a domain "www.ThePerfectWebForBloggers.com" and you have registered various versions of that domain, then you can get safety from competitors and haters.

Register Fast as you Can:

If you have found a domain name of your choice and decided to register that domain for your next website then please go quick and register quickly. Because! registering domain name is very easy now. You can register your domain name easily with various registrars on the internet. Also you can ask us for this work.

Final words

So! This was a perfect and new guide for choosing right domain name for your next website/blog. Hope! you like it and got an idea for your next domain.

Also comment below your ideas and suggestion for others. Happy Blogging with All Blog Things