How To Get United States Traffic To Your Blog

Let's learn How To Get United States Traffic To Your Blog. As you all know about the benefits of USA traffic on your blog, with targeted USA traffic we can double our money making speed.

If we research facts about the internet peopling border by border, we will come across the inference that 22.4% of internet users are Americans.

So! The main question is how bloggers can easily get huge traffic from USA? Don't worry we have an best-m-best answer for all of you. Let's read below and get our tips for generating real traffic by Google search engine from USA.
How To Get United States Traffic To Your Blog
In getting the best out of Google AdSense and any affiliate programs, professional bloggers and webmasters knows that visitors and trade from USA through Google search engine, UK and Canada gives a great and higher CTR as compared to places like India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia etc.

Tips: How To Get United States Traffic To Your Blog

  1. Write more relates to USA audience:
    Writing more n more will help you to get new visitors on the daily basis. Also Google loves fresh and updated content, it means you can get higher rankings if you update your blog frequently. Here we are talking about USA traffic so! Its best to blog about USA relate topics. You can choose any news to blog on for USA or any other niche like USA health, USA entertainment industry etc. Gain more traffic by giving perfect blog post titles.
  2. Get more social media sharing:
    Hmm! Social media is a powerful area for new bloggers. We can easily get tons of visits from social media platforms. As you can see how easy is submitting a link to Facebook or Twitter. But! as I say above we are talking about USA targeted traffic. So! we have to use some strategies for getting more traffic from USA audience. Just StumbleUpon your blog posts, Join USA Facebook groups and use USA trends hash-tags in Tweets.
  3. Make some videos:
    Ha! Really this will help you in getting unique visitors. Many blog owners are using this strategy to get higher rankings. You can too! just go to YouTube or any other videos sharing website and get embed code of any video related to your blog post, than paste it on your blog post HTML area. People will watch video on your blog and Google bots will give your blog a up-vote.
  4. Submit blog to USA directories:
    Yeah! You can get more traffic from United States of America by submitting your blog to USA based web directories. As you already know about web-directories, USA based web-directories can give big traffic from USA. Keep in mind that if your website/blog is new then you can't get good results by submitting it to web-directories but still you will get some good results. So! try it once.
  5. Make a blog on .US domain name:
    Aha! This is another strategy to use for getting highly targeted USA traffic. .US domain is for USA so we can easily target USA audience. Google will automatically bring USA traffic to your .US domain name. Don't worry about other countries you will get global traffic but with a .US domain you will surely get 70% USA traffic.
Hey! I think now you can easily get more traffic from USA. Also keep in mind the USA visitors can give you higher CPC rates for your Google Adsense account so you can make huge money.

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