5 Secrets to Help You Write Viral Headlines

You know why some posts goes viral without having sufficient content ?. I think no. Here I want to give you top 5 secrets for doing this. There are no science behind success of bloggers, now day-by-day I will reveal the hidden secrets. This is also a secret post so make sure you get it right and do work as this post tell you. Yes! I know you now laughing for this post. But take it serious and see the changes.

Getting readers attention is not easy as you think. But with some good tricks you can easily do it. First thing to keep in mind is "The Headline of Your Blog Post" as we call it " The Title of Blog Post" before choosing any headline please read below guidelines.
5 Secrets to Help You Write Viral Headlines

5 Secrets to Help You Write Viral Headlines

1. Use Numbers

There is a secret behind adding numbers in headlines of any blog post. You know many pro bloggers use this tricky-tip for choosing a headline. As you can see I also use this trick in this post's headline, the "5" I can use five, but the digit "5" is better then "five".

There is also another science behind this trick: Don't often use perfect numbers like 10, 20 etc use numbers like 13, 23, etc. Don't take it serious you can use any number as you like. But 13, 23 type numbers will worth more.

2. Use Adjectives

Adjectives are the keywords for your headline. For getting your blog post goes Viral easily you have to add some catchy adjectives for title of your blog posts.

Read some examples of this trick: Use these kind of words Effortless, Fun, Free, Incredible, Essential, Crucial, Absolute, Strange.

3. Use Different Rationale

If your next blog post is on any list type topic then you have to use some catchy rationale, like this "5 Secrets to Help You Write Viral Headlines" Secrets is a rationale. Read below some good rationals.

Add some catchy words to your blog post headlines, you can choose from this list: 1. Reasons 2. Principles 3. Facts 4. Lessons 5. Ideas 6. Ways

4. Use Trigger Words

I often use How and Why in my blog posts, because my 90% blog posts are basically on helping other bloggers. You can use the trigger words in your headlines for higher CTR in search results.

You can use any type of trigger words like how, what, why, or when.

5. Make a Promise for Your Readers

Yes! This will boost your reputation on the internet and social media. In the beginning of all blog posts write about your topic and give readers a reason for reading the hole article.

Scroll up and read this article from starting point you get this trick. Also this trick will help you in search engine rankings.

The Formula for Writing Viral headlines

Apply below formula and get tons of blog post headline ideas. Don't give up just try once.

You can also use a formula "Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise"
  • see the example: According to above formula we can create headlines like 10 Things in this World you Properly not Know about, 4 Things you can easily do without any hasitaion, 3 Type of people can Beat you learn how to Survive.
Finally: That was a post on "5 Secrets to Help You Write Viral Headlines" and I hope you like it. Thanks for visiting. Share this article with your friends, Happy Blogging!