10 Words to Cut From Your Writing

For now writing good and lengthy content is key to success. Many of us knows that with a lengthy and to the topic blog post we can give our blog a long life. While writing if we avoid "Filler" words then we can write as much as a topic deserves. Cutting the "Flabby" words will lead you to write more. Here I want to give you a perfect list of "10 Words to Cut From Your Writing". It will help you in writing lengthy posts.
10 Words to Cut From Your Writing
While writing a blog post what you want to be read by millions, then cut out the no-need words from your writing. Give awesomeness to your content with high quality writing. To know about no-need words please read below.

10 NO-need Words to Cut From Your Writing

There are many flabby and filler words to avoid hardly while writing. I have searched and finds a best list for these no-need words. You can read below a list about these words :)
  1. Stuff: a filler word

     Stuff word's synonyms is "fill", you got my point ?. Fill and Filler is is sound like one shop for two foods. You know the filler words are waste of writing so avoid them.
  2. Got: a flabby word

     The got is worse word now. People wants real content, don't use "Got" word for writing blog posts. You can use it for email newsletter.
  3. Amazing: a soft word

     Amazing word is used for "surprise" type content. You can't use it for a long time. If you want to giveaway something then use this word for a limited time. Don't use it for regular posting.
  4. Quite: a fluff word

     Word quite is synonyms to "completely" and you know we can't write a all-in-one blog post on any topic. So avoiding this word can lead you to better writer in industry.
  5. Very: a week word

     Very and Too the two words, we use freely in social media and daily life. But for blog posts its best to cut this word. Because it makes no-sense in your blog posts.
  6. Maybe: a no-need word

     Maybe a word for something you are not 100% sure about. If you use perhaps or "Maybe" in your blog posts then reader will leave your blog. Coz! the reader wants information not thoughts.
  7. Like: a rare word

     Like is perfect word. We can use it for "related type" blog posts. But don't use freely. You can use it where you can't add any other alternative word instead "LIKE".
  8. Just: a avoidable word

     Just a out of the way word. If we use "Just" then our blog post will become shorter. As you know with a short blog post we can't rank it for many keywords. It's best to avoid "Just" word when writing.
  9. Really: a curable word

     Really is word people use frequently. It's best for daily life and chatting on mobile or social medias. But! For professional writing cut "Really" from your writing mind.
  10. Some: a worse word

     Some can be used in astronomy. If you have blog on future things then you can use "SOME" word freely. Don't use it in other type of content.


So! That was a perfect list of top 10 words to cut from your writing. If you cut above words then you can easily write lengthy posts. You can also call this method "a secret method for writing lengthy blog posts". Try this and say your words in comments. Happy Blogging!