How To Track Keywords Using Serpbook ?

According to serpbook itself its a "Search Engine Rank Tracking - White Label SEO Rank Tracker" and we can use it for free (with a limited free trial). Serpbook gives you a table of categorized keywords of your search. You can easily track any better keyword for your site. You only have to add your client or any website/blog URL in tracking box then serpbook give you the details of that URL in categories. Also you can search by nationality of domains like .UK and other domains. By this nationally tracking you can easily track country ranking keywords. Believe me are not but this tool is only a best tool for tracking high quality keywords around the web.
How To Track Keywords Using Serpbook ?

How To Track Keywords Using Serpbook ?

If you want to get 100% Accurate and Reliable Google + Yahoo! + Bing rank tracking tool then Serpbook is available. You can use it for free with a trial account than you have to buy a premium account. Price for a premium account starts from $4.95 monthly.
1. Add some categories for getting categorized results
2. Then enter your desired website/blog URL > enter your tracking keywords
3. Select a region and than choose other options
Use this tool according to below image
How To Track Keywords Using Serpbook ?

4. That's it now Serpbook will give you all details about your searched keywords.

Now you can see your results. This will give you a chart of different ranking regions like Bing, Google, Yahoo! and also you can get results according to Days, Weeks and Months, Alexa and more.

Meet Charlie a SEO Expert using Serpbook

Pros and Cons of Serpbook

         1. You can create categories, delete them are select another
         2. Get instant snapshots of your position
         3. Get beautiful JavaScript based charts and use notes to dominate the serps
         4. Share a category with your client
         5. If your keywords moves then you will get live notifications as well as emails.
         6. 14 days free trial - no need to have a debit/credit card
         7. Create custom reports in PDF and Excel
         8. You can easily integrate your Google analytic account.

          1. No software for using it without a browser.
          2. Not free, but you can use it freely for your first 14 days
          3. No more cons :)

Final words for you all

Serpbook is a tool which is used by many SEO experts around the globe. If you can pay penny's then you can earn tons of money. Because! With great SEO we can easily get more traffic on our blogs and as I always say that more traffic means more money. This is also recommended tool by many SEO experts so try it and tell us your results. Happy Blogging!