Difference Between SEO and SMO

Here I will show you a comparison between SEO and SMO. SEO is stand for Search Engine Optimization and used to generate traffic on our blogs. SMO stand for Social Media Optimization and also it used to generate traffic on our blogs. These two methods are very popular and well-used.
Difference Between SEO and SMO
The main purpose of these two different methods is to get traffic on our blogs/sites. Now learn more by reading below article.

  SEO v/s SMO

Real meanings of SEO: Search Engine Optimization is used for optimizing your blog/site for search engines and getting well ahead page-rank.
Real meanings of SMO: The Social Media Optimization is used for social networking websites in the pronounce of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Vine etc to advertise your blog/site.

Difference Between SEO and SMO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is basically a perfect and working method for getting long lasting traffic from search engines. We have to optimize our blogs and blog posts too for perfect SEO. If we can do it right then this will show us a great benefit.
  • It depends/works only on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu etc. We can't get traffic from other sites only doing SEO.
SMO (Social Media Optimization):

SMO is basically a main and most worked method for getting time to time traffic on our blogs. Yes! We can't get legit traffic by doing SMO. The main benefit of SMO is: We can generate huge traffic flow and can get ads spot sold for higher rates.
  •  It depends/works only on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. We can't get traffic from search engines only doing SMO.


Wait for my next blog post I will post some great articles for SEO and SMO related topics and also tell you some great techniques. Be with me. Happy Blogging!