8 Best Plugins To Skyrocket Your WordPress Blog Traffic

Being a blog owner is good. Getting traffic is also a good approach.

But! Generating leads is real blogging which can help you make money and be your own boss.

Yeah! I know you are in that type of thinkers, who say blog for your passion, not money.

Really! You don't want to earn money? Probably no. You are here for making money on your blog. So let's read our 1,000+ words article :)

8 Good Plugins To Skyrocket Your WordPress Blog Easily

Here I am presenting a great list of top WordPress plugins for improving the performance of your blogs.

You can easily increase the user's engagement on your blog.

These plugins will work great and you can have a powerful blog in just 10 minutes of installation these plugins.

1. Revive Old Post

Plugin to Share Your Old Posts on Social Networks:
Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post)
This is an amazing WP plugin to share your old blog posts on your social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook. Following some of the good features of this plugin.
  • Custom schedule and multiple accounts
  • Post with thumbnail and the ability to publish on Tumblr.
  • Choose the number and time for posts to be shared.
  • Hashtags and backlinks to your blog, with category option
There are many other features in the Pro plugin. Download it for free here.

2. Click To Tweet

Include a Click To Tweet Button in Your Posts:
Include a Click To Tweet Button in Your Posts
If you ever wanted to grow your traffic with Twitter. Than! This plugin will be goodies box for you. You can have it working at your blog in less than a minute. Read some of the features of this plugin.
  • Free of cost and no hassle in installing this
  • Downloaded and used by 15,000+ top blogs in world
  • You can easily make your content tweetable
Let's download this free plugin from coschedule.

3. AtomicWriter

Use a Good Writer Which Can Tell You Great:
Use a Good Writer Which Can Tell You Great
A good and lovely WP plugin. Because it can tell you many more about your audience. Just think if you have information about your audience step by step then you can write in depth articles, No?. Read the features of this plugin.
  • It will tell what is the type of your audience
  • It will tell you how you can format and restructure your blog posts for better results.
Do a try on this plugin, download it from here.

4. WPtouch

Make Your WP Blog Mobile-Friendly:
Make Your WP Blog Mobile-Friendly
WordPress touch is a better plugin for making your blog mobile ready in no time. This plugin is recommended by Google for making your blogs mobile friendly, so you can't go behind mobile traffic. The team has published a guide for using it rightly.
  • A theme based plugin
  • You can customize it
  • No coding required
Download it for free here.

5. Flare

Give Flaring To Your Content:
Give Flaring To Your Content
For giving flare to your online content you have to use a plugin that can do this job. Because! Just making good content can't set your blog on fire.

You have to skyrocket your blog's power using our listed plugins. This is also an awesome plugin. Read about some features of this plugin.
  • It has a mind ;) Really it hides the sharing bar when not needed and scrolls with the user's hand
  • You can add your social media profile links for getting more followers
  • You can adjust its position to any area of your blog and can customize looks/numbers of social buttons
Try this plugin. Belief me your blog posts will get more sharing points after this installation.


Readers Love The Related Content - Show Them:
Readers Loves The Related Content - Show Them
Yeah! It is true and you can experiment with yourself. For example, Google is a search engine that shows you the best related link to your queries. This plugin does the same. It is the best plugin of 2015 and a must have. Read the best features of this WP-plugin.
  • You can manually add related posts to other posts
  • You can change color and other things for the text of related posts
  • You can get stats of visits YUZU gives you
  • It also cache the thumbnails for making your blog faster to load
This is a fastest plugin in WP history. Give it a try, download from here.

7. SumoMe

Add Some Silent Features On Your Blog:
Add Some Silent Features On Your Blog
For adding some salient but silent features on your blogs. You can use SumoMe. It is a well-known developers tool available for free use. After installing you can see some good features just like written below.
  • You can add a subscribe to the comments button
  • You can add social sharing buttons - when hovering on images
Download this plugin from this link.

8. Intelly

Add Related Content Within your Articles:
Add Related Content Within Your Articles
This is a plugin like set it and forget it. Inline Related Posts plugin for WP blog/sites is Godsend for bloggers. On an experiment with one of our blogs. We got this result: People who visit your blog from a search engine will likely to click on related posts from within your blog posts by the rate of 60%. So! Adding this plugin can boost your traffic by 60%.
  • The technology used by Entrepreneur.com and Wall Street Journal with some other great blogs
  • You can get stats
  •  You can set it once and then forget it. It works with the user's mind
Be an automatic blogger with this plugin. Download it from here.

Well, All that WordPress plugins are available for free. If you want a great and automatic blog, then use all these plugins. I am 101% you will get instant and long-lasting traffic flow.

If you know a better one from without above listed plugins, then please let me know in the comments. Happy Blogging!