6 Quick SEO Tools To Help You Get More Traffic

Are you a blogger? Looking for great SEO tools? Don't want to invest in SEO things? with all these matters, you want to be a do-it-myself person?. Than! This article is for you. Here I am presenting the great to use and free of cost tools for your seo needs. Yes! SEO gurus this is also for you, take benefit of these free tools.
6 Quick SEO Tools To Help You Get More Traffic
As you a SEO knows, that what is the benefits of analyzing a blog and auditing it for making changes. After using theses listed tools you can easily predict your success. Also! If results comes negative, then you have the chance to make changes on your blog according to SEO analysis. Let's read.

1. Varvy: The fastest SEO tool

Varvy: The fastest SEO tool
It takes on 30 to 45 seconds for a SEO report to be loaded at front of your eye-ball.

The tool is new and can show you a report if your blog/site in seconds. With great details like Technical SEO, Domain name rank, links to your pages and other links, images alt tags, social media counts and mentions, page speed and load time, and many other factors.

It will show you all the seen-able matters with your blog/site. Which you can't discover.

2. Found - Identify common SEO errors

Found - Identify common SEO errors
It is an instant common SEO issues analyzer. This will show a comprehensive report of your site including:
  1. Canonicalisation
  2. Technical Implementation 
  3. Meta Data & Content 
  4. Link Information
All the information is 99% correct and you can have an score card for your report at left side of Found SEO Audit Tool.

3. Website Grader: A tool from hubspot team

Website Grader: A tool from hubspot team

All you have to do is type your blog/site URL and personal email address. It will show you the instant report. You can get information about below listed things:
  1. Performance: How you blog perform
  2. Mobile: How you blog looks at mobiles
  3. Seo: A clean SEO audit
  4. Security: Security issues with your blog
It is 100% correct SEO tool.

4. Google webmaster console

Google webmaster console
This is the perfect and easy to use tool by search engine giant Google Inc. Here is something from many things you can do with GWC.
  1. Add all your website versions like with or without https and www
  2. Select your preferred version like www or without www
  3. Select target country like if your website for UK select UK
  4. Share access with co-workers
  5. Submit a sitemap file
  6. Learn how to work with Search Console
There are many other things you can do with this tool for free.

5. Check My Links: Google Chrome App

Check My Links: Google Chrome App
After having data of your backlinking and other type of links on some sites.

You can ensure it from this app for free.

Like if you want to add your link to wikipedia. Than! You can find some broken links from a wikipedia page.

6. SEO Report Card: Another website grader

SEO Report Card: Another website grader
Let's create a SEO competition card with any sites you want.

This will show you a report card with following details:
  • On-Site Analysis
  • Rank Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Trust Metrics
  • Website Accessibility
This is also a good choice for presentations.

Final thinking:

That was our list of 6 mostly great and quick SEO tools to perform a SEO audit of any site/blog. In no time you can have a a-to-z audit report in your hands. So! Let's make a good impression on other bloggers. Happy Blogging! :)